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  1. 1. Team 002 Program Manager: Nicole Bing Core Team Members:Tyrone (Ty)Bishop, Kaitlin (Kate) Keegan, Thomas (Tom) Schorr, Alexandria (Allie) Stewart, Ashley Wiley
  2. 2. ProjectScope Sheet
  3. 3.  Off-road utility vehicles (UTV’s) are becoming very popular with the fire service for remote search & rescue, and brush fire suppression missions. Many departments have already or plan to modify their UTV’s to add additional capabilities and storage of specialized equipment/tools. Common examples include hose reels, water tanks, ladder racks, winches, stokes baskets, etc. One concern with modification is that the stability of the vehicles can be compromised by raising the center of gravity. Pine Run VFD, station 59, recently acquired a Polaris Ranger 6/6 UTV and is considering modifications for hauling water, ladders, etc. A concept has been proposed to install a water tank under the existing bed which could also become a platform for additional racks. This approach would lessen the impact of raising the center of gravity of the vehicle.
  4. 4.  Meetings are held: ◦ Out of Class on Mondays and Fridays ◦ In Class on Wednesdays  Meetings can be held on weekends if needed  Fire Departments  Pine Run  Daugherty Township Meeting Policy ◦ Each member is to attend and arrive on time to meetings. If a member is unavailable, they must notify at least one team member prior to the meeting with a valid reason.
  5. 5.  Mission Statement ◦ To design and manufacture an effective accessory system for the Pine Run VFD’s Polaris 6x6 UTV. The system will be used to assist them in servicing their community safely and efficiently for both brush and medical emergencies. We will capture their VOC to successfully address their customer needs.
  6. 6.  Objectives
  7. 7.  Rulessss**
  8. 8.  Connections ◦ Sheraden Steel Erectors: Nicole’s father owns a steel construction company. This company could be a possible resource for materials. ◦ Ironworkers Local #3: Allie’s father is a construction worker and can donate left over materials from job sites. ◦ First Energy: Kaitlin’s father is a fire marshal for First Energy and we will use his VOC. ◦ 911th Airlift Wing: Ashley is employed here and can manufacture the accessory system. ◦ Jim Blaha: Relative of Ashley. We can use his shop to also get materials and manufacture accessory system.
  9. 9.  Skills Inventory ◦ Kaitlin Keegan: Exceptional Communication Skills, Does Well with Problem Solving ◦ Allie Stewart: Inventive, Creative, Excellent at Visual Production ◦ Nicole Bing: Artistic, Creative, Design Savvy, Strong Leadership Skills ◦ Ashley Wiley: Mechanically Inclined, Computer Savvy ◦ Tyrone Bishop: Logical, Mechanical ◦ Tom Schorr: Computer Savvy,
  10. 10.  Throughout the course of this semester, our team has encountered many obstacles towards becoming a compromising team. ◦ From dropping courses to taking time off of work, team members have certainly made some tremendous sacrifices to do well in Edsgn100. ◦ Team members have been struggling towards communicating efficiently with one another, and it is starting to become better over time. ◦ By communicating with one another, conflicting issues may arise, but our team has not come into any interruptions that would cause an enormous disturbance. ◦ By openly discussing any issues of concern in a group setting, peacefulness remains in effect.
  11. 11.  Specifications ◦ 2,000lbs. load capacity ◦ 1,250lbs. cargo bed capacity ◦ 2,000lbs. towing capacity ◦ 4 stroke twin cylinder engine ◦ 760 cc ◦ 42.5 x 54 x 11.5in – bed dimensions
  12. 12.  Kawasaki Mule 2011 4x4 ◦ 1,300lbs. load capacity ◦ 800lbs. cargo bed capacity ◦ 1,200lbs. towing capacity ◦ 11.2ft. turning radius ◦ 25MPH top speed ◦ 4 stroke engine ◦ 617 cc ◦ 46.3 x 51.6 x 11.3/15.6 cu. ft. – bed dimensions
  13. 13.  Fire Rescue FP-11 (Entry Level) ◦ Rescue area to secure long board or stokes basket ◦ 55gal or 70gal Poly Water Tank ◦ Removable pump
  14. 14.  Fire Rescue FD – 11(Intermediate Level) ◦ Rescue area to secure long board or stokes basket ◦ 55gal or 70gal Poly Water Tank ◦ High pressure Darley-Davey Two Stage Pump
  15. 15.  Fire Rescue FDH-11(Advanced Level) ◦ Rescue area to secure long board or stokes basket ◦ 55gal or 70gal Poly Water Tank ◦ High pressure Darley-Davey Two Stage Pump ◦ Hannah Series 4000 Manual Hose Reel ◦ 100ft. of 3/4in. or 50ft. of 1in. Booster Hose
  16. 16.  Firelite Transport Deluxe Skid Unit (#FDHP-11) ◦ Stationary all-metal pump ◦ 125,160, or 200gal. Poly tank with integrated 5gal. foam cells ◦ Pre-connected F4000 Series Hannay Electric Reel ◦ Integrated water tank site gauges; One for water, and one for foam ◦ Adapter to fill water backpacks without pump
  17. 17.  Medical Rescue MTB-11 (Entry Level) ◦ Rescue area to secure long board or stokes basket ◦ Quick disconnect mounting system ◦ Fixed seat with seatbelt
  18. 18.  Medical Rescue MTS-11 (Intermediate Level) ◦ Rescue area to secure long board or stokes basket ◦ Quick disconnect mounting system ◦ Three position guidelock seat with seatbelt ◦ Retractable IV pole
  19. 19.  Medical Rescue MTD-11 (Advanced Level) ◦ Rescue area to secure long board or stokes basket ◦ Quick disconnect mounting system ◦ Three positioned guidelock seat with seatbelt ◦ Retractable IV Pole ◦ Slide-out tray in storage area ◦ Oxygen bottle holder
  20. 20.  Basic Life Support Ambulances ◦ Ventilation and airway equipment ◦ Automated external defibrillator ◦ Two-way communication capabilities ◦ Stretcher ◦ Fire extinguisher ◦ Reflective safety wear for crew ◦ Protective helmets
  21. 21. Problem Solution Schedule meetings when necessary, and informNot every team member will be able to attend each unavailable team members with detailedteam meeting, which could delay the work process descriptions of meetingsTeam members may not do their intended amount Split up work load to the rest of the team members of work for one reason or another Team members may become stressed due to Share problems with other team members in order overwhelming workloads from other courses and to receive moral support occupationsThe cost of driving to fire departments, ambulance Have each member of the team take turnscenters, etc. could become a burden for each team carpooling member to drive to these places Time constraints may arise as deadlines for the Distribute workloads equally throughout the course Reviews draw nearer of semester and have a strict timeline in order to get everything done
  22. 22. Problem Solution The team (as a whole) may not thoroughly Always ask for feedback from the VOC in every understand the VOC step of the design and manufacturing processThe cost of building the accessory system may go Get all materials donated to Pine Run VFD, Station over the $25 budget 59 or from associations of team members Ensure safety equipment (first aid, fire extinguisher, etc.) is within reach, or properInjury may arise while designing and building the facilities nearby; situational awareness of accessory system surroundings; use of proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)After the production of the accessory system, the Start working on final product during the IDR model may not work properly, and due to time phase in order to ensure accessory system is constraints, repairs may be obsolete working correctly
  23. 23. Customer Need Emergency Emergency Fire Medical Slide In Mule Slide In Skid Unit Skid Unit (Daugherty) Basic Life Support Brush Truck Skid UnitWater Tank (50g or + - - - +more)Hoses + - - - +Jump seat - + - + -Room for medical + + +Equipment - -Room for brush - - + + -equipmentRoom for a patientand two firemen - - + + -Extensions for - + - +stretcher -Open Bed (needsto tilt or general - - + - -bed)Simplistic + + + + +Rescue (as primary + + + + +goal)Total Positives = 4 Positives= 5 Positives=6 Positives= 7 Positives= 4