Business Results: Get there faster with SOA Governance


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This presentation was developed for Integration Developer News SOA GovCon VII. It is HP's Point of View on how SOA Governance can accelerate IT's ability to successfully roll out new SOA projects to meet business needs.

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Business Results: Get there faster with SOA Governance

  1. 1. Business results: Get there faster with SOA Governance SOA GovCon VII, October 14th, 2008 © 2008 Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P. The information contained herein is subject to change without notice
  2. 2. SOA is a journey…. Today, we are striving for the fast path to SOA success We can learn from the experience of SOA leaders One thing continually rings true: SOA Governance is IT’s guidance system on the SOA journey 2 21 November 2008
  3. 3. The business needs agility from IT now... and SOA promises to deliver What they have Change Business Application Infrastructure event process service service Business Drivers: change change change objective M&A Competition Lag! Lag! Lag! Rationalization Migration Compliance New apps Time New partners … Change Business IT What they want event process service Business Drivers: change change objective M&A Competition Rationalization Time Migration Compliance New apps New partners Time to agility … and business benefits
  4. 4. However, SOA’s value …can be difficult to achieve SOA benefits SOA challenges Business agility Business disruption Business process Low SOA adoption flexibility Brittle and unreliable Faster time to market applications Lower implementation Erratic availability and maintenance cost “We see GQM (Governance, Quality, Management) as an absolutely necessary part of the SOA infrastructure.” --source: Zapthink/SearchSOA April 29, 2008
  5. 5. Learning from others Finding a path to successful SOA initiatives • IDC research study: − How is SOA success defined? − What factors and practices levy the most impact on successful SOA adoption? − What tactics and technologies do successful organizations leverage most? − What words of advice do experienced leaders impart to others?
  6. 6. IDC Success Factor Study • Primary research and analysis • US- and European -based companies w/ successful SOA programs • SOA program experience from 2.5 years to over 8 years • Senior level, enterprise perspectives • In-depth, qualitative-based research, • Semi-structured interviews, • SOA initiatives, business drivers, challenges, tactics, and outcomes • Representation across various size companies and industry sectors Available on
  7. 7. Overarching Trends • SOA adoption moving from project and application level to system and enterprise scale • Short and long term impact of SOA, along with expectations, need to be better understood • While technologies are key enablers, most study participants focus on organization and program dynamics • Success can be defined by multiple dimensions, including − pervasiveness of SOA adoption in the enterprise and − clear business results
  8. 8. Challenges to Address Top 3 technical challenges in implementing SOA – top half shown Skills and training in SOA Setting up an SOA governance structure Addressing or integrating with legacy applications Picking the right technologies Designing services Quality/reliability of available technologies Addressing platform interoperability Monitoring and managing services/SOA Performance/reliability of SOA environment 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% N=109; Base: mid to large size US organizations Q. What are your organization’s top 3 technical challenges in implementing SOA? Source: IDC, 2008
  9. 9. Research points to seven critical SOA Success Factors • Business Alignment • Organizational Change Building up trust is key to greater SOA Management participation • Communication • Trust Nearly all interviewed would have started a • Architecture stronger and more • Scale and Sustainability automated governance program • Governance earlier *IDC in-depth study of organizations with successful SOA implementations
  10. 10. Zeroing in on SOA Governance • Balancing control with empowerment • Drive consistency • Make moves early to automate • Integrate into the overall governance and IT environment • Focus on process • Source IDC
  11. 11. “A well governed SOA (will) harness the organization’s full resources for competitive advantage. The alternative is a mess of myriad, scattered, poorly integrated services operating at cross- purposes.” Currrent Analysis, 2007
  12. 12. Why SOA Governance Now? To make your SOA investment pay off quickly… • IT needs guided governance to: − Broadly foster trust − Automate service lifecycle activities − Empower non-expert staff − Create consistent processes − Help SOA scale • And unobtrusive integration with established IT processes − Operations, Quality, Analysis and Design And SOA Governance doesn’t have to be complex
  13. 13. A shared service lifecycle is different than a traditional application lifecycle provider lifecycle deploy plan build assure and monitor publish change plan discover contract build assure consumer lifecycle With SOA, managing the lifecycle involves both providing a service and consumption over time
  14. 14. The key is service lifecycle governance Establish a culture of governance across IT silos with clear hand-offs and decision points Change event Service design Design-time Business or operations-driven Service development and Business and IT collaboration testing Service management, event mgt, problem isolation Quality assurance, service provider and developer collaboration Level 1, 2 and 3 ops teams, development team collaboration SOA Center of Excellence Service readiness and staging Service deployment and operations Go/no-go decision “service ready for Run-time consumption” Service providers, Service consumers and service delivery/operations team collaboration
  15. 15. And automation of key governance best practices Make the right thing easy to do Contract management for consumer-provider relationships • Formalize consumer-provider relationships Standards-based interoperability • Negotiate and manage agreements with a SOA-aware ecosystem Policy management for best practice automation • Create and maintain design standards • Validate compliance to design-time and run-time policies Lifecycle management for end-to-end control • Promote services through lifecycle stages • Enable impact, version & change management Information management for visibility and reporting • Publish and discover services and related metadata, including policies • Report on SOA success metrics: compliance, use and re-use • Model relationships & dependencies
  16. 16. Empower the Service Manager for SOA success Owning the success of the service throughout it’s life—provide and consume Benefits: Line of Business Stakeholders •Foster trust: clearly establish Requirements Requirements 1.0 Business Process 1.0 Business Process 2.0 Functional expectations 2.0 Functional 3.0 Performance 3.0 Performance Compliance Compliance 1.1 Business Policies •Execute: processes for 1.1 Business Policies 2.0 Technical Policies 2.0 Technical Policies assurance •Simplify: locate service, SOA Governance consume, adjust for change Service Manager •Manage to business expectations even at an Consumption Relationship operations level Contract Contract 1.1 Business SLA 1.1 Business SLA 2.0 Technical SLA 2.0 Technical SLA Service Service Provider Consumer 21 November 16 2008
  17. 17. Bring together SOA Governance and Quality Assurance Benefits: •Improve decision making as services progress through lifecycle •Drives collaboration between Enterprise Architecture and Quality HP SOA HP Service Assurance through Systinet New Service Test Mgt automation to test Test results QA Team Service Manager Testing Services “go / no-go” decisions 21 November 17 2008
  18. 18. Integrate Operations and SOA Governance Reigning in “untamed SOA frontier” Benefits: •“Know what you don’t know” – synch what is deployed to what is catalogued •Reduce risk by applying standard polices to all services •Bootstrap SOA Service and HP SOA uCMDB Governance for new Systinet dependency metadata projects, upgrades 21 November 18 2008
  19. 19. HP SOA Governance empowering enterprise IT HP SOA Systinet 3.00 -- IT’s Navigation System for SOA • Guiding the SOA journey by automating the lifecycle − Ensuring policies map to business goals − Assuring compliance w/enterprise architecture vision • Empowering the Service Manager: − Supporting both sides: providing a service and consuming a service • By supporting SOA scaling to your enterprise − Templating, capturing best practices − Integrating with the “rest of IT”
  20. 20. Prime time SOA Success at Major European Telecom Provider Using HP Software for SOA governance and management SOA ROI 327% over three years with a payback period of four months and US$5M in annual savings Objective Approach Results •Manage mergers •Gradual deployment • Downtime reduction of •Speed time-to-market over two years 33% for new offerings •Deploy HP SOA • Customer retention Systinet for Governance saving of $1.35M •Align IT processes with annually business strategy •Deploy HP SOA Management • Reduced time to market, •Reduce staffing costs annual benefit of $1.8M •SOA is now 70% •Increase subscriber • IT cost reduction of satisfaction deployed $739,485
  21. 21. Optimize the business outcome of SOA Address SOA Governance, Quality and Management Business Technology Optimization for SOA SOA Governance Improve cross-IT collaboration and enterprise control through governance applications and a system of record SOA CoE SOA SOA Quality Management Service creation Manage quality Manage SOA services Providers complexity while and traditional accelerating applications using a functional, single unified performance and management system security validation Consumers Consumers Applications IT Operations Plan Deliver Operate
  22. 22. Get there faster with HP Optimize the Outcome of SOA adoption SOA governance ready to accelerate your business results • Work with all major platform vendors in order to support heterogeneous environments • Designed for guided governance, automation and scale Start where your need is • Implement the level of visibility and control needed to drive adoption Integration with complete HP BTO for SOA suite • Tight integration with market leading SOA quality and management solutions Supported by a continuum of professional services and consulting • Quickstart services to get Governance up and running • Pre-defined and custom consulting services from assessment to continuing operations • SOA Competency Centers in the United States, Singapore, Japan, India and France Proven SOA leadership • 100’s of global 2000 customers • De-facto standard with more than 30 leading ISVs and OEMs
  23. 23. To learn more: • •