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Melina Mallos - Curriculum and Education Programs Officer at the Queensland Art Gallery


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Presented at Creating Child Friendly Cultural Spaces Seminar at QPAC 12 June 2008

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Melina Mallos - Curriculum and Education Programs Officer at the Queensland Art Gallery

  1. 1. Colour: contemporary art for kids (15 March − 9 June 2003)
  2. 2. Colour facts • featured contemporary art from all areas of the Gallery’s collection • aimed to engage children with colour meanings, cultural associations, feelings and optical effects (colour facts) • designed as a ‘colour house’ –rooms were colour focused • interactives to experience the sensory properties of specific colours
  3. 3. Colour findings Children: • showed enjoyment in interpreting the abstract, contemporary works • found the art to be interesting to look at – especially art that was strange, scary, familiar, funny, amazing and/or different • provided all sorts of interesting and creative interpretations
  4. 4. Children and contemporary art What enabled meaningful engagement? • high attracting and holding power of the works • opportunities for thinking and discussion: how was it made? • hands-on exploration to discover something Drawing by Aiden, Year 4 new about colour
  5. 5. Lionel BAWDEN – Untitled Discoveries: familiar object used in an interesting way: - Look, they’re pencils! - That’s mad! Asking questions: - How deep would the pencils be inside? - How many days would it take to do? Commenting and theorising: - They’re cut and stuck together. - I think it would take forever to make.
  6. 6. Insights : contemporary art - This is art how you feel. - Different from what you’d see in your house. - It’s different. You usually think paintings, not couches with spikes.
  7. 7. Colour findings Many children reported learning something new as a result of their experience in the Colour exhibition. • most common response: how colours feel (temperature) • colours can be mixed to make new colours • colours have meaning The interactives enhanced children’s experiences in Colour. • teachers stated that interactive components added an important sensory dimension to the experience
  8. 8. Since Colour … Children are interested in all art forms • interesting textures • which use technology (film / computer) • have an interactive element (sound / light) • scale – small / large
  9. 9. Activity books / child-friendly information labels • promotes child-adult interaction (shared encounters) • provide interesting facts • questions and activities encourage children to build connections between their own lives and the art on display
  10. 10. Artist-child interaction • mutually beneficial – learn from each other • share ideas and provide inspiration
  11. 11. The Silver Factory: Andy Warhol for Kids • engage with processes and ideas that Andy Warhol was interested in • appreciation for HOW and WHY the artist made the type of art that he did • thrill of seeing yourself = the reaction is immediate ‘15 seconds of fame’
  12. 12. Picasso & his collection