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Types of love


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Types of love

  1. 1. Types of Love
  2. 2.  Romantic Love ◦ Puppy Love Sexual Love ◦ The intimate expression of love. Pragmatic Love ◦ A rational, reasoning kind of love. Platonic Love ◦ The spiritual and intellectual relationship between a man and a woman.Love
  3. 3.  Companionship Love ◦ A love typically found in good friendships. Altruistic Love ◦ Selfless love or concern for the spouse. Manic Love ◦ A crazy, possessive, jealous kind of love. Hostile Love ◦ Domestic violence ◦ If I can’t have you, no one can have you Self-Love ◦ An egotistic, narcissistic kind of love.Love
  4. 4.  In an ideal marital relationship, you would experience all types of love, everyday. However, until you are married, you can still experience most types of love with a variety of people.Love