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  1. 1. CORPORATEJOBS Career and collections Consultants Volume 1, Issue 1, 08.08.2010 Give Resignation or Get Termination ? A New HR Practices in India comes in to the picture when one of the Employee has raised the voice against this practice. Many Employee must have faced this kind of practices across their career but the question is “ Who will Bell the Cat?”. Caption describing picture or graphic. In a Race to earn Big profits and reducing the Bad debts of the company, HR have implemented this Newsletter Spotlight practice in India. Hire and Fire policy have been Share your ignited ideas and implemented ignoring the career of victims raise your voice against Employees. Corporate Atyachaar... Now time has changed for Employee also to think To Subscribe this Newsletter twice before giving commitment, integrity, Loyalty, send mail to - Honesty to the organization ??? Questions or comments? Email us at