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JamLoop is a dynamic media buying solution to help advertisers reach multi-screen audiences on connected devices, including smartphones, tablets and connected TV. We’ve developed unique campaign optimization capabilities based on attributes that matter most in the connected device world: time, location, screen size and context. Using a big data approach, we sift through the millions of targeting combinations across billions of ad impressions in real-time to lock in the pockets of inventory that perform best. We deliver superior advertiser results on behalf of major brands and app developers around the world.

JamLoop was founded in April 2013 by advertising technology and sales veterans with extensive domain expertise in emerging connected device platforms. After working independently in mobile and connected TV, we collectively realized that advertisers, publishers and app developers were struggling with existing solutions to reach a new type of connected consumer who is device inter-dependent. We launched our new venture with the goal of connecting everyone through emerging technologies.

Mobile Advertising, Connected Television, Media Planning and Buying, Video Advertising, Campaign Optimization, Campaign Optimization, Big Data, Cloud computing, Campaign Analytics

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  1. 1. Presented to: Client NameSales Executive Name
  2. 2. Starring: quality content, engaged audiences, compelling solutionsQuality Content Over 1,000 entertainment sites in several specialty areas including movies, books, TV, music, and celebrityEngaged Audiences Your message in front of 14 MM highly engaged* users who are viewing an average of 151 pages per monthExclusive Solutions Break through the clutter with skins, roadblocks, video & more  or  leverage  ABC’s  OTRC  for  exclusive sponsorships *comScore 10/11
  3. 3. More reach than large entertainment sites & portals Red Carpet Media reaches users beyond the large entertainment sites • 11% duplication with OMG! • 12% duplication with IMDB • 13% duplication with AOL Entertainment • 22% duplication with People.com *comScore 10/11
  4. 4. Entertainment focused sites with engaging contentOver 1,000 entertainment enthusiast sites in several areas Sites with the latest in TV, music, movies, books & celebrityAlways brand safe with customizable site lists for added security
  5. 5. Reach millennial’s among quality entertainment sites 51% more females A18-24 46% more males A21-34 than the average entertainment site *comScore 10/11
  6. 6. 14 MM big spenders engaging longer with your brand* The average user on Red Carpet Media views 151 pages per Red Carpet Media Users: month with the average user Buy event tickets online coming back almost 5 times* View entertainment sites Buy Pro Sports event tickets online Are health conscious View websites to find local movie timesRed Carpet Mediausers spend an averageof 43 minutes per month,2x more than average, on Entertainment users spend on averageentertainment sites outside $294 MM online per monthof Red Carpet Media viewingan average of 73 pages *comScore study and Site Audience Profile, 2011
  7. 7. Available across Red Carpet MediaGo beyond standard banners Roadblocks, skinning, video,expandables, sponsorships & more Sites and placements not guaranteed
  8. 8. Integrated advertising with  ABC’s  OnTheRedCarpet• Red Carpet Media has exclusively partnered  with  ABC’s  On  The  Red   Carpet (OTRC)• OTRC is an entertainment website and 30-minute weekly TV show with front row  access  to  premiere’s,  award   shows, and special events• Provides a multi-screen experience for advertisers with advertising online, in-hand, on TV, and in-person
  9. 9. Integrated advertising with  ABC’s  OnTheRedCarpetUnique multi-platform opportunitiesavailable on OTRC both during keyawards season and year-roundthrough Red Carpet Media include:
  10. 10. Quality sites, engaged entertainment enthusiasts, compelling opportunitiesQuality entertainment sites offering brand safe, scalable opportunities Engaged users actively seeking and spending time with entertainment content Unique, integrated, exclusive multi-platform solutions
  11. 11. AppendixOTRC SponsorshipsPricing
  12. 12. OTRC Year-round Sponsorships
  13. 13. Standard Media 728x90300x100Sponsor Module 300x250 Hover Ad
  14. 14. Homepage Pencil Expand Homepage Wallpaper• 188x1050 (2) & 300x250 Banner• Can be ran in sync with Homepage Pencil ad for full takeover 818 x 275 homepage pencil ad expands for 5 seconds and then squeezes to the top frequency capped at 1x4
  15. 15. Daily Podcast Pre-Roll + Companion 300 x 250 Formats: GIF, Animated :15 Pre-Roll GIF, Flash File Size: 20k GIF/JPG, 30k Formats: AVI, MOV,WMV, HD DIVx Flash File Size: No limit, Higher quality the better • Every interview will be in this section300x250 placement on podcast page (new • During the Red Carpet at the Oscars clips are uploaded every podcast uploaded every 30 minutes) minute to keep our users up to date • Includes fifteen-second (:15) pre-roll with synched 300 x 250
  16. 16. OTRC Award Season Sponsorships
  17. 17. The Hollywood Buzzometer takes the pulseof social media fans to rank the most talkedabout actors, movies and Oscar trendsettersin the past 24 hours or 7 days.Own the social spotlight during AcademyAwards season surrounding the Buzzometerwith custom ad units and invite FacebookFans and Twitter Followers to check in dailyto  see  Hollywood’s  biggest  gainers  &  losers.
  18. 18. • Invite  fans  to  ‘check  in’  your  brand  when  they  go   to the movies, visit famous movie landmarks or when they watch feature programming on ABC (such as OTRC) – for the chance to win cool Hollywood swag (iPads in designer cases, luxury goods, movie gift cards, etc)• Prizing can also potentially be wrapped around an advertiser (i.e. win a trip to destination, a year lease on a Smart car, etc) Fans who check in get Hollywood themed stickers which are quite popular among collectors and under each badge is your sponsor branding
  19. 19. • OTRC and the ABC Owned stations will have a talent from each station/market fill out their picks for Awards Season• Sponsor the ballots page and sponsor :15 spots encouraging users to play against the local expert from their market• One lucky fan that plays along could win a custom recorded message from the talent or a prize provided• Additionally, your client will sponsor the printable ballot with a banner ad at the top of the page• Both of theses features will be available on OTRC.com and all station Entertainment Sections of the station websites
  20. 20. Invite fans to join your brand in picking the Best &Worst Dressed stars in a fun interactive pollUsers will be encouraged to vote for their best andworst then see how their picks stack up againsteveryone else who votedWith every vote, users could be entered to win aluxury prize courtesy of your brandYour brand can also sponsor :15 spots driving usersto  vote  and  check  out  OTRC’s  Fashion  picks
  21. 21. • The day of the Academy Awards nominations, the week leading up to, and the two days following the Academy Awards, your brand can sponsor takeover units of the Home Pages of OTRC.com as well as ABC-TV Local TV entertainment sections• Create a real splash in your target markets and associate your brand with the excitement of Oscar season
  22. 22. • Opportunity Includes: ― Load Screen 509x567 ― Home Page Ad 252x187 ― Story Page Sponsor Logo 300x50• Ads can click through to a custom built page, web page or mobile page
  23. 23. • Sponsor an OTRC trivia game testing fans knowledge  of  the  silver  screen’s  biggest  stars   and movies• With an average game play of 27 minutes a day, gaming is hotter than ever with Women 35+ being among the fast growing segment• Your brand can present the OTRC trivia game with logo placement in game as well as on the surrounding splash page• Games are playable online & on mobile phones
  24. 24. Pre-roll and a companion 300x250 ad unit alongside featured videosOTRC will have up to five sponsors rotating in the video carousel throughout awards season, each with exclusive presence during a video story called up by the user
  25. 25. Who won what? Who arrived with who? Some of the best moments come after theAcademy Awards are over! Sponsor the Post-Party coverage on OTRC.com as our team hits the celebrity circuit reporting on the hottest events, fashions & surprises of the night
  26. 26. • OTRC.com’s daily e-newsletters ensure the biggest entertainment news lands direct in the hands of loyal opt-in subscribers as the top celebrity stories are breaking• 300x250 ad unit prominently placed alongside the biggest stars and stories• Alerts are viewed by fans across their choice of smartphones, tablets or computers
  27. 27. • Fashion • Awards • Nominated Stars • Nominated MoviesIn addition to 300x250s on each photo page, there is a brandnew in-gallery ad placement after every 4th gallery image. Thisad can be either 300x250 or 300x600.
  28. 28. Pricing
  29. 29. Red Carpet Media OnlyRed Carpet Media RON $3.00Roadblock $16.00Skinning $20.00Logo Integration $16.00Pre-roll $18.00Sponsorship $16.00In-banner Video $12.00Interstitial $20.00Expandable $18.00
  30. 30. Site Pre-Roll Skins Logo Integration Sponsorship Roadblock In-Banner Video 300x600 InterstitialPeoplesChoice.com X X X X X X X X Fantapper.com X X Filmannex.com X X Realitytea.com X X X Hollywire.com X X X Sidereel.com X X X X X Mevio.com X XRightThisMinute.com X X X X OKMagazine.com X X X
  31. 31. OnTheRed Carpet pricing300x100 Sponsor Module $2.40Pencil Expandable (homepage or photo gallery) $18.00Homepage Wallpaper $14.40:15 Pre-roll Video (with synched 300x250) $18.00Photo Gallery Ad $12.00Homepage 728x90 $7.20Homepage 300x250 $9.60Hover Ad w/ Video $30.00iPad App Sponsorship (509x567/252x187/300x50) $42.00iPhone App Sponsorship (300x50) $18.00OTRC Daily Newsletter (300x250) $6.00*Speak with your account representative for pricing on other sponsorships featured here