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Kemp group project copyright powerpoint


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Kemp group project copyright powerpoint

  1. 1. Copyright     Video  Presenta2on  and  Key   terms  to  understanding     Copyright  Law  
  2. 2. What  is  Copyright  Law?   •  h:p://       Click  on  the  link  to  view  this  video.      I  Teach  Technology  Now  (2009).  What  is    copyright  law?  [video  file].  Retrieved  from            h:p://  
  3. 3. Copyright:    A  law  that  protects  a  creators   ownership  of  and  control  over  the   work  he  or  she  creates,  requiring   other  people  to  get  the  creator’s   permission  before  they  copy,  share   or  perform  that  work  
  4. 4. Fair  use:   The  ability  to  use  a  small  amount   of  someone’s  crea2ve  work   without  permission,  but  only  in   certain  ways  
  5. 5. Commercial  purposes:    a  use  in  connec2on   with  a  business,   usually  for  profit  
  6. 6. Crea2ve  Commons:   A  kind  of  copyright  that  makes  it  easy   for  people  to  copy,  share,  and  build  on   someone’s  crea2ve  work  –  as  long  as   they  give  the  creator  credit  for  it  
  7. 7. Public  Domain:   Crea2ve  work  that  is  not   protected  by  copyright  and   is  therefore  free  for  you  to   use  however  one  wants  
  8. 8. Copyright  infringement  is   AGAINST  THE  LAW!   Not  only  will  you  NOT  get  credit  for  your  schoolwork,  but   the  legal  penal2es  are:     1. Infringer  pays  the  actual  dollar  amount  of  damages  and   profits.   2. The  law  provides  a  range  from  $200  to  $150,000  for  each   work  infringed.   3. Infringer  pays  for  all  a:orneys  fees  and  court  costs.   4. The  Court  can  issue  an  injunc2on  to  stop  the  infringing   acts.   5. The  Court  can  impound  the  illegal  works.   6. The  infringer  can  go  to  jail.   h:p://    
  9. 9. Your  job:  Create  a  video!   •  Work in a group of 4 to research copyright laws and consequences •  Come up with 3 dos and 3 don’ts concerning the use of copyright laws and create a storyboard •  Determine a creative way to present the examples •  Use the iPad or the Flip camera to video your presentation •  Presentation must be 2-4 minutes long •  3 group members must each present a do and a don’t, and the 4th member must present 3 consequences of not following the laws. •  Use a minimum of 3 resources and create a bibliography •  BE CREATIVE!! Guidelines: