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Tanya Buynovskaya presentation


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About HealthProm's work in Central Asia

Published in: Health & Medicine
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Tanya Buynovskaya presentation

  1. 1. HealthProm
  2. 2.  UK-based international development NGO working with local communities in Eastern Europe and Asia to improve health and social care for vulnerable women and children. We currently work in Eastern Europe, Central Asia, the Caucasus and Northern Afghanistan.
  3. 3. UK – USSR Medical Exchange Programme, 1984 Aim: To build up friendship and trustbetween the UK and the USSR through the medical network
  4. 4. achieve sustainable, culturally sensitivedissemination of best practices in health and socialcare for vulnerable groups in the region inpartnership with our overseas partners
  5. 5. To keep women and their babies safeWe work with local partners to promote safechildbirthTo keep families together and prevent childinstitutionalisationWe ensure parents get the support they need to care fortheir children, especially those with a disability or at risk.
  6. 6.  Prevention through safe motherhood Safe childbirth and newborn care Early intervention for improved child social care and development Supporting vulnerable parents to care for their children, especially children with disabilities.
  7. 7. capacity- evidence- partnership cost-building based practice work effectiveness
  8. 8.  Kyrgyzstan Tajikistan Uzbekistan Azerbaijan Northern Afghanistan Russia In the past we also worked in Ukraine and Kazakhstan.
  9. 9.  Train health and social care professionals Develop effective interventions, publications and training materials Raise public awareness and advocate at regional and national levels Organise public health education and prevention campaigns Build capacity of local NGOs and provide networking opportunities
  10. 10. Safe Childbirth Project in Azerbaijan Together with our Azerbaijani partner NGO “Family and Society” we trained more than 300 doctors and midwives in more than 6 regions in the country and provided necessary medical equipment to local hospitals in Sheki and Kizhi regions. The project was funded by GlaxoSmithKline and started in 2003.Inter-regional League of Midwives of Russia HealthProm helped develop the first professional association for midwives for Russia, which acts as a voice for Russian midwives and advocates for a defined professional role for midwives based on international definitions and standards of midwifery education and practice.Bologoye Hospital Project (Tver region, Russia) HealthProm provided essential medical equipment and professional training for the Bologoye Hospital Maternity DepartmentNewborn care in Uzbekistan HealthProm provided training of trainers in resuscitation of newborn babies in Uzbekistan in partnership with the Ministry of Health and UNICEF
  11. 11. Altai Child Disability Project (Siberia, Russia) HealthProm and our Russian partner NGO Revival established two day care centres for disabled children and their families, which provided community based care and support service for disabled children and their families in this Siberian regionYoung Child Attachment, St. Petersburg In partnership with the St Petersburg Early Intervention Institute Focus on understanding of childrens needs for development and a Russian evidence base of research findings on what works best for child development Building awareness and dissemination of information on child attachment
  12. 12. “Supporting young disabled children and theirfamilies in Kyrgyz Republic”•2008-2011•Funded by the Big Lottery Fund, UK•Working in partnership with two KyrgyzNGOs – Association of Parentsof Disabled Children, Bishkek, and PublicAssociation “Shoola-Kol”, Issyk-Kul region
  13. 13.  To support most vulnerable children with intellectual and physical disability AND their families by providing community-based early childhood intervention services To improve understanding by government and community of child disability and rights of disabled children through work with media, government and general public To provide parents and specialists with access to accessible information and resources on child disability to help them provide better care for the children
  14. 14.  Established 2 unique Day care centres in Bishkek and Bokonbaevo with outreach work/home visits to isolated families Bishkek day centre – the only centre in the country with the focus on early intervention for young children with severe disabilities aged from 0 to 7 y.o. Bokonbaevo centre -a rural centre based in a mainstream school with outreach work to other villages, works with local FAPs
  15. 15.  Established excellent links with local and national media, with successful awareness campaigns and PR work. positively changing attitudes HealthProm provided multi-disciplinary training for local specialists and parents on family support, child disability and child development. A series of accessible publications for parents and specialists
  16. 16.  Built capacity of local partners and empowered parents though training and regular support, study visits and activities Each year provided summer holidays opportunities for more than 100 children with disabilities (and their families) including children from Belovodsky Internat Established active links with maternity hospitals, FAPs and policlinics to reach new families
  17. 17. “Reducing poverty, empowering vulnerablefamilies, strengthening partnerships andadvocating for rights”Funded by the European CommissionPartners – NGO Disabled Women’s League“Ishtirok”Opened Kishti Centre providing Early Year SupportServices to babies and mothers at risk of institualisation
  18. 18. Project Aims: To reduce maternal and newborn deaths through recruiting and training community health workers in local villages to provide basic health care To raise awareness and improving quality of care in 10 poor villages To provide essential equipment and supplies, build premises for the health centre To provide motor transport for obstetric emergencies
  19. 19.  New project funded by ICCO started in January 2011 Main partner: NGO Nur Bala, Talas Other partners - Association of Parents of Disabled Children (ARDI), Shoola-Kol Aim: to support children with severe and multiple intellectual disabilities and their families in Talas region through establishing and strengthening sustainable community-based support mechanisms in the region.
  20. 20.  …based on the success of our current project funded by the Big Lottery Fund and will continue our partnership with ARDI in Bishkek and Shoola- Kol in Bokonbaevo. Through Nur Bala we will support 6 parents groups to become local Family Support Centres and will establish a regional network of parents groups that will give a voice to families of children with disabilities, with a specific focus on intellectual disabilities.
  21. 21.  HealthProm is currently embarking on an ambitious growth strategy that will take it to its next development phase, and enable it to increase its influence and impact. Developing regional strategy for Central Asia, new cross-border and cross-sector programmes and projects Expanding and diversifying its partners and supporter base