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TEDxSJU Twitter

  1. 1. How valuing our Twitterfollowers will benefit TEDxSJU Kelly Catania
  2. 2. What is “Twitter”?
  3. 3. Why mix twitter with business?• With over one hundred million people and an open format, you can use Twitter to find and communicate with almost anyone. From major brands, regular people, celebrities, subject matter experts and other small businesses. Its just a matter of making the connection properly.
  4. 4. Twitter Everyday• millions of people turn to Twitter to: – connect to their interests – share information – find out whats happening in the world right now – Read, write and share messages of up to 140 characters
  5. 5. How to Utilize TwitterTEDxSJU can connect with a larger audiencewith a high trafficked Twitter account!• Market Research• Have a Strategy• Build Brand Awareness• Engaging with Audience• Brand Loyalty
  6. 6. can Improve: Quality over QuantityValuing Followers•Interacting•Asking questions•Starting conversations•“Tweet” useful and interestinginformation.•Create buzz.•Reinforcing•Tweeting relevant Links
  7. 7. Example 1NBC 10 Philadelphia•Tweeted three timesin less than 10minutes.•Related to it’saudience by • Creating Buzz • Informing Audience • Reinforcing, seconds later.
  8. 8. Example 2People Magazine•Starting conversations byasking questions.•Tweeting relevant andinteresting links to articles.
  9. 9. Example 3Ellen DeGeneres•Retweeting andanswering allquestionspersonally.•Following newfollowers back andthanking them.
  10. 10. TEDxSJU 2013 Twitter Strategy “Creating Value For Our Followers” 1. Link all TEDxSJU social media sites with our twitter account. • Facebook • Attracting an audience from both social media outlets. • Instagram • Tweeting pictures that we instagram will allow our audience to put faces with words and feel more connected.
  11. 11. TEDxSJU 2013 Twitter Strategy “Creating Value For Our Followers” (Continued) 2. Create social media buzz • Research relevant TEDx facts and events. • Other local TED events. • BIO’s of speakers. • Share stories • Share interesting TED talks to keep followers coming back.
  12. 12. TEDxSJU 2013 Twitter Strategy “Creating Value For Our Followers” (CONTINUED) 3. Attract listeners •Follow other TEDx organizations. • TEDxATHENS •Share links in hope to be “retweeted” • Links to TED Talks. •Thank followers. •Offer contests and benefits for following. • Example: “Next ten retweets will receive a FREE TEDxSJU T- shirt!”
  13. 13. TEDxSJU 2013 Twitter Strategy “Creating Value For Our Followers” (CONTINUED) 4. Stay up to date •Tweet often. • A minimal of 3 tweets/retweets a day. •Research relevant stories. • New DIY ideas. •Keep audience engaged. • Don’t be afraid to go slightly off topic. • Share news stories and other TED experiances.
  14. 14. Why This Will Work“Twitter becomes more beneficial when you give to get” • Following these steps will create quality audience who feel valued by TEDxSJU. • Getting to know our audience will create the friendly atmosphere we are looking for. • Involving our audience in the creation of TEDxSJU 2013 will cause them to want to know more, and keep coming back. • The more information we put out there, the more people we will attract.
  15. 15. ConclusionAfter researching other successful twitter accounts I havecome up with a plan for the TEDxSJU twitter account. Thefocus of this strategy is to create value for out followers with amain goal to cause awareness of TEDxSJU 2013.
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