Nicole Dean, Blogging for Profit Book Interview


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Kelly McCausey interviewed Nicole Dean about her new book, Blogging for Profit. Hear why she wanted to write this book and what she hopes you'll get out of it.

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Nicole Dean, Blogging for Profit Book Interview

  1. 1. Kelly McCausey of Solo Smarts interviews Nicole Dean, Author of Blogging for Profit March 29, 2013KELLY: Nicole, Ive got you on the show today to talk about your new bookExpert Briefs: Blogging for Profit: The Stripped-Down Naked Truth from26 Rockin Online Business Owners. Cool Title!NICOLE: It is – I love it, and did you see the cover isgorgeous, and it has undies on it.KELLY: It is gorgeous. I see your color on there.NICOLE: Yes, my green.KELLY: Nicole, I want to approach this as if we didnt already know eachother. Who is Nicole Dean?NICOLE: I’m most importantly a wife to my darling husband who I adore.I’m a mom – an unconventional mom – to two crazy kids and two dogs.I’m a daughter, and Im proud of my mother, and I’m a friend.Thats who I am above all else, but in business, I’ve been in online businesssince 2004. I started in the work-at-home mom niche, with my, and then from there, I created other niche sitesin fitness, romance, cooking, and Ive been able to make all of thoseprofitable blogs as well.KELLY: You have a history as a blogger, so the next question should bepretty natural to answer. Why is Blogging for Profit the book you had towrite?NICOLE: That’s such a great question. There are two reasons I had towrite this book. The first one is because it is so easy to start a blog. I
  2. 2. wanted people to be able to get their messages out who feel like they wouldlike to be bloggers but dont really know what its all about, or how it works.Second, and more importantly, there are so many bloggers out there whoare sharing great messages. They have a passion to spread a message, andthey’re blogging like crazy, but they dont know how to make money. Theyreally need to understand you can blog, and you can have an excellent blogthat shares your message that you’re proud of but also make money from it.That was the big reason I wanted to write this book.KELLY: Im glad you have. I’ve had several conversations recently withpeople who have been blogging for passion, and theyre just waking up tothe truth that they could do that and pay the bills.NICOLE: It’s a beautiful thing, and they can still keep the ethics at thesame time and not sell out, and I think thats an important thing tounderstand.KELLY: This is the book I want to put in their hands. In the book, youhave tapped the knowledge and experience of twenty-six different peoplefrom different backgrounds who are blogging for different purposes and indifferent styles. Why was it so important to you to collect and share somany different viewpoints?NICOLE: The big reason is there is not one way thats right to blog forprofit, and I just think people get so hyped up over claims that “My methodwill ensure you make $1,000,000 with your blog!”If I just share my methods – and my way isn’t what clicks with everybody –its not as likely to lead everyone to success. Plus, I wanted to share thewisdom from all of these other people.I figured I know a lot about blogging, but combined with Pat Flynn, LynnTerry, Kelly McCausey, Suzanne Myers – combining all of our knowledge –could only make my book better. People resonate with different people.My husband may resonate with Pat Flynn: Hes a dad, and he lost his job,and then he built this amazing blog with a huge following. My mom might
  3. 3. resonate more with Susanne Myers who’s in the homemaking niche and iskillin’ it there.It really gives readers the opportunity to see different viewpoints. Mybackground is psychology, so I know people learn in a multitude ofdifferent ways, and sometimes it takes me saying something in one way,and then Kelly McCausey saying it a different way for a person to reallyhave it sink in.That’s the reason I wanted to create Blogging for Profit this way.KELLY: It is so enjoyable to read the different viewpoints, and I’m gettingideas.NICOLE: And you’re a very experienced blogger, so that makes me reallyhappy because I was worried about whether or not really experienced,advanced bloggers would get enough out of the book.I learned when I read my own book because it has the advice of so manyother great people, and not a lot of authors can say that!KELLY: What part of the book makes you smile the biggest?NICOLE: That’s an easy question to answer: The chapter on using yourblog to make the world a better place. Hands down, that is the chapter thatjust makes me grin from ear to ear.Once you have your blog, you have this platform, and you have an audience,so you can do so much good in the world because of your blog. Not onlycan you profit, but also you get the opportunity – and dare I say obligation– to make the world a better place.KELLY: I believe you, and I agree with you: It is an obligation.NICOLE: You are a huge part of that chapter, Kelly. Just wait until you getto it!KELLY: What’s your greatest wish for readers when theyre finished withthe book?
  4. 4. NICOLE: I actually have four goals with the book that I hope readers willachieve.The first one is that they smile and enjoy the book because I think its just afun read. Its a business book, but its a fun business book to read.The second thing is I wish for them to be inspired by me and inspired by mysmart friends. I want readers to see the potential of what can be from theirblog, and what they can accomplish – both financially and just changing theworld – making the Web and the world a better place through their blog.The third thing is I want them to write in the book. It’s hard in the eBook,but if you have the print book, I want you to write all over it. Highlightthings that are actionable items you can set the book down and implementin your blog immediately for profit.The fourth thing is to introduce my readers to great people who are outthere making the Web and the world a better place, and there are no betterpeople than Pat Flynn, Kelly McCausey, Suzanne Myers, Connie RagenGreen – all the people in this book are fabulous people who I respect.I think theyre really making the Web and the world a better place – whichis my motto. It’s my goal every day when I sit in front of the computer, andI hope the people who read my book will feel inspired to do the same.KELLY: I believe they will. Thank you for putting it all together.NICOLE: It was a labor of love, and I absolutely love how it turned out. Pick up your copy of Blogging for Profit on Amazon. Continue to connect with Nicole on her blog at