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Question 3

  1. 1. What have you learned from your audience feedback?
  2. 2. After we had completed our documentary and bothancillary texts we showed them to a number of students and asked them to fill in aquestionnaire in order to gain feedback on our production...Question 1:When asked what theythought ourdocumentary wasabout, all 30 peopleanswered that thetopic was clearly sleep;this shows that weused suitableinterviews andcutaways, etc. tohighlight the topic.
  3. 3. Question 3:Question 2: 22 people answered that they found our documentaryWhen we asked if the very interesting to watch, with the remaining 8documentary was answering that they learned some new things frominformative to them we were watching our documentary; this suggests that wegiven answers such as:“I learned lots of new facts” edited the interviews to the correct length so that the“I think the choice of topic documentary didn’t appear to drag, and we includedwas really interesting and I interesting information that would appeal to ourwas excited to see what was target audience.on offer”“It was interesting andinformed me with new factsas I did not know much aboutthe topic”These results show thatperhaps we included thecorrect information withinthe documentary as it was allnew and informative to ourtarget audience.
  4. 4. Question 4: The feedback for this question suggests that we chose a suitable topic as 25/30 people from our target audience gave our choice of topic the highest rating of 1; the remaining 5 people answered with a rating of 2. (shown in the graph below)Question 5:When we asked what the most informativepart of the documentary was, we were givenanswers such as:“The fact that peppermint is good forsleeping” (answered by two people)“The fact that we can actually last withoutsleep”“The information about yawning”“The fact that yawning isn’t actually linkedto tiredness”As we were given similar answers by a fewpeople this suggests that we includedsuitable and interesting information, andedited in the most relevant parts ofinterviews.
  5. 5. Question 6: Question 7:The feedback we received for this question The feedback relating to the volumesuggests that we were successful in the levels of the documentary proves thatproduction of our documentary as all 30 our editing was successful as 30/30people who filled in our questionnaire saidthat the documentary made sense to them. people answered that the volume levelsTherefore the ordering and editing of our are consistent throughout theproduction clearly works well. documentary.
  6. 6. Question 8:To follow the codes andconventions of real media productsmy group and I chose a voiceoverthat we believed was clear andcalm; the results for this questionsuggest that we made the correctdecision as all 30 peoplequestioned answered that thevoiceover was clear andunderstanding. (shown in thegraph below) Question 9: The feedback we received for this question suggests that the whole half an hour long documentary that we planned would have been popular with our target audience as everyone we questioned said that the opening five minutes was interesting and they would want to watch the remainder of the documentary. (shown in the graph above)
  7. 7. Question 10: Question 11:The results for question The feedback from question 11 implies that my group10 show that we made the and I successfully produced a print advert that wouldcorrect decisions whenchoosing the cutaways to attract our target audience as 29/30 people weus throughout our questioned rated it as 1 for effectiveness, with only 1documentary as 30/30 person giving it a rating of 2. (shown in the graphpeople answered that they below)were relevant. Thereforethey must have suitedboth the topic and theinterviews in which theywere shown.
  8. 8. Question 12: Question 13: All 30 people that filled in our questionnaire answeredWhen asked what they likedabout the print advert we that our main image and slogan featured on the printwere given answers such as: advert both relate to the topic of the documentary; this-"Its very dramatic which shows that we chose the correct image as it clearlymakes it eye-catching" highlights our topic of sleep and our slogan further-""It looks really effective" emphasises this.-"It is different and eye-catching"-"It is effective because ofhow tired the lady appears"These answers prove that wemade the right decision forthe image of the print advertas many people found it eye-catching, which wouldtheoretically attract ourtarget audience andencourage them to watchour documentary.
  9. 9. Question 14: Question 15:The results we received back from this We received feedback from this questionquestion showed that a large majority of the that suggests we made the right decisionspeople questioned found our print advert when planning and creating our radiovery eye catching and thought that it would trailer as a large percentage of peopleencourage them to watch our documentary. asked, gave this ancillary text a rating ofThis suggests that we were successful in 2 for effectiveness, with the other smallcreating a piece of advertisement to entice group of people rating it 1. (shown in theour target audience. (shown in the graph graph below)below)
  10. 10. Question 16:The graph on the left showsthat 30/30 people would notchange anything about ourdocumentary; this suggests thatno changes needed to be madeto our planning, filming orediting of the five minutedocumentary. (shown in thegraph to the right) Question 17: The graph shown on the right, displaying the results for question 17, shows that 28/30 people rated our documentary as 2, with the remaining 2 people rating it at 1; this suggests that our documentary is suitable for, and would be popular with, our target audience.
  11. 11. Question 18: The results for our final question suggest that our main product and both ancillary texts all link together and clearly highlight the topic of our documentary; the graph above shows that 28/30 people who filled out ourquestionnaire found that the products are all very effective in relating to the topic of sleep.
  12. 12. Overall, from my audience feedback I have found that everyone who watched our documentary was aware of the topic we were covering, and a large percentagefound all three texts effective. Most results suggested that the decisions my group and I made when planning, filming and editing our documentary andancillary texts worked well to help create a product that would successfully attract and appeal to our target audience. Our audience feedback also implied that no major changes needed to be made to any of our threeproducts and we included the correct information, that intrigued and interested viewers.