The map of love a novel by ahdaf soueif complex and compelling novel


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The map of love a novel by ahdaf soueif complex and compelling novel

  1. 1. The Map of Love: A Novel by Ahdaf Soueif Complex And Compelling NovelAhdaf Soueifs The Map of Love is a massive family saga, a story thatdraws its readers into two moments in the complex, troubled history ofmodern Egypt. The story begins in 1977 in New York. There IsabelParkman discovers an old trunk full of documents--some in English, somein Arabic--in her dying mothers apartment. Incapable of deciphering thisstash by herself, she turns to Omar al-Ghamrawi, a man with whom sheis falling in love. And Omar directs her in turn to his sister Amal in Cairo.Together the two women begin to uncover the stories embedded in thejournal of Lady Anna Winterbourne, who traveled to Egypt in 1900 andfell in love with Sharif Pasha al-Barudi, an Egyptian nationalist. To theirsurprise, they stumble across some unsuspected connections betweentheir own families. Less surprising, perhaps, is the persistence of the verysame issues that dogged their ancestors: colonialism, Egyptiannationalism, and the clash of cultures throughout the Middle East. Thepast, however, does offer some semblance of omniscience: That is thebeauty of the past; there it lies on the table: journals, pictures, a candle-
  2. 2. glass, a few books of history. You leave it and come back to it and it waitsfor you--unchanged. You can turn back the pages, look again at thebeginning. You can leaf forward and know the end. And you tell the storythat they, the people who lived it, could only tell in part. With its multiplenarratives and ever-shifting perspectives, The Map of Love would seemto cast some doubt on even the most confident historians version ofevents. Yet this subtle and reflective tale of love does suggest that therelations between individuals can (sometimes) make a difference. I am inan English autumn in 1897, Amal confesses at one point, and Annastroubled heart lies open before me. Here, perhaps, is a hint about how weshould read Soueifs staggering novel, using words as a means to travelthrough time, space, and identity. --Vicky LebeauFeatures:* ISBN13: 9780385720113* Condition: NEW* Notes: Brand New from Publisher. No Remainder Mark.* Click here to view our Condition Guide and Shipping PricesPersonal Review: The Map of Love: A Novel by Ahdaf SoueifThe key to enjoying The Map of Love is to read it slowly, savoring everyhighway and side road. Ahdaf Soueif - by presenting a plot that swingsback and forth in time - forces the reader to contemplate carefully howrelations between the West and Middle East have evolved. Or has therebeen any evoluton at all?The women characters come across as the dominant figures, thoughsometimes dealing with events from somewhat secluded positions. Annascharacter is especially intriguing, and her journals reveal her passion anddedication. The love stories engage our hearts while the political issuesstimulate our minds. The author cleverly informs us about the history andissues of a part of the world we need to understand and appreciate better.I enjoyed this book even more on a second reading. To help follow hemap: Photocopy the family tree and the glossary, and keep these pagshandy for reference throughout. For More 5 Star Customer Reviews and Lowest Price:The Map of Love: A Novel by Ahdaf Soueif 5 Star Customer Reviews and Lowest Price!