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Local Big Buyer


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Local Big Buyer

  1. 1. West Virginia | February 5, 2011LOCAL BIG BUYER
  2. 2. meat packing house
  3. 3. table saw meat grinder for ground beef
  4. 4. office
  5. 5. analog system land line, cell phones,paper orders forms, no delivery, walk-insales & pick-upno internetoffice = meat packing house =slaughterhouse = break room =walk-in cooler
  6. 6. boxes, divides office from meat packing
  7. 7. pre-labeled bags for vacuum packing
  8. 8. plastic wrap, office
  9. 9. cart used to move meat from packingfloor to walk-in
  10. 10. walk-in, custom order for supply for walk-in customersone individual
  11. 11. chuck roast: packed, labeled, sealed,boxed, cooled, awaiting pick up
  12. 12. a big hunk of meat in the cooler
  13. 13. PROCESSING
  14. 14. pens where cows are keptprior to slaughtering
  15. 15. one cow at a time is usheredinto the kill pen; the door isclosed behind the animal
  16. 16. gun used to paralyze the cow
  17. 17. cow rolls onto kill room floorthrough this door
  18. 18. kill room up to 25 cows a daymay be slaughtered herehides are stripped andpreserved here until they areshipped to Japanbarrels of waste are stored hereuntil they are picked up to bedestroyed
  19. 19. used to hang dual hook contraption cows are hung, bled out,that hoists cow upside down skinned, and unused parts are disposed of in barrels
  20. 20. one hoof from each half is attachedto a hook and raised on the hoist
  21. 21. original saw used by Grandpa Hydeto cut animals in half
  22. 22. track on kill room ceiling runsthrough entire facility
  23. 23. scale, animal havles are hung here and weighed; areading appears on this digital device on the wall
  24. 24. GRAPHIC CONTENTThe following slides contain graphicimages you may prefer not to view.
  25. 25. hides being preserved until shipment
  26. 26. waste: blood, internal organs, heads; the blue sprinkle is torender the waste inedible and prevent people from goinginto the waste barrels to pull out contents for food/additives
  27. 27. curing room; animals are cured in this cooledroom for a day or more prior to packing
  28. 28. curing room the white pieces ofpaper on the inside of thecarcass identifies to whom theanimal belongs
  29. 29. official certification from state inspector
  30. 30. track of curing room, continued from killroom, proceeds into packing room
  31. 31. liver tongue heartorgans
  32. 32. track from kill room, cure room,into packing room