Kelli Janae Lindsay : LRA Uganda


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Kelli Janae Lindsay : LRA Uganda

  1. 1. The LRA conflict and the Acholi people of Uganda Janae Enns Kelli Kling Lindsay Atnikov October 15, 2013
  2. 2. Background  In 1987 the LRA (a rebel Guerilla group) began to wage a terror campaign against the Ugandan government, forcibly recruiting its own people, the Acholi tribe. Because of this a devastating civil war broke out in Uganda until the peace talks were settled in 2006.
  3. 3. Background Cont…  1987- Lords Resistance Army (LRA) was formed  Revolutionary Terrorism  LRA fighting to overthrow president Yoweri and have a state built on his interpretation of the 10 commandments  Acts of domestic terrorism  Targets children (1987-2006) 20,000 children abducted  Entire Acholi population was displaced
  4. 4. Thesis  The LRA is a direct cause of devastation to the Acholi tribe in Uganda, creating an entirely new phase of civil war by their abductions, displacing cities and acts of terror, However the Ugandan government is also to blame.
  5. 5. Yoweri Museveni  Allegedly to protect the Acholi people from the LRA, president Yoweri Musevini forced millions of civilians into IDP (Internally displaced persons) camps throughout this period of 20 years. - conditions - deaths Not actually taking care of his people.
  6. 6. Displacement Camps Museveni's government forced 1.4 to 1.9 million civilians into camps where they were to be protected by the Ugandan army. Yet the northerners living in these camps were prone to attack by the LRA and the national army alike, and unable to raise their own food.
  7. 7. Hundreds of thousands of Acholi have abandoned their homes in northern Uganda for fear of being abducted, and now live in refugee camps in appalling conditions,
  8. 8. Orchestrated Genocide  The Ugandan Government has been no help to the Acholi people in the IDP camps WHY? - 90% of Acholi population displaced in camps Museveni was eyeing Acholi land for mechanized agriculture, secure oil, and other resources in Uganda. If they aren’t on their land, the government can have it….?
  9. 9. Orchestrated Genocide  DEFINITION : GENOCIDE Acts committed with intent to destroy in whole or in part a national, ethical, racial or religious group. Now, think of the Acholi people: Planned neglect, slow death, slow motion, not broadcasted around the world, government knows these conditions are happening, doesn't’t do anything, no protection for the people.
  10. 10. ICC  October 2005 International Criminal Court’s issued arrest warrants for leaders of the rebel Lord’s Resistance Army
  11. 11. Peace Treaties  2006, final peace treaty was set to be signed by end of February  LRA refused because of the ICC indictments  Operation Lightning Thunder  Christmas Massacres
  12. 12. LRA Today  Left Uganda 2008 due to Juba Peace Talks  Still terrorize other parts of Africa  Limited contact with one another due to increased awareness (social media)  Went from 1,000 to approximately 300 fighters  Kony has still yet to be captured
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