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Effective Communication in Dealing with Irate Callers

Workshop outline for Effective Communication in Dealing with Irate Callers

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Effective Communication in Dealing with Irate Callers

  1. 1. Effective Communication for Dealing with Irate Callers Facilitator: Kelly Howarth, M.Ed., Dpl. Ad. Ed.A particular challenge facing the Telephone Service Representative (TSR) is that of dealing with theangry or distressed caller. It is important to remain professional while responding to the needs of theclient…essentially, not taking their strong feelings personally and staying calm while being helpful.This interactive 6-hour workshop will help you to deal with the irate caller using specific techniquesfor effective communication.Session Highlights: • Listening…really listening to the client, using active listening skills (empathy, paraphrasing, reflecting feelings, etc.) • Case studies in anger • Small-group activity: participants will brainstorm and create scripts for dealing with the irate caller • Role-playing: putting yourself in the caller’s shoes and practicing the techniques for effective communication to diffuse anger or other strong feelings • Open discussion designed to get you thinking about this important aspect of telephone communication • Reflection and Wrap-upCome explore how to be a more effective TSR! This workshop will appeal to anyone who works intelephone customer service, as well as coaches and supervisors.About your Facilitator…Kelly Howarth, a Life Skills Educator, has a Master of Education in Curriculum and Instructionfrom McGill University, a Diploma in Adult Education and a Bachelor in Psychology. She taughtadult learners in the Customer Service Specialist program at Champlain College - Saint Lambert anddoes professional development seminars with educators and administrators. Kelly is a big proponentof interactive learning that is fun, stimulating, and personally meaningful and that leads to self-empowerment.For more information about offering this seminar to your customer service force, contact: KLH CAREER DEVELOPMENT E-mail: Web site: Visit my blog: http://onewordpundit.blogspot.comCopyright Kelly Howarth. All rights reserved.