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Driving Effectiveness with Talkworthy Advertising


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How can advertisers and marketers deliberately and effectively deliver advertisements that start conversations and drive sales? At the Advertising Research Foundation's Re!Think 2016 conference, Engagement Labs CRO Brad Fay, along with UM's Graeme Hutton and CBS Corp.'s David Poltrack, shared exciting new research that demonstrates how consumers’ conversations and purchases are affected by advertising.

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Driving Effectiveness with Talkworthy Advertising

  1. 1. Driving Effectiveness With Talkworthy Advertising Brad Fay Chief Operating Officer Keller Fay Group David Poltrack Chief Research Officer CBS Corporation Graeme Hutton SVP, Group Partner UM
  2. 2. An  ad’s  ability  to  generate  conversation  and  sharing  is   an  important  factor  in  its  success  in  driving  sales   Certain  types  of  ads  are  more  likely  to  generate   “sharing”  behavior  than  other  types  of  ads   It’s  in  a  brands  best  interest  to  plan  for  and  optimize  a   campaign’s  likelihood   to  provoke  conversation 1 2 3
  3. 3. An  ad’s  ability  to  generate  conversation  and  sharing  is   an  important  factor  in  its  success  in  driving  sales   Certain  types  of  ads  are  more  likely  to  generate   “sharing”  behavior  than  other  types  of  ads   It’s  in  a  brands  best  interest  to  plan  for  and  optimize  a   campaign’s  likelihood   to  provoke  conversation 1 2 3
  4. 4. Generating Brand Conversations is Shown to Be a Critical Function of Paid Advertising WOM  Index TV  Sales  Response  Index 0 100 200 300 400 500 600 700 0 100 200 300 400 500 600 700 Relative  WOM Relative  TV  Response* Brand  Mentions  Index  vs.   Relative  TV  Campaign  Response* According  to   recent  analysis  of  more  than  250  campaigns,   advertising  that  drives  WOM  is  much  more  likely  to  drive  sales An Engagement Labs Company Keller Fay Group
  5. 5. About a Third of WOM’s Sales Impact Is Attributable to WOM Acting as an “Amplifier” to Paid Media WOM 21% WOM   Amplifier 10% Paid   Media 69% %  Impact  of  Paid  Media  and  WOM   on  Business  Performance Average  Across  Studies Results  of  2014  market  mix  modeling  project  by  Analytic  Partners  for  the  Word  of  Mouth  Marketing  Association.  
  6. 6. An  ad’s  ability  to  generate  conversation  and  sharing  is   an  important  factor  in  its  success  in  driving  sales   Certain  types  of  ads  are  more  likely  to  generate   “sharing”  behavior  than  other  types  of  ads   It’s  in  a  brands  best  interest  to  plan  for  and  optimize  a   campaign’s  likelihood   to  provoke  conversation 1 2 3
  7. 7. There are Many Tactics That Can be Used to Help Advertising Incorporate More Pass-along Value
  8. 8. The Higher We Can Inspire Consumers’ Emotion, the Greater Chance of Boosting Sharing Brand  messages  that  are  Entertaining,  Inspirational   or  Useful  are  most  likely  to  generate  results Drives Recommendation Promotes  a  Cause Sets  you  a  challenge Is  about  a  person  you   are  interested  in Helps  you  connect   with  new  people Experiences  to  share  with   friends  &  family Is  interesting  or  controversial Is  useful  and  something   others  don’t  know Helps  you  express   yourself Inspires  you Entertaining   &  fun Provides  useful  info/   how  to  tips Tells  you  something   new  and  unexpected Helps  you  indulge   your   passions  and  interests Teaches  you  about   the  brand People Like to Share
  9. 9. Messaging Can Be Optimized to Campaign Objectives Different  types  of  content  are  better  at  moving  the   needle  on  different  marketing  objectives 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% Desire Trial Commitment Challenges  you Provides  experiences  to  share   with  friends/family Teaches  you  about  the  brand Entertaining  &  fun Interesting  or  controversial  &   will  spark  debate RELATIONSHIP DIVERSION LEARNING PROGRESSION RECOGNITION
  10. 10. An  ad’s  ability  to  generate  conversation  and  sharing  is   an  important  factor  in  its  success  in  driving  sales   Certain  types  of  ads  are  more  likely  to  generate   “sharing”  behavior  than  other  types  of  ads   It’s  in  a  brands  best  interest  to  plan  for  and  optimize  a   campaign’s  likelihood   to  provoke  conversation 1 2 3
  11. 11. CBS and Keller Fay Partnered on a Study at Television City to Test the ‘Talkability’ of Advertising • Over 500 people watched a 30 minute show, including 4 promos and 8 ads, and took a post-viewing survey • 7 days later, they were re-contacted to take a follow-up survey online • A subset of respondents viewed the content in friends/family groups of 2 or 3 people each • 6 Auto, Restaurant and Insurance ads were tested An Engagement Labs Company Keller Fay Group
  12. 12. We Learned Word of Mouth Responds Measurably to Television Advertising Exposure 3% 18% Cross-­Category  Average  -­ 6  Cases %  of  Respondents  Talking  About  Brand  (6  Cases) Unexposed Exposed All  the  ads  tested  showed  significantly  more  WOM  behavior  in   the  7  days  after  exposure  to  the  test   There  was  very  little  correlation  between  Ad  Recall  and  WOM A  indicates statistically  significant  difference  at  95%  confidence  level A An Engagement Labs Company Keller Fay Group
  13. 13. Social Viewing Was Shown to Multiply the WOM Effect of TV Advertising A  indicates statistically  significant  difference  at  95%  confidence  level 3% 15% 33% Cross-­Category  Average  -­ 3  Cases %  of  Respondents  Talking  About  Brand  (3  Cases) Unexposed Exposed  Alone Exposed  in  Group Respondents  who  viewed  with  others  were  more  than  twice  as   likely  to  talk  about  advertiser  brands  in  the  week  following A A An Engagement Labs Company Keller Fay Group
  14. 14. 5% 3% 0% 22% 14% 10% 44% 30% 26% Restaurant Auto Insurance %  of  Respondents  Talking  About  Brand Unexposed Exposed  Alone Exposed  in  Group Group Viewing Provided at Least 2x Lift in Talk Across All Categories Tested A  indicates statistically  significant  difference  at  95%  confidence  level Top-­Tier  WOM  Category Mid-­Tier  WOM  Category Bottom-­Tier  WOM  Category A A A A A A An Engagement Labs Company Keller Fay Group
  15. 15. 3% 2% 14% 8% Chevy  Malibu Nissan  Rogue %  of  Respondents  Talking  About  Brand Unexposed Exposed  Alone Within the Auto Category, There Was a Substantial Difference in Talking Between the Two Brands A  indicates statistically  significant  difference  at  95%  confidence  level A  indicates  statically  significant  difference  at  90%  confidence  level A a An Engagement Labs Company Keller Fay Group
  16. 16. Ads Generate More Word of Mouth When a Relatable Story is Being Told Chevy  Malibu Nissan  Rogue
  17. 17. In Conclusion • One of the main ways advertising drives sales impact for brands is by getting people to share and talk about them • Inspiring emotion with entertaining and surprising moments makes a brand’s content more shareable and talkworthy for consumers • Pre-testing creative for its talkability will help brands optimize the impact of their marketing efforts • Group viewing provides a significantly more impactful environment for advertisers
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