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State of industry report handout


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Handout for San Diego ASTD State of the Industry presentation

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State of industry report handout

  1. 1. Price Consulting Group Dr. Kella B. Price, SPHR, CPLP3532 Fairgreen Ln; Palmdale, CA 93551 661.526.6578 office/FAX 252.622.8119 KPriceConsulting@aol.comState of the Industry: The Local Economy & Employment TrendsU.S. organizations spent $125.88 billion on employee learning and development last year. Dr. Kella Price, SPHR, CPLP--anASTD National Advisor for Chapters--will share insights on the statistics, trends, and best practices in the workplace learning andperformance industry using examples from 2010 BEST Award winners, and benchmarking studies . Youll hear how companiesare investing learning dollars, how they feel about e-learning, and the impact that the economy has made on Training andDevelopment. She will draw the content of her presentation from ASTD Nationals 2010 State of the Industry Report , the annualreview of trends in workplace learning and performance. She will also facilitate discussion on these topics, so be ready to sharewhat your company is doing in these areas!Participants will be able to:*Identify characteristics of the BEST in Training and Development, and how they are successful*Understand key measurables of Workplace Learning and Performance, and how these were addressed last year by top Fortune100 companies*Apply the State of the Industry Report to the San Diego market and economy and understand its implications*Evaluate the success and desired outcomes in Workplace Learning and Performance within their organization based onbenchmarks in the industryObjectives:* Identify the current state of the local San Diego economy and job market* Discuss the ASTD State of the Industry key findings and implications for San Diego* Explore the current and future training and development challenges and developmental needsPre-reading: 2010 ASTD State of the Industry Report: For those who arent members and dont want to pay the $499 for thecomplete report, here is a link with a limited summary of the report: is the link to the store to download or purchase a copy of the report: For podcasts and reprints about companies recognized as the BEST for 2010: Kella B. Price, SPHR, CPLP has 13 years of experience in training and development, and talent management functions. AsCEO of Price Consulting Group, she is a professional speaker, speaker coach, trainer, and facilitator. Kella has publishedresearch previously on diversity; expatriates; and stress, job satisfaction, and employee turnover. In addition, she has designednumerous training and development tools. She has served in leadership capacities for the American Business Womens’Association (ABWA), American Society for Training and Development (ASTD), and Society for Human Resources Management(SHRM). She is currently a National Advisor for chapters for ASTD.Dr. Price teaches business and human resources classes at several institutions, including Campbell University and TheUniversity of Phoenix. ©2009 Price Consulting Group 252.622.8119
  2. 2. State of the Industry Report 2Characteristics of the BEST:Investment__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Measurement__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Efficiency__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Effectiveness__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Alignment__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Learning Opportunities__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________C-Level Involvement__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Non-training solutions__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ©2011 Price Consulting Group 252.622.8119
  3. 3. State of the Industry Report 3Formal learning:__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Informal learning:__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________What types of informal learning are your employees learning?__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Learning Hours: Making learning hours available is like books in a library. Using learning hours is like the number of times the books are checked out. • For example, if a 2-hour course is prepared, then the hours made available (or produced) is 2. If 7 people take the class, then the hours used is 7 x 2 = 14.__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________What technology is being used in learning?__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________How can you increase the reuse ratio in your organization?__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Take a look at the recap of today’s presentation via Twitter #ASTD #ASTDchapters @ASTDSanDiego ©2011 Price Consulting Group 252.622.8119