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Gluster in Japan 2012-2013


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Presentation in LinuxCon/CloudOpen Japan on May 31st, 2013.

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Gluster in Japan 2012-2013

  1. 1. Copyright  (C)  2013,  NTTPC  Communications,  Inc.  All  Rights  Reserved.   1 
  2. 2. Copyright  (C)  2013,  NTTPC  Communications,  Inc.  All  Rights  Reserved.   2 Agenda!  About me! Gluster in Japan!  Difficulties and Users Requests!  Conclusion
  3. 3. Copyright  (C)  2013,  NTTPC  Communications,  Inc.  All  Rights  Reserved.   3 About!Me自己紹介
  4. 4. Copyright  (C)  2013,  NTTPC  Communications,  Inc.  All  Rights  Reserved.   4 About me!  Work at as a ...!  Programmer  (Most recently) Interested in!  Software Engineer Cloud Computing (Storage, Network, Server) Supporting GlusterFS/Red Hat Storage Introduction Now with Red Hat K.K!
  5. 5. Copyright  (C)  2013,  NTTPC  Communications,  Inc.  All  Rights  Reserved.   5 About me! GlusterFS since 2007 (v1.3.7)  for my internet crawler at first.!  Love Gluster because of the ...  Potential  Performance  Code  Community!  Introduced or introducing it into ...  Printer and scanner solution (field trial)  Email services  File storage services (WebDAV, NFS)  Backup services  Shared storage platform!  A board member of the GlusterCommunity
  6. 6. Copyright  (C)  2013,  NTTPC  Communications,  Inc.  All  Rights  Reserved.   6 ここ1年の日本におけるGlusterFSの動向Gluster!in!Japan!
  7. 7. Copyright  (C)  2013,  NTTPC  Communications,  Inc.  All  Rights  Reserved.   7 Gluster in Japan!  Approaches by other IT sectors A sponsor of IaaS cloud computing project A server manufacturer A CPU manufacturer An InfiniBand manufacturer!  Collaboration with other cloudcomponents OCDET, an open source community
  8. 8. Copyright  (C)  2013,  NTTPC  Communications,  Inc.  All  Rights  Reserved.   8 Gluster in Japan!  Medical Field became ready for cloud
  9. 9. Copyright  (C)  2013,  NTTPC  Communications,  Inc.  All  Rights  Reserved.   9 Gluster in Japan!  Introduction example in Medical fieldEasternBrickEasternBrickWesternBrickWesternBrickWesternBrickWesternBrickEasternBrickEasternBricklsyncd + rsyncWesternJapanSecret SharingEasternJapanStorageTiering* GlusterFS 3.2.7
  10. 10. Copyright  (C)  2013,  NTTPC  Communications,  Inc.  All  Rights  Reserved.  10 直面している問題とユーザの要望Difficulties!and!Users!Requests!
  11. 11. Copyright  (C)  2013,  NTTPC  Communications,  Inc.  All  Rights  Reserved.  11 Difficulties and Users Requests!  Premise: Japanese requirements forservice in general (my subjective view) Continuity, most of all Never stop or pause it Insensible failure is also unacceptable Even outdated software should continue running The customer is king Any components have to meet each customer’s requirement So each service should have as many functions as possible Cost-cut! Cost-cut! Cost-cut! Never lose out price wars Never overspend the budget The annual budget is determined in March and is too limited,never increase as much as the one last year Assign least engineers, sales and managers
  12. 12. Copyright  (C)  2013,  NTTPC  Communications,  Inc.  All  Rights  Reserved.  12 Difficulties and Users Requests!  Outdated GlusterFS Upgrading GlusterFS 1.3, 2.0 to 3.x is difficult xattr and dht should be changed Already tooooooo many files there to migrate No maintenance window is reserved No budget is reserved No one maintains and supports ancient codes?
  13. 13. Copyright  (C)  2013,  NTTPC  Communications,  Inc.  All  Rights  Reserved.  13 Vol2Difficulties and Users Requests!  NFS and Multi-tenancy nfs.rpc-auth-allow for multi-tenancy some operations on a volume affectIOs to other volumesVol1Vol0e.g.gluster volume set ...IOIOIOVol2Vol1Vol0IOIOIO
  14. 14. Copyright  (C)  2013,  NTTPC  Communications,  Inc.  All  Rights  Reserved.  14 Difficulties and Users Requests
  15. 15. Copyright  (C)  2013,  NTTPC  Communications,  Inc.  All  Rights  Reserved.  15 glusterfsDifficulties and Users Requests!  CTDB and NFS connectivity failover is pretty good failback causes write()ing clients pausethe IOglusterfsglusterfsCTDBVIPwrite()glusterfsglusterfsCTDBVIPwrite()glusterfsglusterfsglusterfsglusterfsCTDBVIPwrite()failoverfailback
  16. 16. Copyright  (C)  2013,  NTTPC  Communications,  Inc.  All  Rights  Reserved.  16 Difficulties and Users Requests!  3-way replication neither supported nor recommended still strong needs for 3-way!  Multi-master Geo-replication bi-directional on the roadmap?
  17. 17. Copyright  (C)  2013,  NTTPC  Communications,  Inc.  All  Rights  Reserved.  17 Conclusionまとめ
  18. 18. Copyright  (C)  2013,  NTTPC  Communications,  Inc.  All  Rights  Reserved.  18 Conclusion!  It was the hottest year ever because GlusterFS got a lot of visibility to other IT sectors.!  The government-led movement made GlusterFS introduced into medical field.!  In Japanese quality requirementof services, still GlusterFS has ... some issues to be solved many requests to meetAll of them are the facts in Japan 2012-2013!Let’s make Gluster live up toJapanese expectations together!
  19. 19. Copyright  (C)  2013,  NTTPC  Communications,  Inc.  All  Rights  Reserved.  19 To contact us, e-mail here ->