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SQL Saturday San Diego


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New Slides Added to talk on virtualization and the move to the cloud. Includes links to references.

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SQL Saturday San Diego

  1. 1. The Next Frontier Opportunities With the Cloud and Virtualization Kellyn Pot’Vin-Gorman
  2. 2. Kellyn Pot’Vin-Gorman Technical Intelligence Manager for the Office of CTO, Delphix • Multi-platform DBA, (Oracle, MSSQL, MySQL, Sybase, PostgreSQL…..) • Oracle ACE Director, (Alumni), Oak Table • APEX Women in Technology Award, CTA • STEM education with Raspberry Pi and Python • Liaison for Denver SQL Server User Group • President, Rocky Mountain Oracle User Group • Author, blogger, (
  3. 3.  Management of Non-production Environments: Virtualized sanity for the DBA Realist.  Provisioning: Patching, refreshing and if you ask me one more time!  Cloud: Cloudy with a chance of failures.  Security: Yo Developer- Is that the SA password taped to your monitor??
  4. 4. The Life of a DBA  Provision Databases  Refresh and provide data to reporting, testing and development  Secure database environments  Optimize data access  Collaborate to solve business challenges
  5. 5. What is Copy Data Management, (CDM) The management of all non-production databases.  Broad Term- Physical and virtual clones  Managed or unmanaged  Command line or User Interface, (or both)  Administrative, Infrastructure, security
  6. 6. Why Virtualize- This Scientific Reason • The Economics of Data- the natural life of a database is growth. It’s only going to get bigger. • Von Newmann’s Bottleneck- the limiting factor of computing speed dependent on where the data resides and how much data there is. • Data Gravity- Jim McCrory coined this term for the gravitational pull of applications and services to data. These may be theories, these may be viewed as technology challenges to be overcome another day, but physics an important consideration in technology.
  7. 7.  Storage costs  Thin-provisioning storage avoidance  Data transfer costs  Far less data transferred during provisioning/refresh operations  As opposed to the volume of data transferred using traditional cloning techniques  Simplifies Provisioning vs. archaic processes to copy data Why Use Virtualize- the Business Reason
  8. 8. 8 ▶▶▶ Virtualize and Deployed▶ ▶ ▶ 80% of Environemnts are Repeat Data Storage Pool for Delphix QA DEV PATCH TEST PRODUCTION Database/App Tier 1 TB 1 TB 0.6 TB Read From Production Spin a VIRTUAL database up a patch test, without having to remove a current development or test one. TEST
  9. 9. Example Environment- 1TB
  10. 10. Data Virtualization: From Prod to Virtual Validated Sync Environment Source Environment SCSI/SSL
  11. 11. Data Virtualization: From Prod to Virtual Validated Sync Environment Source Environment SCSI/SSL Any Storage Create as many VDBs as needed!
  12. 12. Data Virtualization: Space Savings Delphix Virtualization EngineValidated Sync Target Dozen Virtual Database Copies, (VDBs)
  13. 13. Data Virtualization: How is it possible? Delphix Virtualization Engine Any Storage Virtual Database
  14. 14. • Using any storage and only fraction of space • Syncs with native or third-party SQL Server backups • Can maintain two weeks of data changes • Managed just like any SQL Server database • Users can instantly provision a read/write virtual copy of a database • Can be used for replication, mirroring, change data capture (CDC), and maintenance. This is Data Version Control
  15. 15. Administration Ease
  16. 16. Bookmarking and Branching Release 1.2 Release 1.3 Branch 1.3 Branch 1.1
  17. 17. 17 Spin up a new VIRTUAL DB and SQL bin Files Night Time ETL/Maintenance Challenges Finance Dev Test QA ETL BI Reporting DBCC’s Scripted out to spin up new VDBs to run nightly jobs, maintenance, etc.
  18. 18. 18 Epiphany e·piph·a·ny əˈpifənē/ noun a (1) : a usually sudden manifestation or perception of the essential nature or meaning of something (2) : an intuitive grasp of reality through something (as an event) usually simple and striking (3) : an illuminating discovery, realization, or disclosure b : a revealing scene or moment
  19. 19. 19 Patching- Got the T-shirt
  20. 20. 20 How Do We Build Out? How Long? Finance HR CRM
  21. 21. 21
  22. 22. 22 Patching and Upgrading Databases  Each patch, would need to be applied to a development database, requiring outage to development teams and then tested before applying to test, UAT and then onto production.  This has to be performed to EACH environment, every SQL Server, each quarter. Finance HR CRM UAT Test DevProd
  23. 23. 23  Downtime for valuable resources.  DBAs working afterhours  Each database must have it done and…  The tedious task must be performed over and over again.  Little opportunity for advanced learning.  Each database may experience different bugs. Risks/Challenges Of This Approach
  24. 24. 24 Spin up a new VIRTUAL DB and SQL bin files and apply patch to it. Environment Virtualization, DB Style CRM Finance HR
  25. 25. 25 No need to keep the extra VDBs post patch to prod. After Testing, Apply to Production CRM Finance HR
  26. 26. 26 The Compressed Copies in the Delphix Engine are Upgraded! Environment Virtualization, DB Style HR Finance CRM
  27. 27. 27 In minutes, refresh and complete! Environment Virtualization, DB Style CRM Finance HR
  28. 28. 28
  29. 29. 29 • I didn’t have to take away a valuable resource’s database environment to test the patches. • I didn’t have to apply the patches to subsequent environments, as they are virtualized copies of the source, simply requiring a refresh from production, post final patch. • I save significant time that commonly has to be allocated to quarterly and annual maintenance for patching. • I apply the patch twice- once to test, once to production. I only need to refresh my environments after I’m done. • For releases, this can be “containerized”, simplifying release and if required, rollback. Patching and Upgrading with Virtualization
  30. 30. 30 The quickest way to complete a task is not having to do it.
  31. 31. 31
  32. 32. ProjectTimeline Optimize Migrate Initial Testing Requirements Cloud Projects
  33. 33. Just copy data and applications into the cloud… • Straightforward approach • Inefficient, non-incremental for large environments • Open-source “bcp” uses encryption, compresses, and multi-threads • Archaic processes recommended by vendors Start with backups to IaaS storage, then populate re-hosted applications by restoring from those backups • Cloud backups are easy, known technology How Are Companies Migrating to the Cloud?
  34. 34. Cost Estimates for Azure us/pricing/details/storage/blobs/ Storage Capacity LRS First 1 TB / Month $0.024 per GB Next 49 TB (1 to 50 TB) / Month $0.0236 per GB Next 450 TB (50 to 500 TB) / Month $0.0232 per GB Next 500 TB (500 to 1,000 TB) / Month $0.0228 per GB ZRS $0.03 per GB $0.0295 per GB $0.029 per GB $0.0285 per GB
  35. 35. Backups cloud service: from on- premises to the Cloud Database server Cloud Storage
  36. 36. Migration Complete…Not so Fast… • What if you only want dev and test in the cloud? • What about the application, support files and other data sources? • Data is migrated, but this doesn’t count for ongoing data loads, application connectivity across the network. • To refresh will take considerable time to perform with traditional tools or cloning methods. • Rarely a consideration for the difference in cost structure for processing large amounts of data from on-premise to the cloud.
  37. 37. 2012-database-to-windows-azure-sql-database/ What’s the right configuration??
  38. 38. • Database must be MSSQL 2005 or higher, (easy) • Ensure that the database is compatible with Azure SQL DB, (correct any incompatible functions, etc.) • Must have identified all performance issues that will be impacted beforehand. • Ensure there is as little physical distance between the cloud data center and bacpac files to be used for migration. • Disable management jobs that will hinder migration processing. • Drop any objects or historical data that can impact migration time and can be performed post migration.
  39. 39. Cloud Performance
  40. 40. Let’s Discuss Network Latency • Network has been the bottleneck of every cloud project I’ve been a part of. • There’s a reason that AWS has invested in the Snowball and Snowmachine. • We can’t break the law of physics. • Let’s talk about Shannon’s Law… • In layman’s terms- the data is only going to go as fast as it can do so without hitting a error threshold.
  41. 41. How We Migrate it All Database server Cloud Storage Database server
  42. 42. Much Improved Option- 1. Data virtualization Easy, secure, revolutionary Simple movement via virtualized environments- movement of storage encompassing approximately one environment, no matter how many. Extended time to “rehydrate” environments to physical if desired. Ability to containerize data sources, applications and support files as Data Pods and move easily as one. Migrating from on-prem to IaaS with Virtualization
  43. 43. Data Virtualization, OnPrem & Data Pods Source DB server SQL Server 2008-2016 1 TB Delphix Virtualization Engine 2 TB storage Target DB server SQL Server 1008-2016 No database storage SCCI/SSL Backups via SMB Bin files, flat files, data sources Virtualized and now containerized as a Data Pod
  44. 44. Data virtualization: from on-premises into the Cloud Source DB server SQL Server 2008-2016 2TB storage Delphix Virtualization Engine 2 TB storage Target DB server SQL Server 2008-2016 No database storage
  45. 45. Optimized for the cloud in the first place…not after! Different cost structures Much smaller storage footprint, much less data-transfer How Does Data Virtualization Enhance this?
  46. 46. Traditional copy data management techniques Developed without concerns about infrastructure chargeback This corresponds to higher cost. IaaS vendors monitor storage and data transfers Help meet SLAs, garner profits It’s not just the data that exists in the end, so transformations can equal big money for cloud vendors. Different cost structures
  47. 47. Know Thy Enemy… • Tune SQL and Apps to perform efficiently as possible- natural life of database is growth, (in processes, resources, etc.) before migrating. • The less network latency, the better- network tracing to eliminate database blame is important. • Many of the same tools and data provides value- DMVs provide data internally to SQL Server. • Look at management tools such as Cloudmonix, (formerly AzureWatch) AppDynamics, Dynatrace, Zabbix or Logic Monitor.
  48. 48. For Non-Production Systems… Change the way you’ve always performed tasks. Performing common tasks the same way as previously might end up costing more. Secure Data All IaaS alternatives promote encryption for data in-flight and for data at-rest, but encryption may not be the right answer… Secondary Considerations
  49. 49. All IaaS solutions provide encryption in-flight and encryption at-rest But encryption doesn’t protect data as much as it needs to be . Europe already requires data masking, not just data encryption for any confindential data, (GDPR): 29/documentation/opinion- recommendation/files/2014/wp216_en.pdf Confidential data
  50. 50. Encryption is reversible data obfuscation, which is very different from masking data. • Data masking is non-reversible. It solves the issue at the data level. Is authentication and authorization in non-production in compliance with security goals? All organizations will soon need to review if critical data in non- production environments be accessible to developers, testers and users. Confidential data
  51. 51. Masking personally-identifiable, (PII, HIPPA, PCI, etc.) information renders it useless from a security standpoint Resolves both the technical and personal responsibility issue. The data can be masked before it moves to non-production, removing unnecessary risk. Why Masking is Part of the Answer
  52. 52. Confidential data Production Non-Production Exposure
  53. 53. Masking- All the Data SQL Server Validated Sync Environment + applications/flat files Delphix Masking Engine Delphix Virtualization Engine 2TB storage SQL Server Target No database storage
  54. 54. Simple Masking and then to the Cloud Delphix Virtualization Engine 2 TB storage SQL Server Target Storage Only for Masked Data Delphix Virtualization Engine 2TB storage Delphix Masking Engine SQL Server Validated Sync Environment SQL Server Target Storage Only for Masked Data
  55. 55. Confidential data Production Non- Production Exposure Encryption Masking Solution
  56. 56. Masked Data Pods Migrated to Cloud Delphix Virtualization Engine 4 TB storage SQL Server Validated Sync Environment SQL Server Target Storage Only for Masked Data SQL Server Target Storage Only for Masked Data Delphix Virtualization Engine 4 TB storage SQL Server Target Storage Only for Masked Data Delphix Masking Engine
  57. 57. Virtualization Makes Management of non- production environments simple. Security with masking and encryption is best Cloud migrations are more successful when virtualized and planned accordingly. Patching and Maintenance can be done with less effort and resources.
  58. 58. Want to try it out, download the Delphix Azure Trial! request Twittter: @DBAKevlar Linked in: Blog:
  59. 59. 59 Delphix with SQL Server- the Basics sources/managing-sql-server-environments/overview-of-setting-up-sql-server- environments Delphix Upgrade Workflow: upgrading-a-sql-server-dsource Upgrading the Dsource after an Upgrade: administration/sql-server-environments-and-data-sources/virtualizing-databases-using- delphix-with-sql-server/managing-sql-server-dsources/additional-dsource- topics/upgrading-a-dsource-after-a-sql-server-upgrade Delphix in the Cloud References and Tips