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Colors- fashion design


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Published in: Technology, Design
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Colors- fashion design

  1. 1. Part One
  2. 2.  It can make clothes seem warm or cool, bright or drab. It can create illusions of making you look taller or shorter, larger or smaller It can emphasize or play down your features
  3. 3.  The apparel industries stress new colors and color combinations each season. When they become popular, designers and promoters give them fashionable names. These new names are to convince you to need to wear these colors to be in fashion, because the colors are new and fresh on the fashion scene.
  4. 4.  Different colors invoke different emotions or thoughts in people What do the following colors make you feel?
  5. 5.  Hot, dangerous, angry, passionate, sentiment al, exciting, aggressive, vibrant and powerful
  6. 6.  Lively, cheerful, joyful, warm, energetic, hope ful, hospitable
  7. 7.  Bright, sunny, cheerful, warm, prosperous, co wardly, deceitful
  8. 8.  Calm, cool, fresh, friendly, pleasant, balanced, restful, lucky, envious
  9. 9.  Peaceful, calm, restful, serene, tranquil, sad, depressed, formal
  10. 10.  Royal, dignified, powerful, rich, dramatic, my sterious, wise, passionate
  11. 11.  Innocent, youthful, faithful, peaceful, pure
  12. 12.  Mysterious, tragic, serious, sad, dignified, sile nt, sophisticated, strong, wise, evil
  13. 13.  Modest, sad, old
  14. 14.  Hue: the name given to a color: red, yellow, violet Value: the lightness or darkness of a color
  15. 15.  Tint: a lighter value of a color, white is added to a color to make it a lighter hue  Red + White= Pink Shade: a darker value of a color, black is added to a color to make it a darker hue  Red + Black= Burgundy
  16. 16.  Intensity; the brightness or dullness of a color.  Bright colors have more intensity  While dull, faded colors have low intensity
  17. 17.  Neutrals: black, white, beige, browns, even denim are considered neutrals in apparel
  18. 18.  Primary colors are equal distance apart on the color wheel. They are “primary” because no color combination can create those colors.
  19. 19.  Colors halfway between the primary colors Created by mixing two primary colors together
  20. 20.  In between a primary and secondary colors. Created by mixing one primary with one secondary.
  21. 21.  Red, yellow, and orange They appear to advance, which makes they body look bigger Creates a lively, outgoing impression
  22. 22.  Green, blue, violet They appear to recede, which makes the body look smaller Gives the feeling of quietness and restfulness Many plus size designers use cool colors because it makes people wearing them look smaller
  23. 23. Part Two
  24. 24.  Different intensities, shades, and tints of one color.  It is restful to the eye  Neutrals can be added for contrast
  25. 25.  3 colors adjacent on the color wheel
  26. 26.  Opposite hues on the color wheel, directly across from one another. The complementary color of a primary color is the color you get by mixing the other two primary colors:  Reds complementary color is blue + yellow = green  Blues complementary color is red + yellow = orange  Yellows complementary color is blue + red = purple
  27. 27.  Three colors- combine one color with the two colors on either side of it’s complement. Look at the color wheel, draw a line straight across to determine a complementary pair, and then look to the immediate right and left of the complement.
  28. 28.  Three colors equidistance apart on the color wheel
  29. 29.  Combines black, white, gray, or shades of brown with a bright color accent
  30. 30.  According to Rick Valens, a freelance writer for Fashion-In Style, brings to you new fashion and lifestyle ideas …
  31. 31.  A popular color in fashion, light and neutral. It goes well with any color.  Considered a summer color, a good choice for tops.  Always have some in your wardrobe. It readily matches bottoms of any color; a pair of jeans, khaki pants, a gray shirt, a bright colorful skirt.  Associated with cleanliness and purity, innocence and gentleness. White gives you a feeling of freedom and uncluttered openness.
  32. 32.  A popular color in fashion, always stylish and never out of trend  A good choice for bottoms. Directly opposite of white, it readily matches tops of any color. Nonetheless, it is also a popular choice for tops, making the wearer appear slimmer. A great complimentary color for accessories like a pink sparkling evening bag, or a diamond necklace.  A mysterious color, it gives you a feeling of perspective and depth. Symbolizes elegance and refinement, it is always regarded as a prestigious color.
  33. 33.  An expressive color extensively used in fashion  Most visible and lively of all colors, it creates attraction and excitement, the wearer naturally portrays an images if excitement, enthusiasm, energy, and confidence.  A physically inspiring color often associated with vitality and ambition, love and passion.
  34. 34.  A color commonly used in casual fashion.  Similar to red, it creates attraction and excitement. However, is suggests amore fun and sunshine-y mood. The wearer tends to bring about cheeriness to the group. Usually liked by those who embrace change.  The color of sunshine, often associated with joy, liveliness and optimism.
  35. 35.  A popular color liked by most.  Emotionally opposite to red and yellow, it brings about a soothing and relaxed feeling; pleasant to the eyes. Naturally refreshing in mood, it’s a good choice for daytime wear.  The color of summer skies and seas, often associated with calmness, affection, idealism and inspiration.
  36. 36.  A feminine color  Similar to blue, it’s soothing to and pleasant to the eyes. Naturally sweet in moon, it has a lasting girly appeal. Girls in pink tend to portray a very sweet and pleasant image, always attractive to the guys.  The color of cotton candy, often associated with warm, everlasting affection and tender love.
  37. 37.  Brown tends to be casual and informal