Media Evaluation Questions


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Media Evaluation Questions

  1. 1. Evaluation QuestionsQuestion 1:Our film was set around a noir style that incorporates many traitsassociated with the classic noir films from the 1940’ s-50’s .Theplotline was a stereotypical noir plot because it conveys the message ofgangsters and the criminal underworld. We used props such as guns,suits, hats, accents; attitudes towards people and situations peoplewere often in. The power status shows a stereotypical dividebetween the gangster’s authority and the victims.The entire film has been edited to fit a grey scale, which is typicallyassociated with the noir genre. Our key theme was authority and wedecided to show this through the use of speech within the scenes,which quickly display how the power has shifted between characters.Locations were also picked carefully to fit the conventions of thegenre and mood of the scene, which include the promenade and theseafront. We took inspiration from films such as the Godfather toarch the overall theme of authority and power.We also used quotes from other noir films such as Scarface, PublicEnemies and Godfather. We incorporated a sub-genre of a gangster-noir, as the central image is that of gangsters portrayed in astereotypical, mysterious and powerful position.Question 2:Our opening sequence shows a representation of a lower-class maleopposing that of a middle-class gangster. We have showed the male’slower-class status through props such as an eviction notice and debtbills. The smart attire of the gangsters and their overall statusrepresents them as quite wealthy people, especially as thedomineering gangsters has been situated accordingly with cameraangles, in the middle of every shot, showing importance anddominance, commonly associated with men. AT the beginning of thesequence, we also show a female hand twiddling a ring, showingworry and fear over her husband, another emotion typicallyassociated with women. The ‘femme fatal’ figure that is alsocommonly used in a noir genre has been challenged, as we show thefemale weak and in a position of no power compared to the typicalstrong and commanding attitude of a ‘femme fatal’ character, Wechose not to challenge the conventions of a noir film as it has proved
  2. 2. to be quite popular amongst audiences, which would enhancesprofits and keep the audience interested.Question 3:Our media product could be produced in a Hollywood Studio as itdisplays and conveys the conventions of noir used in past popularnoir films, which had dominated the box office, such as The Godfatherand Scarface. We’d like our film to be distributed worldwide, througha staggered release to test out the market. We would keep ourinterest of the film going by using certain popular social medias suchupdates and advertisements on Twitter and Facebook. This wouldthen attract a wider audience and may appeal to more than theaverage person who enjoys noir films.We would also use a lot of guerrilla marketing methods, as theseseem to impact the best on audiences e.g. marketing for L.A. Noire;which seemed to grab a lot of people’s attention. We would also usevarious teaser trailers, showing different aspects of our film, whichwill keep our audience interested as they allow us to drip-feed theaudience information. Our film could pursue possible merchandise,which would include posters, mugs, T-shirts. Soundtrack, CD etc.The use of an experienced directors such as Quentin Tarrantino andMartin Scorsese would impact majorly on the direction of our film asit would be on a large scale and convey more noir conventions whichmeans experience would be needed to perfect this.Because the full film is in black and white, this would attractaudiences interested in black and white films yet could also attract awider audience shown in the recent release of The Artist, which wonvarious Oscars.Question 4:The age group our media film is aimed at is a 15+ age group as that isthe rating we have been given. This would, however be more suitedto people in their 20’s and 30’s as it uses conventions such as themafia and criminal underworld which has been used in previouspopular noir films such as: “The Godfather” series and “Scarface” anddue to this our target audience lends itself to stereotypes andtherefore, more males would be interested in this rather thanfemales. Subsequently, we researched “The Godfather” and “Scarface”along with “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang” so as to grasp the noir convention
  3. 3. as a whole and allowed inspiration from “The Godfather” to comethrough, as that was the film that agreed with our themes we wishedto incorporate within our media production. All this has maximisedour potential revenue streams, as it doesn’t just apply to fans of thefilms we researched but also a younger generation of adults. Due tothis targeted audience we were easily able to stick to our conventionsand themes throughout the plot line and scenes that are shown.Question 5: I think that our sequence would attract the audience it’s aimedtowards, due to that specific audience enjoying the moreserious/intelligent films. The demographic for this movie howevermay be males, due to it involving gangsters which guarantees that thefilm will having action basically meaning that it’s a manly movie,however females may still enjoy this movie due to it involving afemale antagonist. However, at the box office I think that theaudience would consist of males and females, due to females going tosee the movie because of the men in the movie, which is a famousfilm promoting technique, that films such as The Godfather usedwhich could potentially increase our grossing revenue at the boxoffice.I think that it would sell well due to it being a masculine movie filledwith action and many twists to the plot, the many action scenes andmanly dialogue. I also think that it will be viewed as art, due to itbeing a black and white, which is pretty rare to come across in thismodern day and age. Also, I believe that it may inspire more amateurfilms makers to dabble in the noir genre, due to us being amateurfilm makers and managing to pull off a somewhat decent noire movie,despite having a low budget and having no experience in acting,directing and producing what-so-ever. So due to it having this impact,it would potentially create more positive reviews, thus promoting themovie. We used many different camera techniques such as a shotreverse shot which we used in the scene were the gangsters whereengaging in a conversation; Canted angle which we used in the scenewere Alex punched Nathan in the face, to create a more impactfulblow and a more realistic P.O.V. shot; match on action, which we usedin the scene were Nathan pulled out an eviction notice, which wasalso used to create suspense. We received feedback such as: greatsoundtrack, forced acting, a good storyline and impressive editing.
  4. 4. Question 6:During the process of constructing the product, I have learnt a lotabout the technologies we used. The use of such an advanced,professional camera was very new to me and I had to adjust myself tothis fairly quickly. I practiced pull focus and other camera techniquesbefore filming to familiarize myself with the camera. The tripod wasfairly easy to use, and there was a spirit level built into it so we couldensure that no camera angles were tilted however, we did find aproblem with the size of the camera weighed upon the tripod. Wehad to make sure the camera was held sturdy at all times whilst onthe tripod so that the camera did not fall off or make any of thefootage rocky. We did not use any new equipment such as the trackor TV studio as it was necessary for the shots used in the product.I found the editing software quite difficult to grasp however, once Iuploaded my footage and had a mess around, I managed to quick upthe editing technique quite quickly. I used a programme called LiveType to creating moving titles instead of standard ones as I felt thisfit in better with the noir theme and would make the overall productlook better. I also used an editing technique using Chroma key, toallow the wine in the glass to remain red whereas the actual footageremained black and white. I did discover a problem when editingwith the cutting off speech but I solved this issue by shortening downthe script and it patched in. Also, in final cut, I had to adjust the soundlevels of certain clips as some of the speech was drowned out by thewind. I also added in special sound effects such as the walking ofshoes and the sound of someone being punched, as these were notrecorded loud enough when filming. As I progressed with the editing,I found that my footage was coming together nicely and becomingthat of a high standard. Editing plays an essential role in the processof creating an opening sequence and found as I went on editing, mywork progressed further, ending in a substantial and high qualityproduct.At first, we attempted to use Garageband. However, due to the lack ofavailable sounds and quality of the recording, we had to changeprogrammes in order to create an efficient soundtrack. We usedCubase instead because it allowed us to make a better qualitysoundtrack and were more versatile to use. Due to our team’s skillsin music, we all found it easier to use Cubase to construct thesoundtrack. We were able to pick out relevant notes, scales andinstruments, which related to the noir genre. However, we did finddifficulty due to broken and lack of good quality headphones so we
  5. 5. resorted to creating a simple yet sufficient piece, which we were ableto easily fit around our film scenes and the noir genre.Question 7:Looking back to the preliminary task, the group overall have learneda lot in terms of filming and editing. We have learned that planningand organisation is essential in order for a film to be contrasted andto work accordingly. As we have done more research into this task,we have developed ideas and a better understanding of the genre,which we successfully incorporated into our media production. Wehave also developed our knowledge and understanding of cameraangles and how we can use different ones to convey certain messagesand characters feelings and thoughts in different situations. As we alldid independent research this allowed us to share ideas ensuringthat we achieved a good varied end product. During the creation ofthe prelim, we didn’t fully understand the technologies and how toenhance them to achieve the best outcome and we think this isshown quite clearly when the two are shown in contrast to oneanother. As the new technologies did take a longer time to adjust to,we took the time out to step aside and learn how to adapt to them, aswe knew that they would give us our best outcome possible. As wealso used a more complex and versatile editing software incomparison to our prelim task it allowed us to edit thoroughly andefficiently to make sure that our end product was successful and of ahigh stand we required.