2012 2013 book blaster titles


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2012 2013 book blaster titles

  1. 1. Although Jeff and Tad,encouraged by a new friend,Lindsey, make a deal tohelp one another overcomeaftereffects of their cancertreatments in preparationfor eighth-grade graduation,Jeff still craves advice from hisolder brotherStephen, who is studying drumsin Africa.
  2. 2. Max Ride and five otherhuman-avian genetic hybrids fly(literally) from the labwhere they were created asexperiments and forge a newlife in hiding. When six-year-old Angel is captured, Maxleads her makeshift family in arescue attempt, raisingquestions about their originsand destiny.
  3. 3. When 16-year-old Helmut Hubnerlistens to the BBC news on an illegalshort-wave radio,he quickly discovers Germany islying to the people. But when hetries to expose the truthwith leaflets, hes tried for treason.Sentenced to death and waiting ina jail cell,Helmuts story emerges in a seriesof flashbacks that show his growthfrom a naive childcaught up in the patriotism of thetimes , to a sensitive and matureyoung man who thinksfor himself.
  4. 4. When her gambling, itinerantfather is beaten up, Casey muststay with her grandfather in SanFranciscos Chinatown.
  5. 5. When Kira agrees to let her friendshypnotize her at a slumber party, she has noidea that she will reveal secrets even shedidnt know she had -- memories of fleeing awar- torn country with her mother,understanding a language she cant identify.Then her mother disappears, and a womancalling herself Aunt Memory takes Kira toCrythe, a place that doesnt officially exist, inorder to rescue her mother -- or so Kirathinks. She soon learns that there arememories locked in her mind that place herand her mother in grave danger, but thosememories are also the only thing that mightsave them.
  6. 6. When sixteen-year-old Blakegoes to a mysterious, by-invitation-only carnival hesomehow knows that it couldsave his comatose brother, butsoon learns that much moreis at stake if he fails to meet thechallenge presented there bythe beautiful Cassandra.
  7. 7. Eighteen-year-old Joe, captainof the soccer team, is dismayedwhen a hotshot player showsup from Brazil and threatens totake over both the team andthe girl whom Joe hopes todate.
  8. 8. The authors fictionalizedversion of her childhood inChina in the 1920s.
  9. 9. In a future where humansdespise clones, Matt enjoysspecial status as the youngclone of El Patron, the 142-year-old leader of a corruptdrug empire nestled betweenMexico and the United States.
  10. 10. Fourteen-year-old Shannon andher little brother, Cody, spendthe summer with their uncle,helping at a wildlife rescuecenter named Jackies WildSeattle.
  11. 11. Hathin is a conscientiouscaretaker of her sister Arilou,one of the Lost--thosewhose senses are "looselytethered" to their bodies. Afterinspectors arrive to testArilous gift, the siblings arelaunched on a trek thatchanges their world.
  12. 12. Cassia has always had completetrust in the Society to makedecisions for her, but when sheis being paired with her idealmate, a second face flashes onthe screen, and Cassia begins todoubt the Societys infallibilityas she tries to decide whichman she truly loves.
  13. 13. In Victorian London, after hislife is saved by a youngphysician, a thief utilizes theknowledge he gains in prisonand from the scientific lectureshe attends as the physicianscase study exhibit to create anew, highly successful, doublelife for himself.
  14. 14. Its 1936 and Abilenes father,himself looking for work, sends herto his hometown of Manifest,Kansas, to live with Pastor Shady, abootlegger-turned-preacher.There Abilene uncovers secretsabout her family and the entirecommunity. The setting jumpsbetween the Depression era andWWI; mysterious letters andenlightening newspaper articleshelp set the scene for thiscaptivating tale.
  15. 15. Sixteen-year-old Sophie hasbeen frail and delicate since herpremature birth, but discoversher true strength during ajourney through Mexico, wherethe six-year-old orphan herfamily hopes to adopt wasborn, and to Guatemala, whereher would-be boyfriend hopesto find his mother and plans toremain
  16. 16. Romiette, an African-Americangirl, and Julio, a Hispanic boy,discover that they attend thesame high school after falling inlove on the Internet, but areharassed by a gang whosemembers object to theirinterracial dating.
  17. 17. In a futuristic world, teenagedNailer scavenges copper wiringfrom grounded oil tankers for aliving, but when he finds abeached clipper ship with a girlin the wreckage, he has todecide if he should strip theship for its wealth or rescue thegirl.