Marketing withwomen[1]


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Featured in DTC Perspectives - first in a series of published articles on marketing health with women authored by Kelley Connors, MPH

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Marketing withwomen[1]

  1. 1. Featuring a New Issue-Focused FormatDTC in the Era of  Consumer Choice October 29 - 30, 2008 • Westminster Hotel, Livingston NJ This new modular format ensures you receive meaningful answers to the most pressing questions. Registered attendees can now pre-submit questions to individual speakers, who will build responses and analysis directly into the presentations. Each agenda segment will be moderated by an industry expert to ensure the real concerns and barriers are uncovered and resolved. Marketing with Women AGENDA AT A GLANCE Shifting a Marketing Model Towards Wellness October 29, 2008 October 30, 2008 Women are transforming today’s marketplace. And with $3 trillion in consumer spending MODULE 1 MODULE 4 power and a family or business to care for, women represent a key ally and marketing partner – Consumer Choice Consumer Choice that is if your communications engage and work with women. and the Changing and By Kelley Connors Regulatory Environment Brand Engagement So, who are we, the 21st Century women? And how can you By providing a coaching service that reinforces self- reach us most effectively, not only about your products, but management and personal responsibility, obstacles to self- MODULE 2 MODULE 5 our desire for wellness? We’re your sister, daughter, mother or efficacy are identified and talked about openly. Alli’s “Are Consumer Choice Consumer Choice grandmother. There are millions of today’s women like me out You Ready” question puts control of her life and weight there, across all cultures and you can reach us by going beyond loss in each woman’s own hands, empowering her with and the Impact on and traditional loyalty strategies like incentives and coupons. Give accountability. This can be an effective strategy to initiate long Media Mix New Competitors us a vested interest in seeing your brand thrive in our time- term behavior change, and provided a leadership position from constrained, multi-dimensional lives; and market with us, not which others to follow and expand upon. to us, so you can help us shape a more integrated approach to physical, mental and emotional health… all the while helping Studies show that many women today prefer to make MODULE 3 MODULE 6 lifestyle changes when there is a “fun” component included. you go beyond loyalty strategies to brand attachment. Consumer Choice Consumer Choice Dr. Michelle Segar, a research investigator at the Institute and the Social and Improving Both The key is the four C’s: Coaching, Conversation, Connection, for Research on Women and Gender at the University Networking Dilemma Health Outcomes and Charisma. of Michigan and founder of a women’s lifestyle coaching and the Bottom Line methodology called EssentialSteps, has done extensive research Coaching: Giving women wellness tools showing that women will sustain health behavior changes if HALL OF FAME they do so to enhance their life and not simply to lose weight. Women value a personal and interactive experience that Modules take place in consecutive order. shows you care about our health and are also interested in Conversations with real women our wellness or well-being. From a marketing perspective, Registrants will attend all modules. this is a critical first step in behavior change. From smoking, As real women, we have broadened the definition of health osteoporosis, high blood pressure and heart disease to obesity and are looking for companies to help us achieve a full life and weight management, behavior change tools are key to as our life stages change. Since health and wellness searches improving our health. are the number one reason we go online, you can be a Register Now Online at: under the Conferences Tab or by calling DTC Perspectives September 2008 x 47 973-377-2106 or use the full brochure at the center of this issue.
  2. 2. MARKETING ‘WITH’ WOMEN How can you help put together a community that supports, inspires, teaches, challenges, empowers, us with tools for wellness that take your brand to the next level? If so, you win. Studies show that many Provide us with the tools and we’ll fuel our own community if we see a need for one. women today prefer to make lifestyle changes when there is Charisma with real women a “fun” component included. Charisma is more than a person or a personality. It’s credibility and conviction wrapped into a compelling brand message. With courage and authenticity, Sharon Blynn, the founder of Bald is Beautiful and ovarian cancer survivor, did not followvaluable part of our communities that are focused on stress a script to share her message on Bristol-Myers Squibb’smanagement, weight loss and mindfulness, including yoga and “Together We Can Prevail” television spot – this came frommeditation. For marketers with a cardiovascular therapeutic, her own diary that she lived with day in and day out ofthis may mean incorporating a stress management component treatment sessions with healthcare professionals. It’s a greatto a heart disease awareness campaign for working women. example of how we as women can bring a component of ourKnowing that women, even younger women, can reduce own journey to the brands and conveys a spirit of wellnesstheir risk of heart disease with stress management is a valuable and mindfulness, just the same.service within a brand marketing model. This also broadensadvocacy and media partnership opportunities beyond health What’s more, Blynn’s conviction, in an understated way, addsto include lifestyle, sports, stress and adventure. credibility in an age when we as women have learned to be skeptical of the traditional disease awareness campaign.If you want to serve us, you’ll need to become a facilitatorof these more holistic conversations that are highly relevantto our desire to live a full life, no matter what condition weare coping with. However, instead of sending out one-waymessages, you need to facilitate the conversation, in a way thatis transparent, authentic and helpful and allows you to learnmore about what wellness really means and how it will impactour lives in a tangible way. We know where your competitorsConnect: emotional benefits of wellnessWhile starting a two-way dialogue is the first step in reaching are advertising—Do you?us with a more integrated approach to health, the next isconnecting with us by meeting a real need. To succeed at this,all you need to do is ask us about our diverse interests and Nielsen Monitor-Plus™, a service of The Nielsen Company, tracks your advertising andknow what our cultural, spiritual and psychological barriersto action might be. We love to talk and assuming you engage the competition to give you the most complete picture of your media effectiveness.with us authentically and include our friends, we’ll tell you Women as brand advocatesmore than you’d ever need to know to market your brands. Monitor-Plus tracks 18 different media to give you: While medical research advances and new findings from theIn the product field, Boniva connects by meeting a real need: Society for Women’s Health Research identify sex-based • Ad spending, occurrences and audience data, by company,once-a-month dosing. By not having to dose every day, we are biological differences between men and women, we know that brand and product categorynot constantly confronted with evidence of physical decline researchers and marketers will help add years to our lives.or advancing age. And, there are definite emotional benefits • Easy access to television, magazine and newspaper creatives By marketing new therapies with us, instead of to us, weto each and every daughter who has enjoyed growing up believe we can keep your product in the periphery of our • Analyses that pinpoint your brand’s media performancewith an active, healthy and adventurous mother. We all wantmore quality time together to enhance our most important lives, and therefore, add life to our years. ■ Keep your ad campaigns ahead of the competition with Monitor-Plus.relationships and improve our lives.Add the punch of endorsement from a real baby boomer in Kelley Connors is president of KC Healthcare Communications LLC Learn more: www.nielsen.comSally Field who projects the image of young after 50. We all and founder of WomensWELLth, a health and wellness marketingsaw her as a growing, changing actress and she has gotten and PR studio focused on women. The studio embraces a variety ofolder and better. Maybe we can get older and better, too, as proprietary methodologies to connect women with brands. One of theyou connect us to avenues of wellness that will help build firm’s signature tools, called Real Women on Health!, gives healthcareyour brand. and wellness companies access to women’s views and voices on health issues of concern today. The company’s web site can be found at www. and the phone number is (203) 855-0477.48 x DTC Perspectives September 2008