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Session Xiv Christian Identity & Formation Perveted Liturgies


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Session Xiv Christian Identity & Formation Perveted Liturgies

  1. 1. Session 11: Summary MLDR510 2008 1
  2. 2. False Formations & Imaginations Consumerism as perverted liturgy Fragments and atomizes ‘bodies’ What social ecclesiologies can resist this process? Modern church lost it’s soul now it’s losing it’s body Pilgrim Church vs Blueprint Church Secularism: rescue from religious wars (false) imagination Consumerism: rescue from boredom 2
  3. 3. Church as public body Secularism & Consumerism: christianity a private club/hobby Responses: Fundamentalism vs Relevance - via media? Protestants: so close to culture, to fickle, and development of individual faith, collapse faith into the individual with consumerism Torah: space time nexus and identity, pentecost new identity/ becoming, vs postmodern self creation Need a new public for Christianity: habitat and conversion, identity formation Community as relief to individual, and individual as relief to community 3
  4. 4. Theological Anthropology & Soteriology Modern world: move from us as subject to God as subject Autopoiesis: endless self creation Death: is not punishment but result of individualism Christian poiesis: grounded in Christ event, agency exchange, cruciform life, not just meaning making Luther: real freedom, being ‘rapt’ seized into freedom Spirit on Mission to renew creation, through Christ event Our task is to participate in this mission, with others, the Church 4
  5. 5. Anthropology - Soteriology - Ecclesiology Our theological anthropology (what is meaning of life, identity, humanity) determines our Soteriology - How are saved and from what? Which determines our Ecclesiology (habit for that identity and rescue) Evangelical Churches: warehousing people for heaven? E/C: Saving people from church, and boredom? Mega church: entertainment, it’s all about you? 5
  6. 6. Anthropology - Soteriology - Ecclesiology What kind church do we need for: 1. A biblical anthropology: misplaced desire/disordered living, desiring desire 2. Salvation: is redirecting our desires, training us, forming us with others 3. Ecclesiology: What form of church enables that? 6