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  1. 1. By Klay, Jess, Kip and Kellie
  2. 2.  The genre of our teaser trailer is horror. Conventions of Horror:Iconography: Blood, Knifes, KillerCharacters: VictimSetting/Location: Dark forest, haunted house We chose this genre because we all enjoy horror films and thought we could use our knowledge of many horror films that we have watched to create good ideas.
  3. 3. Paranormal activity was a low budget Grave encounters was not as big afilm, with the use of super natural events paranormal activity at box office, howeverall happening in a haunted house of a has the same type of concept of superfamily. But only showing snippets of bits natural/ghostly events happening but in ain the teaser so u get the idea of the film. hospital.We will use these ideas but revise someideas to our own. (e.g: Uniaccommodation) Both of these examples try there best to make the horror film seem real so people believe it, and watch it with great interest. These examples of horror are going to be similar to our teaser trailer because we are going to have ‘paranormal activities’ and are going to base it on that type of film. This is where you have a protagonist but you don’t actually see them.
  4. 4.  There are going to be 3 students that are going into their first year in university. They move into there new accommodation, However they are unaware that the house is haunted and then begin to experience super natural events that begin to freak them out, and it gets worse and worse the longer they stay there ad there is no escape.
  5. 5.  15-24 The target audience that we are basing ours on is paranormal activity, this is because our trailer is going to be similar. The target audience for paranormal activity is from 15 – 24. Paranormal Activity The age certificate is going to be 15
  6. 6. Paramount Picturesis our chosenproduction company. Paramount pictures was founded in 1914 it’s main industry is based on films. It’s a subsidiary of Viacom, with a revenue of $1.2Billion (high Budget production Blumhouse productions company) has signed a Three year contract with Paramount Pictures
  7. 7. Figures for Paranormal Activity Based on the figures of Paranormal Activity with a budget of $15,000 (£9,587) Our filming budget will be £10,000. Our marketing budget will be £20,000.
  8. 8.  We will brand our product by creating a logo and colour theme (house Style) this will help people recognize the film and the teaser trailer and they will be able to relate the colours and theme to the trailer. The colours will be Red, White & Black because red related to horror Blood and black elates to darkness and fear and white because it will give the movie the brightness it needs for text to stand out.
  9. 9.  These will be displayed on posters and billboards at bus stops and train stations because 15-24 year olds use public transport on a daily basis.