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Social Media Content


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Is social media a real reflection of the public opinion?
Monitoring Social Media, tools and KPIs

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Social Media Content

  1. 1. Khaled ElAhmad A US/Jordanian Social Media Strategist with the ability to translate concepts into strong social media campaigns. Managing Zain Jordan Social Media and most recently served as the D i g i t a l D i r e c t o r for the Jordanian Government, where he managed social media for the Prime Minister and the Government as a whole. Managing and consulting public, NGO and private brands. He was listed as one of Top 100 Most Influencer Arabs on Twitter in 2012.
  2. 2. Social Media Video Social Media in the Middle East:
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  6. 6. Who are talking about your Brand? What can you learn from your Peers? Stay updated
  7. 7. EarthquakeVideo Social Media faster than Earthquake:
  8. 8. Rachel Water Video:
  9. 9. Malawi Water Campaign:
  10. 10. Khaled ElAhmad