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Social Media Training workshop

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Social media workshop

  1. 1. Khaled El AhmadSocial Media Consultant / shusmo.meEmail:
  2. 2. What is
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  10. 10. UGCrefers to various kindsof media content,publicly available, thatare produced by end-users.
  11. 11. Social Media PlatformsSocial Networking sites (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin)Blogs (Wordpress, Blogger, Tumblr)Video sharing sites (YouTube)Photo sharing sites (Flickr)Crowdsourcing (Wikipedia)User reviews (Amazon, Yelp)Streaming sites (Ustream)Social bookmarking (Digg,
  12. 12. Google Alerts Google ReaderGoogle Search Shortcuts GmailGoogle Plus Google Docs
  13. 13. What is RSS?Really Simple Syndication
  14. 14. Digital Media Plan
  15. 15. Digital Media Plan
  16. 16. Digital Media Plan
  17. 17. Platforms Digital Media Plan Criteria for measurement Monitor PlanRoles & Responsibilities
  18. 18. Digital Media Plan
  19. 19. Conversational Calendar Digital Media Plan Ask your community - take polls and share resultsUse 80/20 rule, 20% would be brand indirect related content
  20. 20. Digital Media Plan
  21. 21. Digital Media Plan
  22. 22. Digital Media Plan
  23. 23. •Google Alerts•Row feeder•Twitter Advanced Search•Twazzup•Social Mention• Twialert•Trackur• TweetReports (Paid) Monitor• SproutSocial (Paid)•Scoutlabs ($249/mo)•Radian6 ($500/mo)
  24. 24. Gender Spending Habits AgeEducation Reports Income Sentiments Location
  25. 25. Twitter
  26. 26. Twitter has over 445M users The Average user has 115 Majority of Tweets are 40 characters long Twitter 150M Tweets per day652,333 Estimated Active Tweeps in Arab region as of November 2011
  27. 27. 5 Stages of Twitter Acceptance 1. Denial 2. Presence 3. Copy Paste4. Conversing 5. Addiction
  28. 28. TweetA Message of 140 characters or less
  29. 29. Mention (@) @Username + MessageThis mention tweet will be visible for both followers
  30. 30. Re-Tweet (RT)RT @Username + MessageRepeating someone else’s Tweet amplify it’s effect
  31. 31. Hashtag (#) #TopicHelps you filter all discussion relevant to a specific event or topic
  32. 32. - Hashtag a City or a country #Amman #JO- Hashtag an Event or a conference #Ammantt #sobcon- Hashtag a Public Debate or relevant conversation #reformjo #mish3aib- Hashtag a Specific Topic to gain global exposure #Sales #hr
  33. 33. Direct message (DM) DMSend a Follower a private message
  34. 34. FavoriteSaving / Bookmarking Tweets
  35. 35. ListsFind Lists or create your own (Public or Private)
  36. 36. Spread the word about your Twitter Handle Search by Keywords (City, Sector, topic..) How to find New Followers Search specific list Search certain hashtags Follow Friday (#FF) Invite Email Contacts Follow Family & FriendsFind popular Tweep in your area and follow their followers
  37. 37. Mind the 140-char limitAdd a personal touch Photo or Video TweetsInformational Tweets Twitter Content Blog Posts Provide answers and guidanceAsk questions and seek people’s opinion Retweet other rich tweets Inspiration Quotes
  38. 38. Facebook
  39. 39. 11% of World Population has a facebook Account50% Log on to facebook everyday Facebook Average user has 130 friends & spends 700 min per monthThere are 36 Million Facebook users in MENA 865Mil on facebook > 750Mil Motor vehicle
  40. 40. Encourage Discussion Unified Message Be CreativeBe a resource for fans Create Polls Post at Peak hours 15 Tips on Engagement Keep it Engaging Build Community Use Open end Questions Keep content fresh and relevant Be Sociable Build Community Thank your fans Post and tag users in photos and videos
  41. 41. Facebook Timeline• Guidelines: - Cover Photo Copyright - Cover Photo size: 851 pixels wide by 315 pixels high - No Sale or Promotions - Don’t incentivize “Like” - No Contact information• Messaging : Now customers can inbox Brands.• No more Landing Page: No more Brand Abuse.• Pin Feature: brands can pin certain post to stay on top.• Brand Vanity URL: Now Brands can pick their Vanity URL without the need for 25 likes.
  42. 42. Linkedin
  43. 43. LinkedIn has 135M usersNew User registered every 2 seconds18-24 21%25-34 36%35-54 36%Age 55+ 7% LinkedIn
  44. 44. How to Build a Professional LinkedIn Profile• Craft an informative profile headline• Display an appropriate photo• Show off your education• Develop a professional summary statement• Fill your “Specialties” section with keywords• Update your status weekly• Show your connectedness with LinkedIn Group badges• Collect diverse recommendations• Claim your unique LinkedIn URL• Share your work
  45. 45. How to Network Professionally Online• 100% complete = 100% more likely to get noticed• You’re more experienced than you think• Use your inbox• Get personal• Join the “in” crowd• Lend a (virtual) hand• Update your status #early and #often• Question (and answer) everything
  46. 46. Linkedin Tips• Claim your vanity URL (• Make your blog/website links appealing.• Search engine optimize your profile.
  47. 47. Khaled El AhmadSocial Media Consultant / shusmo.meEmail: