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Personal Branding for Soon-to-be-Grads


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Advice for soon-to-be college students looking to create their personal brands and take them online. Emphasis on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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Personal Branding for Soon-to-be-Grads

  1. 1. Why I’m on LinkedIn and Twitter and you should be too Essential keys to the digital job search
  2. 2. Disclaimer • I’m not an expert. I just read a lot. (And I blog about how UNC seniors can use Web 2.0 job search strategies.) • Goal: share my job-search experience and research thus far
  3. 3. Ask the Audience • How many of you… – Are looking for a job? – Are on LinkedIn? – On Twitter? • Why are you on those networks?
  4. 4. Why you need to use Web 2.0 • Scary stats – Fewer jobs + more grads and laid off workers – More competition • It’s a Google world – Just like you Google a company, they Google you
  5. 5. Utilizing Web 2.0 • Create a profile and they will come. NOT. • You need a strategy.
  6. 6. Personal Branding • Managing the way others see you – perception = truth. You are now a product. • How do you want to be known?
  7. 7. Personal Branding Process • Discover – this is the hard part • Create This is our • Communicate focus • Maintain
  8. 8. Discovering your brand • How do you want to be known? – What’s your passion? – What are your favorite classes? – How do your friends describe you? • Eventually, your brand will become your “unique value proposition”
  9. 9. Brand Attributes Also add human!
  10. 10. My “brand” • Not sure what kind of job I want, but I’m best when I can be strategic, efficient and creative I’m happiest when I can blend my passions for strategy, creativity and efficiency to produce high-quality, budget-friendly results.
  11. 11. Creating your brand • Infuse your brand into everything – Resume – Cover letter – Business card – Portfolio
  12. 12. Take your brand online • LinkedIn (must have) • Twitter (strongly recommend) • Faceboo (optional) • website/blog (optional) You can use online to show off your work and become a thought leader or just have a web presence
  13. 13. LinkedIn • Facebook + resume • Recruiters are here, you should be too (plus, it’s a Google entry) • Tone = professional, but personal (especially for PR pros)
  14. 14. Optimizing LinkedIn • Custom url ( • Have a picture! No red cups, please. • Craft a smart, succinct first-person summary • Use personal connection requests • Give and ask for recommendations • Other: groups, networking, promotion, research (people and companies)
  15. 15. Example: My LinkedIn Picture: head shot (color is Personal probably invite: include better) where/how you know the person Custom URL: ideally, will have same extension for all accounts Summary: some variation of your brand statement
  16. 16. Advanced Options • Research, networking and groups – help you communicate your brand • Go to LinkedIn!
  17. 17. Twitter • Microblogging (140 characters max) • Recruiters are here, and so are CEOs and PR pros • Lets you communicate your brand • Tone = friendly, personable and helpful
  18. 18. Optimizing Twitter • Handle & bio • Website • Picture • Background • Follow people • Engage with @ and RT and tweet useful info • Would you say it in an interview?
  19. 19. Golden Rule • Build relationships first. If you wouldn’t ask a stranger on the street for a favor, don’t think it’s OK on Twitter or LinkedIn.
  20. 20. Resources • • Personal • Follow PR pros, personal branding and social media experts on Twitter PR Pros/Advice Branding/Careers Social Media @heatherhuhman @danschawbel @mashable @PRSarahEvans @sweetcareers @emd5005 @dmullen @dailycareertips @Twitter_Tips
  21. 21. Questions?