Mrs. Smith's government class ppt requirements


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Mrs. Smith's government class ppt requirements

  1. 1.  From the Finder Menu: Go> Connect to Server Server address: SouthShare Enter your Username and Password Follow Server Link: ClipServer Central>Garden Productions or Unique Tracks Preview Music Select soundtrack and DRAG to desktop
  2. 2.  Songs must be .mp3 format Insert > Movies and Sounds > search file Sound icon can be dragged anywhere--even off the slide!
  3. 3.  Slideshow  Custom Animations… Choose Sound File Add Effect Media Options  Play over multiple slides
  4. 4. U Format>Bullets and Numbering> From the Formatting Palette > Bullets and Numberings Picture/Character Choose image, symbol, and/or color
  5. 5. To add a picture to the slide background:•Select a HIGH QUALITY picture—no thumbnails!•Select a picture in landscape layout, or about the same shape on thePPT slide•Drag/save the picture to the desktop—don’t drag pix to PPT slide!•Format > Slide Background•File > Picture > Choose > Apply > Select and Insert•Set Transparency and Tiling•Do NOT apply to all unless picture belongs on every slide background.
  6. 6.  YouTube is NOT accessible at school Online tools for capturing/converting Streaming Video    General Directions for Using Sites from HOME  Copy /paste URL from YouTube or other streaming site  Convert to Movie format mp4  Enter e-mail address; converted video sent to this address  Download video to USB and bring to school for editing
  7. 7.  Open iMovie  Import mp4 file from USB  Edit for size:  set playhead Edit>Split Video Clip at Playhead  Repeat as necessary to shorten  Save  Share  QuickTime  Quality for Web (pay attention to size)  Save to USB!
  8. 8.  Select Media Layout for slide Insert > Movie > select from USB Or use toolbar shortcut: Select Movie Edit settings
  9. 9.  Print What? Select # Slides per page? Output? ALWAYS “Black and White”!
  10. 10.  PowerPoint MUST be saved as a “PowerPoint Package” when dropped to teacher. To do so…  File>Save As>  To Desktop  Name file First name last name and hour  E.g. KelleeHill4A  Format>PowerPoint Package  Save  The Package is a FILE not just a document…  DROP the FILE to TEACHER!
  11. 11.  Log on to Drop Server  Finder > Go > Connect to Server > DropServer >  Log on w/ Username and Password Or select DropServer Central from the icon on the dock Select/open Teacher’s name --first initial, last name Click-Hold-Drag PowerPoint package FILE from desktop into hand-in folder.  Note: you cannot open teacher’s hand in folder  You get a message that tells you cannot see what’s inside the folder; select “OK”