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Mandy Ridley presentation

Artist, Mandy Ridley presents a case study of her own practice at the art+place workshop, Warwick Art Gallery

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Mandy Ridley presentation

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  3. 3. Nativitas 2008 Mater Mothers Hospital Project Cast and laser-cut Aluminium& light Design features Centipeda minima & Irish lace references Nativitas Photography by Aperture
  4. 4. /012$<??M I!6)"$(+#$.'+1-3-+1$8-#7$*/8B)"$(/!#$E-3-67 J!"8-3$D-#:$4!#)"E"/3#$*"/N)(# Flow Photography by Monsoon
  5. 5. Proposed artwork site. Construction of Northern Busway, Bowen Bridge Road, Brisbane Photography by Rod Buchholz
  6. 6. Anonymous 2009 Anodised laser cut aluminium Northern Busway Photography by Rod Buchholz
  7. 7. “interpretationof the significant fabric of the place”
  8. 8. 34550*6"7*("7*1+%'$)'$($+7$8%7.$ *+7$'-"5$%9$72$$+%(5*$+5$: 7$5.+101,;%"+8%$51+16*5%)'15$((< O)')3$9!-'$D')1)3#6
  9. 9. Historical imagery from the Museum of Nursing, informally documented and developed into sketches back in the studio.
  10. 10. Donor Boards, Royal Brisbane Hospital
  11. 11. Sensitive concept realisation drawn from extensive research of site and its history.
  12. 12. The Porphyry Wall - history of construction
  13. 13. The Porphyry Wall - history of construction Documentation from official paperwork Individual handwriting styles.
  14. 14. The place Research at BCC Archives. Early map making and surveyor’s log books
  15. 15. The site: a place where formalised knowledge systems intersected or were overlaid
  16. 16. Hospital Crest inspired medicinal plant research
  17. 17. Photography by Rod Buchholz
  18. 18. Photography by Rod Buchholz
  19. 19. Photography by Rod Buchholz Anonymous A major artwork commissioned as a Heritage Interpretation of the Bowen Bridge Porphyry Wall