Managing Your Mission More Effectively


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Managing and tracking information, communications and processes for your nonprofit’s donors, volunteers, and other supporters can be time-consuming and overwhelming — especially if you’re juggling multiple systems and spreadsheets. But, it doesn't have to be.

Slides from our complimentary luncheon with the Foundation, Austin Partners in Education and Austin Habitat for Humanity about how nonprofits are more efficiently managing various aspects of their mission — from fundraising and programs to volunteers.

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Managing Your Mission More Effectively

  1. 1. Managing Your Mission More Efficiently
  2. 2. KELL Partners • Technology Solutions for Nonprofits and Higher Education • Salesforce Consulting Partner • Engaged over 300 organizations
  3. 3. Salesforce Foundation 1% time Product equity 12,000 non-profit organizations 270,000+ hours service $24 million+ grants
  4. 4. Why we chose SalesforceTracking Donations with Salesforce Tracking Volunteers
  5. 5. AHFH – Why we chose Salesforce Contact Record:• Web – based• Customizable• Opportunity for Growth• Integration with website• Central storage for allconstituent information
  6. 6. Tracking donations with Salesforce• Campaign Management • Event Management• Online donation pages • Workflow Rules• Personal Fundraising PagesCampaign List View:
  7. 7. Donation Record
  8. 8. Volunteer trackingWhy does Austin Habitat need a system for tracking our volunteers?• Volume• Integrity• Compliance• RetentionWhat type of data does Austin Habitat collect on volunteers?• Contact info• Demographic info• Volunteer roles• Contributed hoursHow Salesforce has equipped Austin Habitat to manage volunteer tracking?• Software• Support• Apps
  9. 9. Austin Partners in Education (APIE)Why did APIE chose Salesforce?What are short-term and long-term benefits of moving to Salesforce?How do we specifically use Salesforce for Volunteer Management?Where does APIE go next with Salesforce?
  10. 10. Transition and BenefitsWhy switch to Salesforce?• Pre-Salesforce system lacked flexibility• Cloud-based• Generosity of SF foundationShort-term benefits• Centralized and accessible• Flexibility of online presenceLong-term benefits• Volunteer Management Process Improvement• Changed the nature of our office• Partner access
  11. 11. Volunteer Management (General)Our Salesfore instance is involved at every step of ourprocess• Automation• Logic Controls (Workflow rules, Validation rules,triggers)• Monitoring and Separation of “Human Steps” •Program Coordinators: Embracing the black box
  12. 12. Volunteer Management (SearchFlexibility of Programs Portal) • Classroom Coaching and Step-Up (130 Classrooms) • Mentoring in about 100 schools • School-based programs (400+)Flexibility of Process •Each program group has it’s own process
  13. 13. Volunteer Management (Search• Search then filter Portal)• Fully functioning• Combination ofvisualforce andweb-to-lead pages
  14. 14. Volunteer Management• Registration (Registration) • Direct entry into Salesforce • Workflow for registration confirmation emails
  15. 15. DashboardsSalesforce monitors and alerts when it’s time to act
  16. 16. Volunteer Management• Background Check• Training Registration• Mentor Profile• Direct entry intoSalesforce• Direct access fromSalesforce
  17. 17. Volunteer Management (Weekly Recurrence)• Absences and Substitutes• Job-Sharing• Weekly Reminders• Special Event Registration• Surveys• Newsletters• Apps…Free Apps
  18. 18. Volunteer Management (Partner Engagement)• School-based and Mentoring programs • Up-to-the-Moment Reporting • Update Statuses directly in Salesforce •…with logic controls •…only see what we want them to see
  19. 19. APIE – What’s Next? (Partner Engagement)More Enthusiasm!• Partner Toolsfor recruitmenthelp
  20. 20. APIE – What’s Next? (Partner Engagement)More Enthusiasm!Partner Toolsfor School Partners• Public side: • Search and meet school needs • Offer donations • Connect for ongoing partnerships• School side: • Search offered donations • Post specific needs • Enter and track received donations
  21. 21. What would you like to know?