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Win The Room at New York Expo


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How to create an engaging social media strategy for your audience and have a strong brand identity on Twitter.

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Win The Room at New York Expo

  1. 1. Kelly Hadous CEO CTO Founder 
 Win The Room and Emiisor How To Engage, Communicate And Increase Your ROI on Twitter #NYExpo
  2. 2. Text How to Win The Room in Social Media #NYExpo 140 characters or less
  3. 3. You never know where your next connection will come from. Overnight it may increase your brand presence and create thousands of new followers. #FollowBack
  4. 4. Social media allows us to share the connection that already exists. We’ve always been connected one on one. Now we are connected group on group. Social media allows us to share the connection that already existed. We’ve been connected one on one. Now we are connected group on group. #PeopleTheseDays
  5. 5. A hashtag (or number sign) is a meta tag used on social platforms and microblogging. #’s makes it easier to find messages with that specific content. The # will show each message that has been tagged with it. Get #hashtagitis
  6. 6. Your brand service and/or product must have a #VOICE. For over 100 years. Coca Cola has had a distinct brand voice. It still uses the early logo and bottle shape. The ALS Ice Bucket challenge message was simple and had it a powerful focus. SIMPLY and POWERFULLY in 140 CHARACTERS OR LESS
  7. 7. #brilliant
  8. 8. #icebergs
  9. 9. Who: Target audience Where: Tribe and influencers Why: Define Develop your #SocialMedia to represent your image/brand/ product/service Brand Preparation
  10. 10. Do you #Contribute To The Conversation? What are you trying to market? (Brand/ Product/ Service) How do your competitors create a similar conversation? Is your content useful? Is your information timely? Is it bite sized? Is it provocative? Do you share other’s people’s posts?
  11. 11. Be A Thought Leader Be unique Stand behind your brand/ product/ service Have Actionable Content Engage with others who share your same views Build relationships with influencers Take advantage of real time situations Learn how to #storysell in 140 characters Don’t forget it’s ALWAYS about your audience
  12. 12. #WIIFM RADIO (what’s in it for me)
  13. 13. What happens when you’re not #engaged? Lower energy Negative Closed off Low energy Disengaged Lose trust Threatening Irrelevant Story emotionally flat Your Presence Audience Experience Creates Conflict
  14. 14. What happens when you’re #losing your audience? 14 Higher energy Positive Open Your Presence Integrity Emotionally rich Story Resonates Trusting Engaged Perspectives shift Your Influence Your Audience
  15. 15. Our Nothing has changed. Our brains are hardwired for connection and #stories.
  16. 16. #Emotions are Powerful. When we care we share.
  17. 17. Karma is Real. Practice the Law of Attraction #LOA
  18. 18. #Reflection Analyze content (topic relevancy) Monitor analytics (engagement & reach) Provide Value Find your tribe Connect emotionally Don’t be afraid to stand out
  19. 19. Kelly Hadous Founder CEO, CTO 
 Facebook: #Follow @kellyhadous