Shooting Schedule


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Shooting Schedule

  1. 1. Shot Type of Shot Action Mise En Scene 1 Establishing Shot Slow pan from right to Natural left of a landscape. Overlay onto shot 1. Bass Guitar, Male, Polo 2 Medium Long Shot Frame – Left hand side. Shirt, Jeans, Longish Bassist playing the bass hair. guitar. Fade out shot 2 and 3 Medium Long Shot overlay current shot. Guitar, Male, T-shirt, Frame – Right hand Jeans, Short hair, side. Guitarist playing Glasses. guitar. Arm hitting the high 4 Close up hat of the drum set to Drum Kit (High Hat), match the sound in the Drummer song. Zoom from the drums Drum Kit, Guitar, Bass 5 Zooming pan to show longshot of Guitar, Microphone, the band Microphone Stand, Four males. Follow character’s feet Male, Jeans, Red 6 Tracking Shot walking the ground. trainers, natural ground. Main character with 7 Close up, Tracking Shot head down walking, Male, Parka Coat, life head and look to Roughed up long hair. the right. Medium Close up, Frame – Character to Male, Parka Coat, 8 Tracking Shot right hand side. Rough up long hair. Overlay shot 9. Singer of band singing Male, Polo Shirt, Long 9 Side shot, close up the lyrics overlayed hair, Microphone. onto shot 8. Character walking with Male, Parka Coat,10 Side shot, Close up, head down across a Railway Bridge, Natural Tracking Shot railway bridge. Surroundings. Show character Male, Parka Coat,11 Long shot from behind walking across bridge, Jeans, Trainers, lean on bridge wall. Railway Bridge, Natural Frame – Left hand side Surroundings. Character looking out12 Side Shot, Close up to the sunset whilst Parka Coat, Male, leaning on bridge. Railway Bridge, Natural Overlay shot 13 on left Surroundings. hand side.
  2. 2. Fade in and overlay Front Shot, Close up onto shot 12, singer Male, Microphone, 13 singing the lyrics “I Polo Shirt, Long Hair. Wanna Be Adored” and fade out. Show guitarist playing 14 Low Angle, Close up the guitar to that part Male, Guitar, Polo of the song. Shirt. Frame – Central Four Males, Polo Medium Long Shot Singer singing the lyrics Shirts, Jeans, T-shirts, 15 with the band behind Trainers, Drums, him. Guitar, Microphone, Bass Guitar. Overlay shot 15 and Male, Parka Coat, Side Shot, Close up, frame to the left hand Woods, Natural 16 Tracking side. Show character Surroundings, Natural walking through Light. Woods. Drummer playing the 17 Medium Close up drums. Show playing Drummer, Polo Shirt, one beat Drum kit. Drummer playing the 18 Medium Close up second beat, show Drummer, Polo Shirt, from a different angle. Drum Kit. Show characters feet Jeans, Trainers, 19 Side Shot, Tracking walking on woodland Woodland floor Shot floor Character has head Male, Parka Coat, 20 Medium Close up, down, looks to camera Woodland Tracking Shot when lyrics say “I Surroundings, Natural Wanna Be Adored” Light. 22 Medium Close up Drummer hitting the Drummer, Drum Kit, symbols Polo Shirt, Short hair. Male, Short Hair, 23 Medium Long Shot Guitarist playing guitar Glasses, T-shirt, Jeans, Trainers, Guitar. Male, Polo Shirt, 24 Low angle, Close up Bassist playing Bass Longish hair, Jeans, Guitar Bass Guitar Different shots of the Four Males, Guitar,25 - 30 Varied shots band playing their Drum Kit, Bass Guitar, instruments Microphone, Microphone stand.
  3. 3. Fade in shot 30 from shot 29. Show character walking Field, Woods in the30 - 43 Varied Shots through field, moving background, Male, closer to camera to Parka Coat, Jeans, beats of the tempo Trainers, Natural Light. and drums. (13x Thought Beats) Character walking through field, head down. Overlay shot 45 Male, Longish hair, onto the right hand Parka Coat, Field, 44 Side Shot, Close up side when it says Natural Light and “Adored” then fade Surroundings. fully into shot 45 when it says “I wanna be adored” 45 Medium Close up Singer singing the lyrics Longish hair, Polo shirt, Microphone 46 Extreme close up Singer’s mouth singing Microphone and Male “You adore me” Thought beats of Male, Parka Coat,47-62 Longshot character walking to Caravan, Field, Natural caravan Light. Overlay onto shot 55, 63 Medium Close up right hand side, fade Male, Microphone, in. Singer singing “You Longish hair, Polo shirt. adore me” then fade out. Continue rest of thought beats. Show character inside64 - 72 Varied Shots of caravan breaking Caravan, Parka, Male, down and in despair. Jeans, Trainers Character throws 73 Medium Close up drugs from pocket Parka Coat, Jeans, Fake onto table to the 10th Drugs “I Wanna” Show drugs on the 74 Extreme Close up table to the 11th “I Fake Drugs, Table Wanna” Characters face 75 Extreme Close up becoming disgusted at Male the sight of the drugs to the “I gotta be”
  4. 4. Character slams hands Medium Long Shot and throws drugs from Male, Parka Coat,76 table “adored” and Jeans, Trainers, Table, show character sat Caravan, Fake Drugs with head in hands and fade into next shot. Show character framed77 Extreme longshot to the right hand side Fields, Male, Parka, walking across a field Natural Surroundings, and overlay shot 78 on Jeans, Trainers. right hand side.78 Medium Longshot Guitarist playing guitar, Guitar, Male, Glasses, fade in and overlay T-Shirt, Jeans onto right hand side of shot 77.79 Longshot Character walking on Railway bridge, Male, bridge again Parka Coat, Jeans, Trainers Character throws80 Medium Long Shot drugs over the edge of Railway Bridge, Fake the bridge drugs, Parka Coat, Jeans. Frame character81 Repeat shot 12 looking out onto Two Males, Parka Coat, sunset on left hand Polo Shirt, Railway side and overlay shot Bridge. 13 onto the right End Shot – Position82 Medium Close up character on left hand Parka Coat, Natural side and show sunset Light, Railway Bridge. view