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Collection of my graphic design, social media, marketing and public relations work.

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Kelly Giles portfolio

  1. 1. researcher teacher woman friend fan designer pisces innovator creator manager philosophizer editor dreamer go-getterproblem solver bargain hunter shopper advisor planner girly-girl only child motivator north carolinian empathizer pragmatist daughter strategist winston-salemite observer logician writer believerkelly giles human confidante unc graduate leader logophile visionary listener mentor organizer grammarian connector american student competitor analyst thinker old soul achiever collaborator communicator
  2. 2. kg kelly giles • • 336.971.8449 I’m happiest when I can blend my strategies for strategy, creativity and efficiency to product high-quality, budget-friendly results. education experience UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA AT CHAPEL HILL SOCIAL MEDIA STRATEGIST • OPTIMALRESUME.COM [5.09-present] May 2009 • Summa cum Laude • GPA: 3.97 Recruited to develop and manage company’s digital brand and educate Double Major: Psychology; Journalism and Mass company clients about social networking • All social networks saw triple- Communication, Public Relations concentration digit growth rates in two months’ time and are now in the top 5 leading traffic contributors to the corporate domain • Role quickly expanded to all STUDY ABROAD [7.07] include all marketing and communications • Conceptualized, wrote and Toured the United Kingdom for a week before designed comprehensive plans to help clients from 3 verticals market the studying in Florence, Italy software to end users • Craft messaging and manage design of all marketing KENAN-FLAGLER BUSINESS SCHOOL pieces • Spearheaded company’s first weekly newsletter, working across Business Essentials Program: coursework in departments and with clients to generate content accounting, business theory and marketing PUBLISHER, EDITOR • TAR HEELS IN TRANSIT BLOG [2.09-7.09] Published, managed and marketed start-up Web 2.0 career advice site that earned 1,500+ hits, local news coverage and 30+ Twitter mentions in its honors & memberships first month of operation • Resulted in several speaking engagements about PHI BETA KAPPA online reputation management 2008 NORVAL NEIL LUXON PRIZE BLUE & WHITE MAGAZINE [10.05-12.08] FOR SCHOLARSHIP PRESIDENT [9.08-12.08] Managed 501(c)3 non-profit, 80-person staff and Awarded to the journalism major with the $18,000 budget • Generated sufficient revenue for magazine to print in highest GPA in the senior class full color for the first time in its 10-year history • Oversaw planning of and presented keynote address at inaugural alumni reunion 2008 JOHN W. HARDEN SCHOLARSHIP SALES AND MARKETING COORDINATOR [5.08-8.08] Sold $3,000 in ads and 2008 UNC-CH CHANCELLOR’S AWARD 27 sponsorships for the purchase of marketing materials • Solicited $400 Abernethy Prize for Student Publication Work contribution to subsidize Chamber of Commerce membership PRESIDENT & CREATIVE DIRECTOR [9.07-9.08] Took over magazine in PSI CHI organizational and financial trouble • Innovated new business structure National psychology honor society and assembled team of 30 to fill positions in finance, public and internal KAPPA TAU ALPHA relations, and development • Magazine recovered debt within three National journalism honor society months of taking office • Lobbied UNC-CH Student Congress for $10,000 • Maintained responsibilities of art director in addition to creating in-house DEAN’S LIST collateral and ads for clients All semesters DESIGNER • ART DIRECTOR [10.05-10.07] Redesigned magazine to adhere PUBLIC RELATIONS STUDENT to strict style standards • Researched, wrote and designed media kit for SOCIETY OF AMERICA advertisers • Created style guide for designers • Negotiated with vendors to ensure timely, budget-friendly delivery of monthly publication YEP ROC RECORDS [9.08-12.08] skills Collaborated with team of five students to create comprehensive media relations plan based on expert positioning strategy Cross-platform experience (Mac and PC) • Adobe Creative Suite • Microsoft Office • PUBLIC RELATIONS ASSISTANT • STUDENT U. [1.08-10.08] Associated Press style • Knowledge of print Developed Student U. identity • Created variety of collateral, including the production process • Experience with digital organization’s first-ever annual report photography and advertising production • Spanish written and verbal proficiency • Web 2.0, INTERN • GRAPHIC DESIGNER • CALLIOPE PUBLISHING [3.06-10.07] including Facebook, Twitter and blogs Coordinated production of 70+ ads for a regional relocation guide • Created layout and ad designs for regional, award-winning publications, as well as ad that appeared in InStyle Weddings EDITOR IN CHIEF • MOUNT TABOR DORIAN [8.03-5.05] Trained and led staff of 50 to produce an award-winning yearbook • Maximized $100,000 budget • Copy edited 5,000+ articles and captions • 336.971.8449 4136 brenmar lane • durham, nc 27713
  3. 3. case studies
  4. 4. TAGS: Web 2.0, blog, Twitter, career development, education, writing, editing, publishing action jumping into a Web 2.0 world — my foray into blogging SITUATION With graduation months away, I began researching the job-search process. I A scoured UNC-CH’s Career Services Web site, and quickly learned that eye contact and a firm handshake are important. But I was surprised to find little information about how the internet and social media can and should play into the job hunt. I opened my research to the vast internet, where I found dozens of invaluable resources about Web 2.0 job searching. It seemed silly to keep all that information in my head when, clearly, other students could benefit, as well. ACTION In February 2009, I started a blog, called Tar Heels in TransitA, to house my research and serve as a resource for other UNC-CH B seniors facing the Web 2.0 job-searching process. I also joined Twitter and began following career professionals to keep up-to-date on career- and job-search information. RESULTS In its first month of operation, Tar Heels and Transit earned 1,500+ hits, local news coverage and 30+ Twitter mentionsB. C My content has been syndicated and featured on the well-known (in the career community) I was also asked to give a presentation on social media and personal branding to UNC- CH’s Public Relations Student Society of America chapter. I also received and accepted a job offer from a Web-based resume company that found me through Twitter. testimonial Great blog, Kelly. Your content and commitment are excellent...Congrats. Kenneth Hunter, avid Tar Heels in Transit reader and budget coordinator for the city of Rocky Mount, N.C. kelly giles • 336.971.8449 •
  5. 5. TAGS: finance, budget, profit, accounting, ad sales, customer service, non-profit management leadership from red to black to four color — achieving financial sustainability SITUATION In Sept. 2007, Blue & White was $500 in debt, had three business staff members and an Blue & White’s first full-color issue C absentee president. Blue & White’s editor asked me to take the helm of the then- sinking ship. Never one to back down from a challenge, I took the job while maintaining my responsibilities as art director. A ACTION I immediately began addressing the organization’s debt. I simultaneously worked to understand the budget process and media kit generate ad sales. I attended all financial meetings, researched our non-profit status and prepared our 2008-2009 budget. Blue & White had no existing sales materials, so I created all collateral materials, including a contract, media kitA and pitch letters. I 2008 created a database of hundreds of Chapel celebrating 10 years Hill businesses and contacted each one. In December, I sold (and designed) Blue & White’s first ad in over a year. Once ad sales were underway, I established an invoicing and accounting system. For & blue white several months, I was Blue & White’s president, Blue & White’s media kit sales person, customer service representative, accountant and designer. RESULTS By January 2008, Blue & White was out of debt, and ad sales continued to increase each monthB. 2000 B The summer issue had a 12 percent profit margin. Moreover, in Sept. 2008, less than one year after I became president, Blue & White had earned sufficient revenue to celebrate its 10th 1500 anniversary with its first-ever full-color issueC. 1000 CTOPS testimonial $1765 I think you’re probably going to go down in Blue & White history 500 as the best president ever, what Feb. March April with the redesign, full color issue Dec. $527.50 $463.50 $550 and all the ads -- so many ads! $325 You are amazing! 0 Ad sales from Dec. 2007 to May 2008 Amy Guyer, former editor, Blue & White kelly giles • 336.971.8449 •
  6. 6. TAGS: organizational development, recruitment, finance, human resources, sales, marketing development, fundraising initiative a Blue & White summer — planning, selling, recruiting Blue & White’s table at UNC’s Fall Fest, the university’s recruitment night SITUATION As summer 2008 rolled around, Blue & White was on level ground — out of debt and A ready to start reaching its full potential. I knew that to achieve my goals, including a successful recruitment drive, earning back- to-school publicity and creating policies and systems to guide the organization through the new year, working through the summer was a necessary sacrifice. ACTION I asked my vice president to spend the summer working with me. We split our time meeting with local publishing professionals and campus administrators to discuss ways to improve the magazine, and putting together our recruitment materials.A We wanted a display of balloons and give- away bags, but I didn’t want to spend Blue & White’s hard-earned money. I turned the expense into a potentially profitable endeavor by selling sponsorships. Businesses could place one item in each of 500 bags for $25. We also became members of the Chapel Hill-Carrboro Chamber of Commerce to increase publicity, ad sales and community involvement. I secured a $400 donation to subsidize membership. RESULTS I contacted more than 300 on- and off- campus organizations, which resulted in the sale of 27 sponsorships — enough to cover all the bags and balloons, with money left over. We also devised a new staff engagement testimonial strategy to double the number of staff It’s been great looking up to events and track attendance. By becoming you as a leader; you are a members of the Chamber, we could offer terrific president, co-worker our staff the opportunity to attend all of and friend! their events and network professionally. Over the course of the semester, attendance Allison Massiello, exuctive vice president and former vice president at events rose by nearly 30 percent. of public relations, Blue & White Through our Chamber membership, we’ve also sold over $800 in ads to date. kelly giles • 336.971.8449 •
  7. 7. TAGS: organizational development, organizational strategy, staff relations, finance, human resources, competitive advantage, development, fundraising vision fAll 2008 since 1998 & blue white seeing the forest and the trees — rebuilding an organization sTAff mAnUAl Excerpt from Staff Guide the basics of b&w SITUATION ABOUT B&W In Sept. 2007, I made the leap from A History: It all started in 1998 creative to business and became president of students because a group of Blue & White. The organization was in to create an unbiased, wanted debt, lacked structure and had just feature-based magazine to WHO DOEs WHAT? AnD WHY? BENEFITS inform and educate readers two officers . about the community of UNC-CH. Blue & White is divided into three “sections” — executive, content and Blue & White’s 500+ alumni have won business. The executive team is led by the president and executive vice numerous awards and have worked Their desire was to become a and interned across the county. president. It is composed of members from both the content and business } financially independent, student- ACTION run magazine that allowed teams and is responsible for setting policy and making decisions. The content internships & jobs: team is led by the editor-in-chief and is responsible for the creation of the USA Today I started building the organization from to utilize their talents all opportunities for students of majors and magazine’s content — photos, design and copy. The business team is led Time Inc. the ground up, with an eye toward abilities in a practical manner. by the president and is responsible for bringing in revenue, publicizing the Southern Progress magazine, and other administrative and organizational tasks. Winston-Salem Magazine sustainability and growth. One of the Mission: To become a respected Calliope Publishing biggest obstacles was UNC-CH’s daily integrated part of the and President - Kelly Giles UNC GAA Executive Vice President - Allison Massiello newspaper, one of the most longest- communities UNC-CH and Chapel Editor - Robin Hilmantel Eurasia Group EXECUTIVE TEAM running college papers in the country,byand information, Hill providing Managing Editor - Matt Tomsic CNN entertainment, service and Deputy Managing Editor - Deborah Neffa Duke University Chapel Hill’s only daily paper. experience. Creative Director & Online Editor - Amanda McPherson Associate Editor, Content Development - Jon McDonald Capitol Broadcasting Co. With the paper so entrenched in ChapelChapel Hill is a place Vision: VP of Finance, Accounting - Oscar Hernandez Capstrat Glovista Investments, LLC Hill, I knew breaking into the ad marketwith unique personalities, filled VP of Finance, Ad Sales - Hooch Lee Novant Health VP of Public Relations - Persis Swift would be difficult, and we wouldn’t events and traditions. Blue & be VP of Development - Hannah Autry Cosmo able to achieve immediate financial White seeks to become the UNC Management Co. premier media outlet covering photo editors sales directors Girls’ Life Magazine sustainability based on ad sales alone.University’s special heritage the section editors special events directors writers & columnists marketing directors Shape Magazine To combat the problem, I created a through continuous refinement of our media products, exceptional photographers distribution director Media General designers sales representatives Wall Street Journal Development Team in addition to the management and the business copy editors development associates SAS usual business modules of finance, public constant development of our online writers & copy editors public relations associates New Media Strategies, Inc. relations and human resources. The staff members. KEY: content business awards & scholarships: Development Team was charged with 2 staff Hearst Awards, 2008 finding non-advertising revenue sources, 2 Magazine Association of the like alumni donors and foundation grants. Accomplishments ‘07 Goals ‘08-‘09 Southeast Scholarships, 2008 Chancellor’s Award for Student • Build community partnerships. Next came the obstacle of explaining theWent glossy! • Publication Work, 2008 • Got out of debt! • Increase publicity. new structure to our staff. I started by • Received $500 tobacco mini-grant! • Enhance University relationships. IN ONE YEAR creating a staff guideA to outline the newJumpstarted ad sales! • • Increase ad sales. structure and let our staff know the road Almost doubled staff size! • 9 Win awards and recognition. 4,400 hours of work by 77 staff members ahead. I presented the plan to • Redesigned! 9 Increase alumni involvement. to create 256 pages over 60 students at the full- • Expanded business staff! 9 Improve Web site. and 12,000 issues staff retreat. • Planned alumni reunion! • Build staff unity. distributed 8 times a year testimonial • Internships, jobs and more! • Joined Associated Collegiate Press! 9 • Go color for 10th anniversary. Have successful alumni reunion. to 30 locations at a cost of $12,839.12 RESULTS I really appreciate all the work Within two months, Blue that you guys are putting into lesson learned & White had 30 business this magazine. It takes a lot of Let employees be a part of the solution. staffers working in public time and effort, and I wanted When I took over the indebted Blue & White, relations, development, to let you know that I think internal relations, and finance. I followed an advisor’s “wisdom” and kept y’all are doing a great job. the staff in the dark about our financial The Development Team also began an aggressive alumni Kathleen Sharpe, writer, Blue & White problems. I know if I had asked for their relations campaign that has help instead, they would’ve come together raised over $800 to date. and worked to find a solution. I’m positive we would’ve emerged a stronger group, publication and organization from tackling a crisis as a team. kelly giles • 336.971.8449 •
  8. 8. TAGS: design, layout, style guide, print production style a new year, a new look — redesigning a magazine SITUATION When I became Blue & White’s art director, its pages were outdated and eclectic. The Behind the B feature pages didn’t have a standard font or style. wheel ACTION D by ashley sutphin alking into a bakery, the and white cupcakes.” riving along the road, you to keep the basics in check in order to insure by jennifer a sophomore sweet, rich aroma of frosting Café Carolina also provides free Internet access, notice a strange twitch- the best performance from your car and to decurtis journalism major mixed with the fresh smell of which Newton says makes the restaurant particu- ing sound in your motor. It avoid any major mishaps. a senior journal- from Greensboro. cookies and cakes is tempting to larly popular with students during exam time. starts out as a low murmur, Some students have learned simply from ism major from She may be anyone, especially with Valentine’s For the sweets lover with a slightly richer taste, but as you continue driving, experience how important maintaining their Asheville. She may reached at be reached at asutphin@email. Day just around the corner. Nantucket Café and Grill located in Chapel Hill the sound becomes louder. car can be. Whether you’re buying a sweet treat for a on Farrington Road, at I-40 and Highway 54, also jede@email.unc. Thinking back on the other problems you’ve Before she became the proud owner of I spent my holiday vacation redesigning edu. loved one, or simply treating yourself, the Chapel offers homemade desserts. Their four-layer cakes had with your car, it doesn’t take long for a 2004 white Chevy Malibu, junior Mary Hill area offers a wide variety of desserts to sat- are sold by the slice and at $4.50 they’re slightly you to realize that the noise you hear is very Goodnight had a truck that she had to learn photos by photos by kat downs isfy everyone’s taste buds. The options range from more expensive than Café Carolina, though they’re similar to the last time you forgot to check to take care of herself. quick, easy snacks to grab during a study break to the perfect treat to share. your oil. “My truck was a piece of crap. I used to kat downs more deliciously decadent items for someone look- According to Joanne Langan of Nantucket Blue & White’s pages. I gave the department Checking the oil and other fluids, making know how to fix its problems, ‘cause I had design by design by ing to splurge. Café, some of the most popular items on the sure that the tires are at the correct pressure to,” she said. “[My new car] does not require rachna batra For students seeking a relaxed atmosphere dessert menu include the mile high strawberry and getting them rotated are likely not on as much maintenance.” jessica lewis where they can enjoy something sweet, Café shortcake, tiramisu, Oreo cake and double choco- the minds of many students. In fact, most Senior Julie Beichner has learned the hard Carolina, located in Chapel Hill’s Meadowmont late cake. pages a fun, fresh look A and created a students barely have time to breathe between way to keep the life of the battery in her 2002 Village, is ideal. With reasonable prices (no des- Nantucket also offers a special cake for tests and homework assignments, let alone Saturn in check. sert costs more than $3) and a student-friendly Valentine’s Day, the chocolate bliss cake. “It is worry about the day-to-day maintenance of “If you leave the light on, the battery will setting, Café Carolina offers everything from turtle paradise,” Langan said. their hand-me-down car. die. It’s happened to me three times,” she said. brownie cakes to an inside-out peanut butter cup Besides their wide assortment of indulgent Yet, standard car maintenance is the best “I have jumper cables for that purpose,” she at its on-site bakery. However, the Café is most layered cakes, Nantucket also features homemade consistent template for the features.B way to keep that ’85 Volvo in top condition. added, laughing. well known for its freshly baked cupcakes, frosted chocolate éclairs, cheesecakes and four types of (Or rather, in decent enough condition to While the majority of students probably in Tiffany-colored icing. Costing only $1.25, these pies. Nantucket offers a sit-down atmosphere get you to Carrboro and back every now and do not know how to perform the more com- treats are not only good for the student on a bud- that is perfect for sharing a treat with a special then.) According to the experts, your car can plex maintenance needs of their cars, mainte- get, but they are sure to satisfy any sweet tooth. Valentine’s date or a group of friends. last you upwards of 200,000 miles, depending nance professionals like Cliff Harris, manager “Our cupcakes are our most popular item,” A Southern Season, located in University Mall on the make and model, as long as you take at Chapel Hill Tire, said that the most basic said Mike Newton of Café Carolina. “We usually off of U.S. 15-501, is another option for dessert To ensure that the layouts could be easily care of it. service needs are sometimes the most impor- color them Carolina blue, especially during game lovers who have extra to spend. The gourmet mar- For those of us who don’t have an overpro- tant. Harris said most of the problems that his time, but for Valentine’s Day, we’re also offering red ket has an extensive bakery full of one-of-a-kind tective father, be sure to stock your trunk with mechanics see stem from customers forgetting the following array of car care goodies: extra to keep up with the simple things. blue | white completed, I created Blue & White’s first oil, spare rags for checking the oil, a gauge for “The most common problems we see come checking tire pressure and an enormous jug of from when they don’t keep the oil changed windshield washer fluid. It is important to try and the fluids checked,” he said. 18 | 19 style guide.C I also wanted to provide the best environment and incentive for our designers. With the templates in place, I needed less time to edit the designers’ work. I spent most of those hours working with the designers, and the rest easily completing the standard department pages. By doing those myself, I allowed our designers to focus solely on feature designs. RESULTS The results: a crew of happy designers and a rejuvenated magazine with visually appealing layouts and a holistic, Comparison of feature headline designs. professional image. Top are Maarch 2006; bottom are March 2007 C bell well & ”This is your chance to be part of not only the largest this from to rebuilding effort in our history, but also of a movement that month in blue white the the will change this country.“ university John Edwards recruiting students' help to rebuild areas devastated by Hurricane Katrina Opportunity Rocks e-mail history left: Pedestrians coming dart across the 1795 soon Civil rights leaders not forgotten busy intersection of South Road and Stadium Hinton James, the first student to enroll at a public university, Feb. 8 ebruary is a month to celebrate the unsung Montgomery ordinance and outlawed segregation on Drive. Students' arrived on the newly ”Down Home: Jewish heroes of the black community. However in public transportation. hurried schedules opened campus. Life in North Carolina“ light of the 50th anniversary of the Alabama “Parks wasn’t that old. By characterizing her, she have not helped with Leonard Rogoff Bus Boycott and the recent death of Rosa turns into a myth making it one person instead of all the fight for road 1893 and Steve Channing, Parks on Oct. 24, the Chapel Hill bus systems in the movement,” Janken said. space between Students started a Carolina Center for have decided to commemorate her and two other The Chapel Hill Transit agrees. Claudette Colvin automobiles and one-page tabloid Jewish Studies, 7:30- pedestrians. called the Tar Heel civil rights heroes all year round. and Mary Louis Smith, who refused to get off the 9:00 p.m. (later called the The In January, the Chapel Hill Town Council received bus and were sentenced prior to Park’s arrest, will also Daily Tar Heel), to a petition and voted to have plaques made to honor be commemorated. According to their biographies, Feb. 13 Rosa Parks, Claudette Colvin and Mary Louise Smith NAACP didn’t recognize 18 year-old Smith because report on athletic photo by amy mccall "It's My Party Too“ events and scores. for their efforts in the Civil Right’s Movement. she had a rumored alcoholic father and 15 year-old with Christine Todd Whitman, Hill Hall On Dec. 1, 1955, Parks was tired from a day’s work Colvin because she had a child out of wedlock. 1897 as a seamstress. But more than that, she was tired of not According to Kurt Neufang, the Interim Director The Board of Trustees Auditorium, 7:30 p.m. having rights. When asked to give up her seat at the for the Chapel Hill Transit, “We decided to put it at the passed an ordinance front of the bus to a white man, she refused. front of the bus on the flat surface above the windows admitting women to Feb. 14 “It wasn’t simply she was tired, but the idea of and below the advertisements in a dignified way.” postgraduate courses Campus Elections, Studentcentral. doing something had been percolating throughout the community,” said Kenneth R. Janken, professor of The Triangle Transit Authority also did their part to commemorate Park’s achievements and her death. Alumnus profile: Bryan Tucker at the University. Afro-American studies. Through the week of Dec. 1-7, all passengers were en years ago, Bryan Tucker stayed “Lots of young people watched ‘Chappelle’s Show’, 1931 After her arrest, the Montgomery Improvement asked not to sit in the first seat on the bus, in an effort up all night to write papers. Now he but everyone, including my dad, watches ‘SNL.’” Dean Smith was born. Feb. 16 Association, led by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., was to show that the seat would always be open to Parks stays up all night writing comedy sketches Despite the perks, the competition is tough. About The famous coach ”Of Words and with the cast and crew of "Saturday Night 40 sketches are read each week but only about 11 get played on the Kansas formed and arranged a boycott which lasted 382 and those like her. Wisdom: The Ties that Live." picked. team that won the days and captured the attention of the entire coun- testimonial Bind,“ Ackland Art That’s because Tuesdays are writing nights “If you're a new guy, you 1952 NCAA basketball try. As a result, the Supreme Court struck down the —carrie crespo championship. Smith Museum, 5 p.m. for the show, when the writers all gather in their offices “I've spent a have to learn very quickly how Peds and police plead for safety to write the jokes and funny sketches that you see every to work with the cast and what served as head coach Feb. 24 week on TV. night with kinds of things go over better of the Tar Heels from 1961-1997. Mark Morris Dance “I've spent a night with Steve Carrell in my office, than others.” Hall, Memorial Hall, he battle for access to Chapel Hill roads Police are not so confident in pedestrians' ability to laughing hysterically at 2 a.m. about something we Steve Carrell Tucker eventually hopes to between hurried pedestrians and eager fend off the traffic, nor are they naïve enough to believe thought was funny at the time,” said Tucker. 1992 8 p.m., student tickets $10 drivers continues to rage on. that there is no danger luring behind motor vehicles. A class of '93 journalism major, Tucker spent his in my office, try writing movies, but adjust- ing to “SNL” and spending In the largest come- Last year, a student was hit near Franklin Street after jaywalking. Then several months In order to maintain pedestrian safety, police offi- cers direct traffic during the day when traffic on cam- undergrad years at UNC making students laugh by laughing time with his wife, a '96 UNC back to date in men’s basketball history, the designer handbook Feb. 25 writing sketches for STV and performing stand up graduate, and two kids keeps You have been a great mentor Creative Writing later, a blind student and her dog were hit by a drunk pus is at its busiest and have begun to issue verbal and comedy shows around campus. hysterically him busy for now. Tar Heels rallied from 22 points down to driver on Franklin Street, as well. written warnings, as well as $135 fines, to jaywalkers. These days Tucker has found a new home and Tucker stays connected Workshop with Sophomore Liz Fernandez can relate to these inci- Police have also implemented the slogan “Yield a wider audience in New York City as a writer for at 2 a.m.” with Chapel Hill by coming defeat Wake Forest professor Natacha University 80-78. dents — she almost got hit by a car that was speeding to Heels.” The campaign is intended to remove myths “Saturday Night Live.” back to visit often, participat- Tretheway, on campus. about traffic and pedestrians and make information He joined “SNL” last August, after writing for bryan tucker ing in UNC comedy festivals 8:30-11:30 a.m. “The Chris Rock Show,” “Tough Crowd” with Colin unc alumnus and going to UNC basketball 1994 “I crossed the road just like I always do, and then about pedestrian safety available to the University for me as I worked with Duke University and Quinn, “Chappelle's Show” and “Mad TV.” games. Feb. 26 I turned around and a car was coming right at me,” community. Tucker said the best part about his new job is the He says the best things about UNC is the sense of UNC played each Men's Basketball UNC Fernandez said. “He definitely should have slowed While police help to ease the tension between other for the first time down and been aware that there were people walking pedestrians and drivers, the two groups still remain in prestige garnered from the show. SNL has been the community and the opportunity to find people who while being ranked #1 vs. Maryland, Dean all up and down South Road.” conflict. starting point for many big names like Adam Sandler share your interests. and #2, respectively. Dome, 5:30 p.m. Freshman Carlton Davis, however, said that he Junior Jon Lane believes that the best solution is and Eddie Murphy. It has also been on the air for over “I miss the freedom I had in college to go and do The Tar Heels defeated Blue & White and all of my feels safe while walking across main roads because cars for pedestrians to stay out of the cars’ way. 30 years, and comedians like Conan O'Brien and Chris almost anything as long as I had the will and the time. the Blue Devils 89-78. Farley have been there before him, even using the same And I miss good barbecue.” tend to stop at crosswalks. “We have somewhere to be, too,” he said. “And it's office. —juliana hanson “I've never really had a problem,” Davis said. “I not our responsibility to swerve through jaywalkers.” Style guide never even gave it a thought really.” However, with the recent fatality on U.S. 15-501, —brooke ericson 6|7 A blue | white outside questions on design Comparison and my portfolio. I have really of department been grateful for your help. pages Kelsey Morrissy, designer kelly giles • 336.971.8449 •
  9. 9. TAGS: marketing, design, vendor relations, spot color, print production ingenuity when life gives you lemons ... create a marketing campaign Feb. 2007 issue of Blue & White SITUATION A In Dec. 2006, I set precedent as the first sophomore art director. I began redesigning the magazine and searching nationally for a printer so Blue & White could go glossy and full color. Just days before going to press, we found out Blue & White’s budget couldn’t accommodate a full-color design. lesson learned ACTION Small budgets don’t have to mean I turned the near-disaster into an small work, and less really can mean opportunity by printing the issue in more. We billed our spot color pages grayscale and launching a “back to basics” as a place where photographers campaignA. I also suggested that the pages could practice black and white shots. be themed with resolutions to bring the magazine back to the campus and to our readers. RESULTS We not only survived the crisis but created a meaningful publication. In the months following, the organization’s budget continued to dwindle, but I made the best of limited funds by creating designs that used one spot color instead of full colorB. B Spot color issues of Blue & White kelly giles • 336.971.8449 •
  10. 10. samples kelly giles • 336.971.8449 •
  11. 11. advertisement testimonial “That’s my FAVORITE ad ever…I have never said that before – It’s great!! Alycia Cox, InStyle Weddings Client: The Bride’s Book magazine (for Calliope Publishing). Ad appeared in InStyle Weddings. YO U R L O V E | YO U R W E D D I N G | YO U R S T Y L E W W W. T H E B R I D E S B O O K . C O M EMMY 8 4 21 EMMY WINS NOMINATIONS PHOTOGRAPHER OF THE SPRAGUE AWARD 1 YEAR AWARDS {and that’s only the first four speakers} Do you want to learn video from the best in the business? Good, because we have them. The National Press Photographers Association presents: the 2008 Newsvideo Workshop March 16-21, 2008 in Norman, Oklahoma New in 2008, hands on non-linear, hands on Avid An additional two-day, hands-on editing workshop open to a limited number of participants NEWS Whether you are a veteran or new VIDEO to video, learn more at WORKSHOP Client: National Press Photographer’s Association (for Calliope Publishing) kelly giles • 336.971.8449 •