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Dangers of prism


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What the PRISM program really is, and why there's nothing much you can do about it

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Dangers of prism

  1. 1. PRISMWhat the hell is it
  2. 2. Some backgroundLittle intro to the internet
  3. 3. This is your internet connectionClient Web Server
  4. 4. ClientClient Web Server
  5. 5. ConnectionClient Web Server
  6. 6. Web ServerClient Web Server
  7. 7. For anonymity and privacy you need tosecure all 3: Secure your Client Secure your connection Secure your Web server
  8. 8. Client If someone manages to install spyware on your machine they can seeeverything you do on your client So it’s your job to make sure there’s no spyware on your client You are responsible to secure this, and you can--because you own itClient Web Server
  9. 9. Connection Someone performing a wire-tap can see everything you do online If you want to remain secure you can encrypt the data flow SSL connection to the Web Server or VPN would resolve thisClient Web Server
  10. 10. Web ServerClient Web Server• Your Web server in most cases stores a huge amount of data on you• But you don’t own it and can’t control the security of it• However, Google and Facebook have better security than you
  11. 11. If I secure them all…am I safe? Even if you secure them all…Client Web Server
  12. 12. The NSA has figured out… The internet is Public And the NSA has tapped the Public Internet just before the likes of Google,Facebook, Microsoft… While most of the data is encrypted, some of it isn’t.
  13. 13. What is PRISMHow it works
  14. 14. So what did they do?Client Web ServerYour email exitingGmail is notencrypted… so theytapped it.
  15. 15. And they stored it…PrismNSA datacenter
  16. 16. And there’s more Email Photos Chats File transfers Login activity Social media Profiles
  17. 17. All stored here And stored for eternity Could include encrypted data (for decryption when future computingpower allows it) Unfortunately, we don’t know anything for sure. They have HUGE storage capacity and no qualms about storing data fornon-Americans…i.e. 80% of the users of these services
  18. 18. Why is it called PRISMBecause a PRISM splits light
  19. 19. Why is it called PRISM?Client Web Server• Your internet connection is Fibre-Optic• Which means the signal is light• To split light…you use a PRISM
  20. 20. Why is it called PRISM?Client Web ServerPrism• Light split between the webserver you want to access and;• The NSA Datacenter
  21. 21. Why is it called Prism?PrismNSA datacenterPrism
  22. 22. Does TOR protect you?Client Web ServerNO! TOR doesn’t help
  23. 23. Does VPN protect you?Client Web ServerVPN doesn’t helpeither
  24. 24. YES!You should be worried
  25. 25. Nothing muchYou can do about it
  26. 26. Thanks toSteve Gibson for his AMAZING Analysis on Twit Security
  27. 27.