Internet Marketing Made Simple


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Internet Marketing can be a great way to make a living, but most people get so overwhelmed with what they need to learn, they never even really get started.

When you understand the big picture and what you need to do and you are working with good can focus in on a few simple things that make a big difference.

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Internet Marketing Made Simple

  1. 1. Internet Marketing Made Simple How To Leverage The Internet To Create Automated Cash Flow
  2. 2. Why Do You Want To Make Money Online?
  3. 3. Is It Because Internet Marketing Offers… • Flexibility? • Equal Playing Field? • Leverage? • Scalable? • Automation?
  4. 4. If That’s True…Then Why Isn’t Everyone Doing It?
  5. 5. Because It’s Confusing And It’s Often Hard To Decide Where To Start
  6. 6. There’s So Much To Learn… There’s…Websites, Traffic, Lead Capture Pages, Autoresponders, Blogging, Social Media, Conversions, PPC, Article Marketing, Video Marketing, SEO, Analytics… The List Is Endless…And It Never Stops Changing
  7. 7. Most People Are Overwhelmed
  8. 8. You Get Started… You Put In A Little Effort Here And A Little Effort There… Then Fizzle Out
  9. 9. Sound Familiar?
  10. 10. And Many People Then Decide…
  11. 11. Internet Marketing Doesn’t Work
  12. 12. But That Isn’t You
  13. 13. You Have Decided It WILL Work… As Long As You Don’t Quit…You Keep Learning…And You Keep Taking Action
  14. 14. And That DESIRE Combined With Your Decision To Take Action Towards Your Dreams Is More Than Most People Can Say They Have
  15. 15. So, I Want You To Take A Minute And Acknowledge Yourself
  16. 16. Because Sometimes… Sitting In Your Home… Working Away Online… Hour After Hour… Day After Day… Investing In Your Own Education
  17. 17. Even If You Haven’t Produced Immediate Results
  18. 18. That Can Be Tough And It Can Make You Question Whether Or Not You Can Make It Happen
  19. 19. Sometimes… There Just Aren’t Enough People Around To Put Their Hand On Your Shoulder And Tell You That You Are Awesome… And That You Have Outlasted Everyone Else Who Already Decided To Quit
  20. 20. And That’s Something
  21. 21. Seriously… I Really Want To Acknowledge You
  22. 22. And Because You Are Here I Want To Take Some Time To Create Some Value For You
  23. 23. To Show You Some Things That You Can Use Today To Make Money Online
  24. 24. So You Can Live The Life You Deserve
  25. 25. Let’s Get Right Into It…
  26. 26. I Am Going To Simplify How Everything Works
  27. 27. Because Once You REALLY Understand How Things Work
  28. 28. You Can Focus On Getting Better… Instead Of Just Wandering Around Aimlessly
  29. 29. I Am Sure You Haven’t Spent Any Time Just Wandering Around Aimlessly
  30. 30. That’s Me Laughing WITH You
  31. 31. Okay…So Back To It… Making Money Online Works A Lot Like Any Other Business
  32. 32. But The Guru’s Sometimes Want You To Think It Doesn’t So You Buy All Their Stuff
  33. 33. Here’s How It Works
  34. 34. The Basic Sales Funnel $$$ Money $$$
  35. 35. How Does It All Work?
  36. 36. It’s The Same In Every Business
  37. 37. Let’s Say You Owned A Dog Grooming Business
  38. 38. You Open Your Doors And You Are Ready To Go
  39. 39. Using This Example… The People Who Somehow Find Out About Your Business Are Your Visitors
  40. 40. Those Visitors May Either Walk Into Your Store, Look At Your Website Or Call You On The Phone They Have ENGAGED In Some Way
  41. 41. Once They Have Engaged… They Become A Lead
  42. 42. The Move From Lead To Prospect To Customer Happens In Many Different Ways
  43. 43. Some People Go From Lead Directly To Customer
  44. 44. These Are People Who Generally Trust Themselves And Make Decisions Quickly
  45. 45. Sometimes This Is Because They Have An Urgent Need (Like An Upcoming Dog Show or In The Case On Internet Marketing… They Need Money Right Now)
  46. 46. Or Because They Have Already Done Their Comparison Shopping Somewhere Else And They Like Your Style And How You Do Business
  47. 47. And Others Hang Out As Prospects For A While Before They Become Customers
  48. 48. They Know About Your Business They Like You They Need What You Have To Offer But They Haven’t Made A Decision To Buy Yet
  49. 49. The Process Of Going From A Visitor To A Customer Is Called Your Sales Funnel
  50. 50. Every Business Has One
  51. 51. The Percentage Of Visitors That Become Customers Is Called Your Conversion Rate
  52. 52. But Most Businesses Don’t Pay Much Attention To Their Conversion Rate
  53. 53. And This Is One Of The Reasons Why Most Businesses, Both Online And Offline, Fail
  54. 54. Once You Know Your Conversion Rate, You Can Figure Out Some Other Cool Stuff That Most Businesses Don’t Pay Attention To
  55. 55. Your Cost Per Lead And Your Cost Per Sale
  57. 57. Value Per Sale
  58. 58. You See… Good Marketers Know That It’s Easier To Sell Something To An Existing Customer Than A New Lead
  59. 59. And There Is NO MARKETING COST When An Existing Customer Buys Something
  60. 60. One Of The Reasons Internet Marketing Is So Appealing Is It’s Easy To Figure These Things Out If You Have A Good System
  61. 61. Let’s Say… Through Your Marketing Efforts, Your Internet Business Brought In 200 Leads For The Month And That Turned Into 10 New Customers
  62. 62. Your Conversion Rate Is 5% or 1 in 20 (10 divided by 200)
  63. 63. Now Let’s Say… Those 10 New Customers Totaled $2,000 In Revenue (maybe some bought low priced products and some bought high priced products)
  64. 64. Your Value Per Customer Is $200 ($2,000 divided by 10)
  65. 65. Are You Still With Me?
  66. 66. This Is Simple… But Really Important Stuff
  67. 67. Because When You “Get It”… Making Money Online Is Easy
  68. 68. Lastly… Let’s Say You Spent $400 To Generate Those 200 New Leads
  69. 69. Your Cost Per Lead Is $2 ($400 divided by 200 Leads)
  70. 70. And Your Cost Per Sale Is $40 ($2 Cost Per Lead And You Needed 20 Leads To Generate 1 Customer)
  71. 71. So What This Means Is… You Spent $40 To Make $200
  72. 72. Or $400 To Make $2,000
  73. 73. That’s A 500% Profit
  74. 74. Which Means…
  75. 75. You Should Be Able To Scale Your Business (Remember “Scalable” From One Of The First Slides)
  76. 76. To Where $800 In Marketing Would Make You $4,000 And $4,000 In Marketing Would Make You $20,000
  77. 77. Now What If You Could Also Learn Some FREE Marketing Strategies That Gave You A Lead Cost Of ZERO
  78. 78. Making Sales From FREE Lead Strategies is Pure Profit
  79. 79. What If You Could Improve Your Conversion Rate? What If You Could Increase Your Value Per Customer?
  80. 80. That’s Right… All Of Those Little Improvements Would Increase Your Bottom Line!
  81. 81. Okay, So You Are Starting To Understand How It All Works… And I Know…It’s Really Exciting
  82. 82. Remember This?
  83. 83. One Of The Main Reasons People Have A Hard Time Making Money Online Is They Have To Figure Every Single Part Of The Business Out
  84. 84. And Become Really Good At All Of It
  85. 85. What If Most Of The Process Was Done For You?
  86. 86. What If You Could Use A System That Had Proven High Conversion Rate?
  87. 87. X Leads = X Sales = X $$$
  88. 88. So All The Work To Create The Lead Capture Pages, The Follow Up Process, The Sales Videos, The Ordering Process
  89. 89. Was All Done For You
  90. 90. And Once Someone Became A Lead…The Rest Was All Automated?
  91. 91. So You Could Just Focus On Getting Visitors To See Your Offer?
  92. 92. With All Your Focus On Just One Part Of The Business…Don’t You Think You Could Get Pretty Good At It?
  93. 93. Focusing on 1 Thing Is Definitely Better Than Focusing On 10 Things
  94. 94. And… What If We Could Teach You Both FREE And Paid Marketing Strategies With Documented Results?
  95. 95. So Whether You Are Starting With A Big Budget Or An Itty Bitty Budget…You Can Create Results
  96. 96. Would That Make Your Goal To Make Money On The Internet A Little Simpler?
  97. 97. It Definitely Has For Me
  98. 98. It’s Time You Created Real Freedom For Yourself
  99. 99. You Are Capable Of Way More Than You Think You Are I Know This For A Fact
  100. 100. How Can I Be So Sure?
  101. 101. Because I Have Proven It To Myself
  102. 102. And I Am Know Different Than You
  103. 103. Go Here Now To Learn The Rest Of The Story