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  1. 1. Our title sequence willbegin with a light switch being turned off, and will lead onto a montage of people asleep in different places- we will use thesound effect of snoringbehind the first shot of someone asleep and then lead on to use a lullaby as background music throughout the remainder of the title sequence.
  2. 2. This is the framing for our interview with Edna Sweeney (thewife of a snorer)- we will position her to the right of the screen with her eyeline in the top third of the screen. The interview will most likely be held within her house so the mise-en-scene will be very relaxed.
  3. 3. For our interview with Mr Vincent (a new dad) wewill position himto the right side of the screenwith his eyelinein the top third of the screen- we will be filming the interview in aclassroom as he is a teacher.
  4. 4. For our interview with Miss Ferebe(new mum) she will also be positionedon the right side ofthe screen with her eyeline in the topthird. The interviewwill also be held in aclassroom as she is a teacher.
  5. 5. When we holdour interview with Yvonne Harrison (psychology lecturer) we will position her to the left of the screen with theireyeline in the top third of the screen.
  6. 6. When we hold ourinterview with Chris Ison (night shift worker) we willposition him on the right hand side ofthe screen- his code of attire will be his work uniform and we will use a plain background.
  7. 7. We will position Caroline Carney (a new mum) on theleft hand side of thescreen when filmingher interview, whilst ensuring hereyeline is in the top third of the screen.
  8. 8. Questions for new mums and dads (Mr Vincent , Caroline Carney and Miss Ferebe):•Can you talk us through the routine you had to adapt to with a newborn baby in your life..?•Was it you or your partner that got up more in the night due to the new baby?•Tell us how you switch off/calm down..•How do you feel when you haven’t had enough sleep?•Being a busy teacher, what do you do to keep yourself awake in the day at work, etc.?•Did you or your partner take any remedies at all to help you stay awake?•Does the lack of sleep affect your behaviour during the day if you are disrupted in your sleep, if so how?•Have there been any changes in the baby’s behaviour throughout the day, due to disruptions during theprevious night?•Have there been any improvements to their sleeping pattern to date?•Are they still waking up during the night now?•From your own knowledge, how many hours sleep are newborns recommended to have a night?Questions for Mrs Sweeney (wife of a snorer):•Can you talk us through your nightly routine, around your husbands snoring?•How did your husband’s snoring affect you?•How do deal with his snoring?•Has he had any operations for his snoring?•Roughly how many hours of sleep do you get a night?•Did or do you take any remedies to help you sleep through his snoring?•Is he still snoring?
  9. 9. Questions for Psychologist :•What is your job and how did you get into the job?•How important is sleep?•How does sleep deprivation/lack of sleep affect us? Physically and mentally•Can too much sleep have any negative effects such as makes us overtired, make us gain weightetc..?•Why do we dream?•Can we dream of something that can come true in the future?•What makes us yawn? Is it true that it is contagious?•Do men and women need different amounts of hours sleep?•How many hours sleep a night do we need on an average, for the average person?•What is the best way to keep ourselves awake?•Do remedies for sleep actually work or is it all psychological?•Why do we sleep?Questions for Chris Ison (shift worker):•What does your job involve?•How do you feel after a night shift?•How many hours sleep do you get a day?•Have you ever taken any remedies to help you stay awake during a night shift?