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Ferdia Chocolates Portfolio


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Some elements of a PR campaign we ran for an artisan chocolate company.

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Ferdia Chocolates Portfolio

  1. 1. Suzanne Jackson @SoSueMe_ie 25.69K Followers 70,000 Instagram Followers Ireland’s most Influential Beauty Blogger.
  2. 2. Layla Flaherty @LaylaFlaherty 45.6K Followers Very well known Irish model and British Reality TV Personality.
  3. 3. Holly Carpenter @Holly0910 19.3K Followers Irish model, former Miss Ireland. Girlfriend to Cian Healy.
  4. 4. Pippa O’Connor Ormond @pipsypie 32.8K Followers Irish model, TV Personality. Married to Brian Ormond.
  5. 5. Lucy Kennedy @KennedyLucy 19.2K Followers Irish TV Presenter, Celebrity Mum.
  6. 6. Louise Duffy @louiseduffyshow 14.9K Followers Radio Presenter Today FM, Girlfriend to Paul Galvin.
  7. 7. Seán Earley @seanearley 3,034 Followers Digital Manager with Slattery Communications
  8. 8. Niamh Hopkins @NiamhHopkins 1,512 Followers Senior PR Manager with Slattery Communications
  9. 9. Aileen Gaskin @AileenG89 286 Followers PR Consultant with Communications Clinic.
  10. 10. Unfortunately they didn’t tweet us. Their combined number of followers is over 1.2 million! We also sent treats to... As well as....
  11. 11. Reach – Celebrity Drop • In total, we managed to reach over 165,000 followers on Twitter. • That figure is put into comparison with the 1.4 million followers we would have reached had everyone tweeted. • Without Twitter Analytics, we can’t work out how many impressions we made – but it’s definitely a much higher number than this. • We also reached 70,000 Instagram followers thanks to Suzanne Jackson
  12. 12. #FerdiaFavour •According to Twitter Analytics site, our estimated reach was 21,230. •It also tells us we made almost 35,000 impressions.
  13. 13. #FerdiaFavour •We also saw a gain in followers from our #FerdiaFavour promotion. •We gained 100 followers in just two hours.
  14. 14. #FerdiaFavour – Sample Tweets
  15. 15. #FerdiaFavour – Tweets Received
  16. 16. #FerdiaFavour – Tweets Received
  17. 17. • We were asked by Ferdia to man some pop up stands over the course of the campaign. • We took it upon ourselves to take the opportunity to build their online activity. • We teamed up with DkIT Student’s Union to let students know about the great deals at our stand. Social Activity for Stands
  18. 18. • We kept this trend going for every stand we manned throughout the campaign. Social Activity for Stands Valentines Week
  19. 19. Social Activity for Stands St. Patrick’s Day
  20. 20. Social Activity for Stands Mother’s Day