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How to download a video clip from united


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Published in: Education
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How to download a video clip from united

  1. 1. Keith Rosso 2010
  2. 2. Log into United Streaming Enter your Username & Password
  3. 3. Use the search box to help find a clip that you might want to add to your PowerPoint.
  4. 4. As you type in the search box more options will appear to help narrow your search
  5. 5. Be aware that the results may come up as images, audio, full video or video segments.
  6. 6. If you let your mouse float over the thumbnail a review will come up. This will help you decide whether or not you want to view it or even download it.
  7. 7. Click the thumbnail to the view the video. Than click the play button to start watching the video.
  8. 8. So you decided that you like the video and want to down load it. Click on the Download Type Button.
  9. 9. Choose what program you want to download it in. Flash Video, QuickTime, or Windows Media.
  10. 10. Now to download the video. Look for the filmstrip icon.
  11. 11. Right click on the filmstrip. Click on Save Target As….
  12. 12. Give the download a file name and location to save it in so that you can easily locate later.
  13. 13. You can see the file is being transferred.
  14. 14. Download is now complete. You should OPEN to make sure that the video is what you wanted to download.
  15. 15. Now you can add the video to your PowerPoint. Click on Insert, than Movie , than Movie from file.
  16. 16. Locate the saved video file, Click on it to open it.
  17. 17. Decide how you want the video to start in the presentation.
  18. 18. Video may not play because video file was not transferred to
  19. 19. Video is now part of the PowerPoint. View the presentation to make sure that it works correctly. Save your work!!
  20. 20. If you plan on using the PowerPoint on a different computer than the one that you designed it on you MUST also save the video file to the thumb drive as well as the PowerPoint.
  21. 21. PowerPoint is a great tool for students to use to “create” a project in class. One part of the PowerPoint project is to incorporate a video clip of the subject matter at hand. Creating projects with different digital media is exciting and fun. Students could even star in their own video that could be part of their final project. The ideas are unlimited.