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Political Cartoon Steps


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Materials for the 27 January 2010 Gilder Lehrman Institute TAH Workshop for the Newark Public Schools

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Political Cartoon Steps

  1. 1. The Newark Public Schools Office of Social Studies/Multicultural Education Analyzing Primary Sources: Political Cartoons STEPS NOTES STEP 1: Captions/Title Words/Phrases What/Who do you see? Dates/Numbers STEP 2: SYMBOLS Describe emotions portrayed in the cartoon Which objects are Describe the action taking place in the cartoon symbols? What do you think each symbol means? STEP 3: P.O.V. Identify the intended audience Who would agree/disagree with the cartoonist’s What is the cartoonist’s opinion? Why? message/opinion? STEP 4: HISTORICAL Political, Social, Economic, Race, Gender, CONTEXT Technology, Media What major events were taking place at the time? How have opinions changed/remained the same? Changing Hearts and Minds to Value Education
  2. 2. Changing Hearts and Minds to Value Education