W202 supplemental materials using qr codes to improve learning and performance


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Supplemental materials for ASTDTK13 session.

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W202 supplemental materials using qr codes to improve learning and performance

  1. 1. Dr. Kella B. Price, SPHR, CPLP has 13 years of experience in training and development, and talentmanagement functions. As CEO of Price Consulting Group, she is a trainer and facilitator. Kella haspublished on training delivery; social media; diversity; expatriates; and stress, job satisfaction, andemployee turnover. In addition, she has designed numerous virtual training and development tools.Kella is adept at using learning technologies, including: QR codes, blogging, Twitter, bookmarking tools likedelicious, and social media networks like LinkedIn and Facebook. She regularly conducts training on howto use these technologies as a business tool for collaboration and building relationships. Her expertise hasbeen included in several books, including: Virtual Training Basics, The Books of Road-Tested Activities,and Pfeiffer Annual. She regularly posts via twitter: @kellaprice and authored Twitter for Trainers(ow.ly/8sWD7) . Her second Infoline, QR Codes for Trainers, was released in January 2013
  2. 2. (http://bit.ly/QRInfoline) . Session Description QR codes are rapidly growing as a great interactive technology tool, a way to communicate with clients and colleagues and share information rapidly. QR codes can be used by workplace learning professionals in conducting training as well. When used appropriately in training, QR codes increase conversionoptimization, increase participant engagement, and allow participants to find information, learn in teams,and access company resources just-in-time. This session will show you how to create and scan QR codesand use them to share information with clients, colleagues, and training participants. You will create anduse QR codes; identify opportunities to enhance learning through their use; integrate use of QR tagginginto existing training; and understand how to use QR codes as a mechanism to improve learning andperformance in your organization. You are encouraged to bring your mobile device to this session.Application on the Job-Create, read, and evaluate effectiveness of QR Codes.-Design interactive learning activities using QR Codes to connect learners to online resources.-Improve your organizations learning and performance through application of QR codes and higher levelsof conversion optimization.-Analyze and evaluate the uses of QR codes in different learning environments.Find the location of the session on the hotel map:http://bit.ly/Tvkiz4
  3. 3. Job Aid: QR Code Pre-Session HandoutIt is important to remember that not all participants may be familiar with QR codes and how to scan them. Irecommend that you provide all users information on how to download a QR code reader application, and how toscan QR codes (Remember that all devices are different, so the methodology for each may vary somewhat.).There are many free applications that can be used to scan QR codes. Some include: Kaywa Reader, BeeTagg,Qrafter, Bakodo, QRReader, i-nigma, TapReader, QRDroid, and ATTScanner. To locate free applications, search“QR code” in your phone application store. How do you select one? Try a few out and see which one you like thebest. The basic functionality of QR code reader applications is the same. The readers offer scan, history, and someeven allow you to create.Once the QR code reader is downloaded, it is important to test it and ensure that it is functioning correctly. First, youselect SCAN and center the barcode in the camera. Hold still, and wait for it to read the image. The more complexthe QR code, the longer it will take to decode the image. Once the image is scanned, the result will be stored in thehistory on the device.Before this session, follow the steps listed above, then use the QR Code below to test your QR code reader:
  4. 4. Next, send out to your participants a pre-session survey.Create the questions using a survey tool like Survey Monkey, and send out a request to complete thesurvey: In order to facilitate next week’s training, please help me tailor the training to your needs byanswering a few questions: http://svy.mk/SQUqZX .Sample questions:1. What is your role and how long have you been in the position?2. What do you want to learn as a result of this training?3. How much knowledge do you have about (enter subject matter here)?4. In regards to (enter subject matter here), what topics or issues are you most interested in learning or hearing about?5. As it relates to (enter subject matter here), what is your biggest challenge today in the workplace?6. This session will be using QR codes. How much experience do you have using them?You can always add additional questions to the audience analysis; just remember that open-endedquestions will stimulate discussion.You may want to also include the survey information on one of your first slides to give the participants onelast opportunity to respond to the questions.Please answer this quick survey to tell me more about your needs and experience with QR codes!
  5. 5. Some applications and QR capabilities to try:Function WebsiteMS Tag Reader application gettag.mobiCreate a Virtual business card Viscards.comQR Codes for Telephone Calls http://bit.ly/QRCodeCallQR Codes for Calendar Events http://bit.ly/QRCalendarEventQR Creation in Color: URL, Message, V-card, Map http://myqr.co/QR Creation: Likify www.likify.netQR Creation w/Multiple functions: Youscan Youscan.meCreating a location on Facebook Places (necessary to http://on.fb.me/RusVJecreate QR code for Check-insQR Creation: URL, text, phone number, SMS, or http://qrcode.kaywa.com/Contact info - KaywaGoogle Chrome: QR-Code Tag http://bit.ly/ChromeQRCodeMozilla Firefox: Mobile Barcode http://bit.ly/QRFirefoxLink shortener: bit.ly Bit.lyLink shortener: Ow.ly Ow.lyLink shortener: tinyurl.com Tinyurl.comLink shortener: goo.gl Goo.glBe sure to print out a copy of the Slides and Supplemental Materials for this sessionbefore attending. Don’t forget to also bring your tablet or smartphone to the learningsession.Questions before the event?Contact me:Kella PricePhone: 252.622.8119drkellabprice@gmail.com@kellaprice