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Slideshare version using qr codes to improve learning and performance


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QR codes are rapidly growing as a great interactive technology tool, a way to communicate with clients and colleagues and share information rapidly. QR codes can be used by workplace learning professionals in conducting training as well. When used appropriately in training, QR codes increase conversion optimization, increase participant engagement, and allow participants to find information, learn in teams, and access company resources just-in-time. This session will show you how to create and scan QR codes and use them to share information with clients, colleagues, and training participants. You will create and use QR codes; identify opportunities to enhance learning through their use; integrate use of QR tagging into existing training; and understand how to use QR codes as a mechanism to improve learning and performance in your organization.

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Slideshare version using qr codes to improve learning and performance

  1. 1. Using QR Codes toImprove Learning and Performance Session: W202 Wednesday, 1:15-2:15 p.m. Marriott, Salon V/VI Dr. Kella B. Price, SPHR, CPLP Price Consulting Group @kellaprice
  2. 2. To prepare for this session, please access your smart phone’s application store and download a free QR Reader.Kaywa BeeTagg Qrafter BakodoReaderQRReader i-nigma TapReader ATTScanner QR DroidOnce you have a QR Readerloaded on your smart phonescan this code to test if it isfunctioning correctly.
  3. 3. Using QR Codes to Improve Learning and PerformanceTake this survey before the Session: W202session starts! Wednesday, 1:15-2:15 p.m. Marriott, Salon V/VI Dr. Kella B. Price, SPHR, CPLP Price Consulting Group @kellaprice
  4. 4. Who is “live tweeting this presentation? #W202 #ASTDTK13 During this collaborative session, please feel free to Tweet your; •Ideas •Tips •Tricks •Discoveries •Ah Ha! Moments So that everyone can benefit! •Other useful hashtags: #socialmedia #ASTD #QR #QRtip 4
  5. 5. What do you want to take fromthis session? #W202 #ASTDTK13What do you want to take from this session? #ASTDLV
  6. 6. QR Codes for Trainers
  7. 7. How does the technology impact YOU?• More peer-to-peer collaboration• Better knowledge transfer• Real-time activities and information• Low skills required to use• Low cost to implement• Increase training opportunities/modalities 7
  8. 8. Benefits of using QR codes:• Green• Resources when they want, where they want it• Provide supplemental information• Evaluate training effectiveness• Engage audiences• Conversion optimization
  9. 9. MS Tags• Must have Microsoft Tag Reader Scan these by downloading app:
  10. 10. Customizing• Color• Edges Contact info sample:• Multiple pieces of data• Customized content for end user• Details about end user (location and phone)
  11. 11. Guidelines for QR Codes• Business objective• Add value• Provide contextual assistance• Tested with multiple applications
  12. 12. Generating QR Codes 12
  13. 13. Link Shortener 13
  14. 14. What is it?QRCodes:“quick response” square barcodes of(usually) black & white, link to data: –contact info –Website –video
  15. 15. Where can I find QR Codes?
  16. 16. Generating QR Codes•
  17. 17. Generating QR Codes• – Location tracking – Analytics
  18. 18. Generating QR Codes• – Location tracking – Analytics• Kaywa
  19. 19. Other apps• Google: QR-Code Tag• Firefox: Mobile barcode Create a QR code from content in your web browser. QR-Code Tag and Mobile barcode make it easy.
  20. 20. Link Shortener
  21. 21. Link Shortener in QR Code
  22. 22. Step-by-Step with bit.ly1. Enter the website address in the link shortener. Click on shorten.2. Copy the shortened link.3. Use the shortened link to create your QR code.
  23. 23. Link Shortener Analytics
  24. 24. Remember:• Explain why they should scan• Provide a URL• Use a link shortener• Test with multiple applications
  25. 25. Check the Backchannel
  26. 26. What are the implications for training?Give yourfeedback inthe discussionforum byscanning thecode:
  27. 27. As a business tool•• Facebook Places• Check-ins via Facebook, Foursquare, Twitter FOLLOW, or Google Places.• Subscribe to blog• Opt-in on email list
  28. 28. As a business tool• Promotions• Billing invoices• Business cards• Marketing brochures• Conferences• CV
  29. 29. As a business tool• Send QR Codes quickly via social media
  30. 30. Training: Pre-session Pre-populate by creating a URL: 1. Start with• Registration 2. Hashtag: %23• Map 3. Spaces: +• Session description I learned how to pre-populate #Twitter statuses Thanks @kellaprice #cool• Prework #W202 #astdtk13• Texts +learned+how+to+pre-• Survey for participants populate+%23Twitter+statuses+Tha nks+@kellaprice+%23cool+%23w20• Pre-populated tweets 2+%23astdtk13 4. Don’t forget to shorten link before you create the QR code
  31. 31. Training: During the Session• What is the goal or learning objective?• What will the code do to enhance the activity or information?• Does the QR code enrich the activity with FUN as well as supplemental information?• How will you support learners who need assistance?• Finally, how will you measure if the activity has been successful (specifically, consider Kirkpatrick’s Levels 1-3)?
  32. 32. Training: During the session• Intro – download the app• Supplemental reading• Slideshare• Delicious• Contact information• Videos• Polls/Surveys
  33. 33. Surveys• Employee Satisfaction survey• Exit survey• Customer survey/performance data• Testing, evaluating, polling• Name tags Get real-time feedback from customers after each interaction with a QR Code; helps coach employees. Tweet me! #W202 #ASTDTK13
  34. 34. Surveys1. One benefit of using a link shortener is:2. True or False: Mobile barcode (#QR Code) scanning was up over 4500% comparing from Q1 2010 to Q1 2011.3. QR codes should: a)Serve a business objective b)Add value for the user c)Provide contextual assistance d)Be scannable e)All of the above
  35. 35. Distribution• Reading – provide link Check out this site to create your• Calendar items calendar event:• Recruiting• Webinar• What’s new• Orientation
  36. 36. DistributionUsing your smart phone click on the QR Code to download a copy of this presentation.
  37. 37. Video• Memo – Leadership video• Job Aids
  38. 38. Video
  39. 39. Activities• Weekly fun
  40. 40. ActivitiesTeam meeting tomorrow in the break room @ 9am. Join us fordoughnuts&coffee. Well be celebrating someones service anniversary and theSales contest winner!
  41. 41. Using QR codes forsupplemental information
  42. 42. Training: Post-session• Conversion optimization: Analytics• Consider these questions: – How QR code was presented – Did you test the QR codes for scannability? – Did you explain to the audience how to scan QR codes before the session? – How was the QR code introduced? – Did you point it out to the audience and tell them what content it was linked to? – Was the QR code on the projector screen (more difficult to scan) or was it presented in handouts?
  43. 43. Following up with your audience• Summary of key points• Copy of session tweets• Document with all QR codes• Bookmarking resources
  44. 44. What are your takeaways? #ASTDTK13 #W202
  45. 45. Don’t forget:Check out my QR Code resources on Thank you! Delicious: What are your questions? Dr. Kella B. Price, SPHR, CPLP 252.622.8119 Download a copy of the slides and supplemental materials from the Price Consulting Group Conference site or from slideshare: Complete the evaluation feedback 45 about this session!