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Delphix Patching Epiphany

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Delphix Patching Epiphany

  1. 1. The Patching Epiphany The Case of the Limitless DBA Kellyn Pot’Vin-Gorman | Technical Intelligence Manager
  2. 2. 2© 2016 Delphix Corporation Who am I?
  3. 3. 3© 2016 Delphix Corporation Epiphany e·piph·a·ny əˈpifənē/ noun a (1) : a usually sudden manifestation or perception of the essential nature or meaning of something (2) : an intuitive grasp of reality through something (as an event) usually simple and striking (3) : an illuminating discovery, realization, or disclosure b : a revealing scene or moment
  4. 4. 4© 2016 Delphix Corporation I sat through his sessions. I sat next to my husband the last couple years while he implemented virtualization. I virtualized environments with Oracle’s products in a number of customer implementations as an expert in the area. If I was this close to it and missed it, so possibly were others… Kyle’s goal was this for years…
  5. 5. 5© 2016 Delphix Corporation The goal here is to use one use case to help drive the epiphany of virtualization. A Single Use Case
  6. 6. 6© 2016 Delphix Corporation Why do we still patch and upgrade the old fashioned way? After three months at Delphix….  Recognized the benefit of virtualization and addressing tedious tasks.  How to describe a complex topic that simplifies?  The message was challenging…. Maybe it was the sticky notes.
  7. 7. 7© 2016 Delphix Corporation Patching and Upgrading….
  8. 8. 8© 2016 Delphix Corporation Standard Database Environment Finance HR CRM
  9. 9. 9© 2016 Delphix Corporation
  10. 10. 10© 2016 Delphix Corporation Patching and Upgrading Databases  Each patch, (PSU) would need to be applied to a development database, requiring outage to development teams and then tested before applying to test, QA and then onto production.  This has to be performed to EACH environment, every database, each quarter. Finance HR CRM
  11. 11. 11© 2016 Delphix Corporation • Downtime for valuable resources. • DBAs working afterhours • Each database must have it done and… - The tedious task must be performed over and over again. - Little opportunity for advanced learning. - Each database may experience different bugs. Risks/Challenges Of This Approach
  12. 12. 12© 2016 Delphix Corporation ▶▶▶ Virtualize and Deployed▶ ▶ ▶ 0.6 TB Virtualization Eliminates 90%+ Common, Repeated Data Storage Pool for Delphix QA DEV PATCH TEST PRODUCTION Database/App Tier 1 TB 1 TB Read From Production Spin a VIRTUAL database up a patch test, without having to remove a current development or test one. TEST
  13. 13. 13© 2016 Delphix Corporation The CLI, (Command Line Interface) is very robust for Delphix and Creating VDB is easy! I’m a Command Line Person, Whatcha Got? • The name of the VDB you want to create • The group in which to create the VDB • The Oracle database name • The Oracle database unique name • The Oracle database instance number • The Oracle database instance name • The source dSource or VDB from which you wish to provision • The SCN or timestamp of the point you want to provision from, (commands can be run to get the list of snapshots or timeflow ranges.)
  14. 14. 14© 2016 Delphix Corporation Choose Source Snapshot: >snapshot list database=<dbname> timeflow ”<dbname>" timeflowRanges; commit; Create A Virtual Database: >database provision; delphix database provision > defaults delphix database provision defaults > set container=<Vdbname> delphix database provision defaults > commit;
  15. 15. 15© 2016 Delphix Corporation What a CLI Scripted Refresh Looks Like > database > select <VDB name> > refresh > set timeflowPointParameters.type= (one of TimeflowPointBookmark, TimeflowPointBookmarkTag, TimeflowPointLocation, TimeflowPointSemantic, TimeflowPointTimestamp as appropriate) > set timeflowPointParameters.location= (the location, timestamp, or bookmark you wish to refresh to) > set timeflowPointParameters.timeflow= (the timeflow associated with location) > commit
  16. 16. 16© 2016 Delphix Corporation • Monstrous deployments, (20+) benefit from a scripted, CLI option. • Single or several VDB deployment. • When investigating deep level issues, using the CLI can make details easier to search through. • When looking for “just the facts”, then a graphical UI is beneficial for high level error messages. • Self-service has great benefits and make it simple for those without deep level skills to take advantage of virtualized environments for development and testing. When Do I USE the CLI or Graphical UI?
  17. 17. 17© 2016 Delphix Corporation Cost Vs. Benefit… • No Management Packs outside of database feature licensing. • Heterogeneous Opportunities
  18. 18. 18© 2016 Delphix Corporation Spin up a new VDB and apply patch there- no need to commandeer existing! Environment Virtualization, DB Style
  19. 19. 19© 2016 Delphix Corporation No need to keep the extra VDBs post patch to prod. After Testing, Apply to Production
  20. 20. 20© 2016 Delphix Corporation The Compressed Copies in the Delphix Engine are Upgraded! Environment Virtualization, DB Style
  21. 21. 21© 2016 Delphix Corporation In minutes, refresh and complete! Environment Virtualization, DB Style
  22. 22. 22© 2016 Delphix Corporation
  23. 23. 23© 2016 Delphix Corporation • Not only did I save on 80% or more on storage usage overall. • I didn’t have to take away a valuable resource’s database environment to test the patch/upgrade. • I didn’t have to apply the patch/upgrade to each environment, as they are virtualized copies of the source. • I save significant time that commonly has to be allocated to quarterly and annual maintenance for patching and upgrading. • I apply the patch twice- once to test, once to production. I only need to refresh my environments after I’m done. • This works for the database AND application tier. Patching and Upgrading with Virtualization
  24. 24. 24© 2016 Delphix Corporation The quickest way to complete a task is not having to do it.
  25. 25. 25© 2016 Delphix Corporation @DBAKevlar Connect With Me
  26. 26. 26© 2016 Delphix Corporation Q&A Thank you! Want to try it out? Download the Delphix Express Version to your laptop:
  27. 27.

Editor's Notes

  • I’d simplified patching using Enterprise Manager 12c and patch plans.
    They were simple to create, but still required work each month to test and build.
    Also expensive management tasks.
    Sometimes I still had to intervene.
    It was a never-ending task.
  • DBA has to commandeer a database for patch testing.
    This has to be performed for EACH environment, 100’s or 1000’s of databases!
    Most are not synchronized with production, different outcomes when released to production.
    Bugs occurring in one, not another!
  • Update)/Oracle upgrade:
    A) Apply to existing ORACLE_HOME. (best if on Delphix v4.1.x or higher.)
    B) Create new ORACLE_HOME (could clone existing one) and then apply the PSU to the new ORACLE_HOME.
    For a dSource using option A:
    1) Follow Oracle documentation, patch the ORALCE_HOME and the database.
    2) Refresh the Environment in the GUI.
    For a dSource using option B:
    1) Refresh the Environment from the Delphix GUI and verify that the new ORACLE_HOME is picked up and in the databases tab as an ORACLE Installation.
    2) Follow all Oracle documentation, patch the production database etc.
    3) Go to the Delphix GUI flip the dSource card over and use the Upgrade Icon on the bottom to switch the ORACLE_INSTALLATION to the new (verified in step 1).
  • Testing upgrades and patches can be greatly simplified using the portability and ease-of-use of Delphix Virtual Databases (VDBs). Here are two approaches that can be used, depending on the upgrade or patch.
    Link the production database with the Delphix Server.
    Provision a VDB at the existing patch level.
    Patch the existing $Oracle_Home against the live VDB.
    Create the new $Oracle_Home and swing the VDB.
    Rollback VDB or Refresh from production.
    Repeat 3 or 4 until confident.
    Once the process has been tested and confirmed, it can be rolled out with confidence into production.