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Super bowl social networks


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Super bowl social networks

  1. 1. Tweet Bowl XLVI
  2. 2. Super Bowl Futurists1. Brand advertiser with longest ad? A. Chrysler – Halftime in America2. More commercials? Coke or Pepsi? A. Coke 33. First commercial after kickoff? A. Budweiser, Bud Light Platinum4. Which brand spent the most on an ad? A. We don’t know yet. (Imported from Detroit cost Chrysler 12 million dollars)
  3. 3. Super Bowl Futurists5. Which commercial had most Youtube views? A. Either Audi Vampire Party or Chrysler Silverado 20126. Which ad received the most Twitter buzz? A. Audi #solongvampires7. Biggest Super Bowl Failures? A. 4-Way tie between Bud Light Platinum, GoDaddy, General Electric, and Century 21
  4. 4. Super bowl Futurists8. Top 5 Social Media Buzz Moments? 1. The NY Giants final 3 minute drive 2. Madonna’s halftime show 3. ?????The top 5 social media buzz ads were: 1. H&M David Beckham (109k mentions) 2. Chrysler Halftime in America (96k mentions) 3. The NBC’s Voice – Vocal Combat (90k mentions) 4. Doritos Man’s Best Friend (74k mentions) 5. Pepsi’s King’s Court (45k mentions)
  5. 5. Wordpress
  6. 6. Social Networks• Some Features • Relationship based • Allow for multidirectional communication • Increasingly app driven • Intense sharing creates challenges to privacy • Until Google+, brands had to communicate almost exclusively through pages
  7. 7. Metrics in Social Networks• What should we be trying to accumulate? • Like’s, +1’s, Followers, Circle adds • Shares, ReTweets • Comments • Mentions, @’s, Tags • Links to brand content• We’re at the edge of a cliff • Facebook hates your brand, but likes your money • Google will clean up the mess, but become really dirty in the process • In three years, things will be very different
  8. 8. Remember: These are Advertising Companies• As social networks evolve, they will become increasingly monetized and Ad driven (see Proctor & Gamble) SEO Book Keyword Suggestion Tool Google Adwords Keyword Tool Facebook Advertising