Mythology lesson 9 apollo


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Mythology lesson 9 apollo

  1. 1. Phoebus Apollo (Apollo)
  2. 2. Cronus m. RheaHestia Hades Poseidon Demeter Hera Zeus Zeus m. Leto Apollo Artemis
  3. 3. Apollo’s Birth• Leto was the daughter of the Titans Coeus and Phoebe. She was an early and favorite lover of Zeus. Zeus married Hera while Leto was pregnant. Although the pregnancy began before the marriage, Hera was still jealous of Leto.• Hera pushed Leto out of Olympus. As she wandered, no Finally, the desolate place would allow her to stay for rocky island of Delos fear Hera would be offended. accepted her.
  4. 4. Leto first gave birth to ArtemisThen, after another nine days of labor, Artemis helped Leto give birth to her twin brother, Apollo.Leto was forced by the anger of Hera to wander carrying her two babies
  5. 5. Apollo Belvedere, Roman Artemis the Huntress, Romanmarble, ca 2nd cent. CE copy in marble of a Greek bronze, ca. 4th cent. BCE
  6. 6. Niobe and her ChildrenNiobe, queen ofThebes, boasted thatshe deserved moretribute than Leto, sinceLeto only had 2 childrenand Niobe had 7 sonsand 7 daughters.Enraged at Niobe’shubris, Artemis andApollo Niobe’schildren, except for the Death of the Children of Niobe, red- figure amphora, ca. 460 BCEyoungest daughter.
  7. 7. Artemis and Apollo Piercing Niobe’s Children with their Arrows, by Jacques-LouisDavid
  8. 8. Apollo is the god of reason andintelligence, music (the lyre),prophecy, medicine, and the sun.His symbols include the sun, lyre,bow and arrow, raven, dolphin,wolf, swan and mouse.
  9. 9. Apollo withhis lyre, byMillet,Opera,Paris
  10. 10. Apollo and Python In Greek mythology, Python was the earth-dragon of Delphi. Python became the enemy of Apollo, who, at only 4 days old, killed her and remade Delphi and the oracle his own
  11. 11. Apollo at DelphiAs the patron ofDelphi, Apollowas an oraculargod—theprophetic deityof the DelphicOracle. TheDelphic Oraclewas the mostimportant oraclein the ancientGreek world.
  12. 12. ApolloApollo’s son, Asclepius Medicine and healing were associated with Apollo, whether through the god himself or mediated through his son, yet Apollo was also seen as a god who could bring ill-health and deadly plague.
  13. 13. Apollo in the Trojan War During the Trojan War, Apollo was on the side of the Trojans. He shot arrows infected with the plague into the Greek encampment during the Trojan War and aided Hector during his duel with Ajax.THE TROJAN WAR - DUEL OF AJAX & HECTOR, Red-figureAmphora
  14. 14. Apollo in the Trojan WarWhen Aeneas wasinjured, Apollorescued him. First,Aphrodite tried torescue Aeneas, butApollo had to help.
  15. 15. Apollo in the Trojan WarLater, Apolloaided Paris inthe killing ofAchilles byguiding thearrow of hisbow intoAchilles heel.
  16. 16. Apollo in His Chariot, Luca Giordono
  17. 17. Daphne and ApolloIn the myth, PhoebusApollo teases Cupid fortoying with a weapon moresuited to a man (bow andarrow), at which pointCupid wounds him with agolden arrow that rouseslove; simultaneously,however, Cupid shoots aleaden arrow into Daphne,causing her to be repulsedby Apollo.
  18. 18. Daphne and Apollo Following a spirited chase by Apollo, Daphne prays to her father, Peneus, for help, and he changes her into the laurel tree, sacred to Apollo. Apollo and Daphne, Antonio del Pollaiuolo
  19. 19. Daphne and ApolloEven in this form Apolloloves her, feels herheartbeat beneath thetrunk, embraces thebranches as if they werearms. He says:“Since you cannot be mywife, you shall be mytree. Always you shallwreathe my hair, mylyre, my quiver. You shallaccompany the Romangenerals when the joyoustriumph hymn is sung” Apollo and Daphne, by John William Waterhouse
  20. 20. Apollo’s Loves With Hecuba, wife of King Priam of Troy, Apollo had a son named Troilus. An oracle prophesied that Troy would not be defeated as long as Troilus reached the age of twenty alive.To fulfill the prophecy, Achilles ambushed and killed him.
  21. 21. Apollo’s LovesApollo also fell in love withCassandra, daughter ofHecuba and Priam, and Troilushalf-sister. He promisedCassandra the gift of prophecyto seduce her, but she rejectedhim afterwards. Enraged,Apollo indeed gifted her withthe ability to know the future,with a curse that she couldonly see the future tragedies After the Trojan War, Cassandraand that no one would ever is taken as a concubine and slave girl by King Agamemnonbelieve her.
  22. 22. Apollo’s Lyre As an infant, Hermes escaped while his mother was sleeping. Hermes ran to where Apollo was grazing his cattle.The infant Hermes stole a number of his cows and tookthem to a cave, covering their tracks. In the cave, he found atortoise and killed it, then removed the insides. He used oneof the cows intestines and the tortoise shell and made thefirst lyre.
  23. 23. Apollo’s lyreWhen Apollo accused Hermes of the theft, Hermes began toplay music on the lyre. Apollo fell in love with the instrumentand offered to allow exchange of the cattle for the lyre.
  24. 24. Apollo and PanPan, the goat-like godof the forests,compared his musicwith that of Apollo,and challengedApollo to a contest ofmusical skill.Pan played hispipes, whichsatisfied himself andhisfollower, Midas, whohappened to be Then Apollo struck the strings of his lyre.present.
  25. 25. Apollo and Pan At once victory was awarded to Apollo, and all but Midas agreed with the judgment. He dissented, and questioned the justice of the award. Apollo would not suffer such a depraved pair of ears any longer, and caused them to become the ears of a donkey.
  26. 26. Apollo and Marsyas Marsyas was a satyr who challenged Apollo to a contest of music. He had found a flute on the ground, tossed away after being invented by Athena because it made her cheeks puffy. The contest was judged by the Muses. After they each performed, both were deemed equal until Apollo decreed they play and sing at the same time.
  27. 27. Apollo and MarsyasAs Apollo playedthe lyre, this waseasy to do. Marsyascould not do this ashe only knew howto use the flute andcould not sing atthe same time.Apollo wasdeclared thewinner because ofthis.
  28. 28. Apollo and Marsyas Apollo skinned Marsyas alive in a cave near for his hubris to challenge a god. He then nailed Marsyas shaggy skin to a nearby pine-tree. Marsyas blood turned into the river Marsyas.
  29. 29. Apollo’s TemplesAs one of the mostimportant anddiverse of theOlympians, Apollohas numeroustemples built in hishonor: Corinth
  30. 30. Delphi
  31. 31. Rome
  32. 32. Pompeii