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Team Diablo

  1. 1. Team Diablo Presents: Red Bull Do you have wiiings? Alex Ahlgrim, Cierra Gilchrist,Kelly Heaphy, Ta’Shara Roberts, Kira Wade
  2. 2. A Little Bit of History• Austrian Dietrich Mateschitz – 260th richest person in the world – Net worth of $5.0 billion• Bought the product in 1987 and released into market with a silent partner
  3. 3. Some Fun Facts• Most popular energy drink – $2.2 billion in 2010 – Over 4 billion cans sold worldwide in 2010• Available in a few varieties – Red Bull – Sugar-free Red Bull – Red Bull Cola – Energy shots
  4. 4. Marketing• Slogan: “Red Bull gives you wings.”• Very aggressive on an international scale• Target market is young males• Traditional and modern advertising
  5. 5. Sponsorship and Events• Tournament sponsorship – Red Bull Air Race – Flugtag• Owner of many sports teams including: – Red Bull Racing – Scuderia Toro Rosso – Red Bull New York• Celebrity Endorsements• Record Label
  6. 6. Facebook Dominator• Ranked #1 out of Top 10 Facebook pages• Smart feature on their landing (welcome) page• Paid close attention to Call To Action
  7. 7. Red Bull’s Facebook Active Users • Over 23 million fans • 40,000 DAU (Daily Active Users • 850,000 MAU (Monthly Active Users)
  8. 8. Fans Interaction• Know who their target audience is and exactly what they want• Interact with fans through games, mobile apps and Red Bull TV• Red Bull’s apps page on Facebook have approximately 500 monthly users
  9. 9. Twitter Powerhouse • 401,687 Followers – Monster has 117,864 • 8,211 Tweets • Leading energy drink presence on Twitter
  10. 10. Red Bull Stash• Targeted toward college students• The twitter page updated followers of where the Red Bull might be hiding• The domain traffic for it was 51 with 361,871 visitors
  11. 11. LinkedIn to Positive • Post all current job• Professional Social positions Media Presence • Recent activity shows newly hired employeesCompetitive Match-up • Most followers for • 12,880 followers company page • Most registered • 2932 Employees employees
  12. 12. LinkedIn to
  13. 13. Get More LinkedIn• Negative – Aren’t using as a way to advertise the brand• Recommendations: – Use LinkedIn as an opportunity to advertise like AT&T – Use as avenue to publicize upcoming events
  14. 14. StumbleUponNew Ideas• 1,149 pages for Red Bull in all users favorites – Most Views:
  15. 15. What Else to StumbleUpon• Over 6.7 million unique visitors each month onStumbleUpon• 280,000 clicks from Google during September• Monitor the number of clicks for each Red Bull event or topic