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A PhD: A Career in Nursing Research


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What does a nurse with a PhD do?

Published in: Health & Medicine
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A PhD: A Career in Nursing Research

  1. 1. A PhD: A Career in Nursing Research Dr. Kelly Brittain Assistant Professor
  2. 2. Objectives • Overview of a PhD in Nursing (what and why) • General PhD program information • Dissertation
  3. 3. What is a PhD • Graduate academic degree • Highest degree awarded in graduate study • Required to be a University professor or researcher • Requires a strong scientific emphasis within the discipline
  4. 4. PhD in Nursing • Creating new knowledge and evidence • Dissemination of the research findings/evidence to practice • Translation research to practice to test the clinical feasibility and effectiveness of the research findings
  5. 5. What does a PhD, RN do? • Develops the science for the discipline • Stewards the profession • Educates the next generation of nurses • Defines its uniqueness • Maintains professional integrity
  6. 6. Advancing Nursing Science • Increased basic and applied health care science – New organisms, new targeted drugs, robots • Growth of diversity – Racial, cultural, ethnic • Demands of chronic illness • Affordable Care Act – healthcare delivery • Globalization of health care
  7. 7. What is a PhD program like? • Length of program: 4-6 years • Course work • Research practicum • Dissertation • Depth of knowledge in defined area to begin a focus for program of research • Optional teaching certificate
  8. 8. Coursework
  9. 9. Dissertation • Original research that contributes to nursing science • May be secondary data analysis of primary data that you collect – original question • Proposal defense • Final dissertation defense - public
  10. 10. What I will talk about: • My nursing background (Foundation) • My journey to becoming a nurse researcher (Same path, different role) • What is my contribution to helping patients • Words of advice
  11. 11. • Like to help • Like to ask questions • Like to find answers • Like to be creative Where it all began
  12. 12. Education & Experience • B.S.N.: Wayne State University • Children’s Hospital of Michigan, etc… • M.S.N.: Wayne State University (Community/Urban Health) • St. John Detroit Riverview Hospital • Voices of Detroit Initiative • Barbara Ann Karmanos Cancer Institute
  13. 13. Deciding to become an “official” nurse researcher • Always a nurse researcher (learning, asking questions, looking for answers, wanting to improve patient health, not wanting them to have to be hospitalized, reducing complications, having hope, etc.) • Need the degree to change nursing education, patient outcomes, health care policy, and global health
  14. 14. The University of Michigan Journey
  15. 15. Graduation Day 2010
  16. 16. • Like to help • Like to ask questions • Like to find answers • Like to be creative Where it all keeps going
  17. 17. My Contribution • Nurse researcher: Health Promotion/Risk Reduction and the use of mobile apps and mobile devices • Professor: Teaching nursing students at all levels • Service: To the community, university, nationally, intern ationally
  18. 18. In nursing, learning never stops • Always new equipment/technology • Always new procedure • Always new medication • Always new patients/families • Always new students • Always new questions • Always new answers • Always new way of doing something Once a novice, always a novice
  19. 19. A nurse researcher is a seeker, learner, doer, and innovator “The wise man knows he knows nothing, the fool thinks he knows all.“~ Chinese Proverb
  20. 20. Thank you! Questions?