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  • Dear Students,

    Re: Tips on writing a your weekly synopsis

    As we come to Friday and you are due to post you're reading synopsis, here are some tips from me as to getting that done quickly, and as painlessly as possible.

    1. Previous Tips: make sure you have read and use the resource materials posted for you so far. They will have help you get through the reading, and given you skills for using with the synopsis.

    2. Cite as you write/Note as you go: As you do the guided reading, and make posts, have a piece paper to hand or a separate document open on your computer, and post key thoughts, ideas, phrases, and concepts as you go.

    Put down thoughts from others as you interact. By the end of each week, you'll have one piece of paper, with your key learnings and interactions. It saves you having to try to remember the posts.

    You could also cut and paste, from the posts that you consider were your key posts, and those from others, and put them into that document.

    3. Summary, Survey, Outline: Remember a synopsis is a brief summary, survey and outline. Your synopsis should be written as an overview of what the reading was about, what you learned, what others helped you learn in discussion etc.

    4. Edit: Take that document and tidy it up into something readable/usable. You'll end up with a page that has helped you review your week, and for you to keep, if you ever want to refer back to that week's reading.

    As you produce it, think about what would be the most help for you to use in the future as a summary of the book and reading.

    5. Outline: As you edit your text, here is a suggested outline for collecting your thoughts together. This isn't compulsory, just for those of you who would find it helpful to have something to structure your synopsis around.

    a. Reading Summary: 1 paragraph on each chapter, summarising what the reading was about.

    b. Learning Summary: something from each chapter that reaffirmed what you believe/know, something you learned, something you disagreed with, anything you didn't understand etc.

    c. Group Discussions: summary of what you learned in your group interacting with each other. A few thoughts on what others said, asked, where they co-inhered with you, or differed and why.

    6. Post it: Post your synopsis into Foxtale. I'd love to see post in ways that you find helpful, so you might use any of the following:

    a. Post as text for us to read
    b. Post as a mindmap (
    c. Post as an MP3 audio recording
    e. Post as 'You Tube' or similar video
    f. Write it on your blog/start a blog put the link in Foxtale

    The choice is yours! Whatever helps you interact the most, and leaves you with the synopsis that represents what you got from the week.

    Imagine that you are producing something for you, that shows what you read, and learned, and that you could use if you were trying to help some like you learn the same.

    Dr Jason Clark

  • Session X More Study Skills How To Write A Synopsis

    1. 1. 1 Tips for writing a synopsis Assigned and Elective Reading Summaries
    2. 2. 2 Tips Read all the online resources again Cite as you write, cut and paste Summary, Survey, Outline Edit Outline: reading summary, learning summary, previous reading Learn from others Post it