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Tech Trends


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Learn about current Tech Employment Trends and Hottest Jobs in It, through this Dice Q1 report

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Tech Trends

  1. 1. Tech Employment Snapshot Retention Trouble? Unemployment Rates Jobs Created/Lost in Q1 2012 Monthly Average of Quits (Professional and Business Services) 4.4% 8.3% Computer systems designQ1 6.3% Professional and Business Services - 1,577,900 employed2012 +20,100 from Q4 Computer 4.1% 8.7% supportQ4 specialists2011 5.7% Q1 2012 4.2% 9.1% Network andQ3 systems administrators2011 3.6% 9.0%Q22011 4.7% 9.0% 367,000 4.4%Q12011 Software developers Tech (Quarterly) National (Quarterly) 414,000 monthly Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics; overall unemployment rate is seasonally adjusted – 10-year average Technology (computer and math) is not seasonally adjusted. 3.6% 3.6%The unemployment rate for technology professionals averaged 4.4 Web Programmers Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics, Job Openings and Labor Turnover Survey, Professional and Business Services, Voluntary Quitspercent in Q1 2012—about half the national average, according to the developers Computer and electronic productsBureau of Labor Statistics. That’s an improvement from 4.7 percent in Manufacturing - 1,109,900 employed Over the last 10 years, 414,000 employees in profes-the same quarter a year ago, a key comparison because the data isn’t sional and business services have voluntarily quit +2,500 from Q4seasonally adjusted. 2.7% their jobs on average monthly. The rub? We haven’t been north of the average since 2008 leading someWhat’s driving the growth in technology positions? Technology Computer companies to become complacent about is contributing to job growth – with more than 20,000 2.4% systems analystspositions added in the first quarter.1 That’s on top of more than 70,000 Computer & In the first quarter, 367,000 workers in professional informationpositions created in 2011. The fact is companies are using flexible talent systems and business services walked away from their posi-more – creating opportunities. managers tions.Looking ahead, there is significant optimism on the staffing side. Techrevenues are projected to grow in the low double-digits year/year, Increasing salaries tops the list of what tech profes-according to Staffing Industry Analysts. And, many financial analysts sionals want to stay in their current position. But,expect margins to improve slightly for staffing companies, with compensation isn’t the only panacea for IT displaying particularly strong margins. Tech professionals say more interesting or challeng- 0.8% Data processing and hosting ing assignments would keep them in their currentIn addition, manufacturing of computer and electronic products Information - 241,800 employed position, followed by a promotion or new title. Databaseemployment grew adding 2,500 positions in the first quarter, while data 0.5% -690 from Q4 administratorsprocessing and hosting shed about 700 jobs. Surprisingly, the one mismatch between what tech Network architects professionals want and what employers are willingWithin the profession, the unemployment rate improved quarter over to give is flexibility. Whether in work hours or tele-quarter for database administrators, computer and information systems = 500 people = gained = lost commuting, tech professionals say they would thinkmanagers, web developers and computer support specialists. Source: Change in number of employed positions from Q4 twice about leaving those benefits behind and Source: Unemployment rates, Q4 2011, to Q1 according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics’1 Professional and Business Services, Computer Systems Design Bureau of Labor Statistics, Household Survey Establishment Survey employers should make it a retention tool. Tech Trends Q1 2012
  2. 2. Tech Salaries, Bonuses On the RiseMobile 2 Managers Java/J2EE Tech Pros Receiving Bonuses 10 Business Project 1 more than two percent last year to $81,327, the $8,769 Analysts largest increase since 2008, $8,120 yr/yr +2% according to the Dice Salary Survey. $8,065 32% 29% 24% .NET $81,327 Web $79,384 8 4 6 Average bonuses jumped up as3 Network Engineers/Admins Average Annual Wage well, increasing eight percent to 5 Developers $8,769. And, the number of tech System Engineers/Admins 7 9 2011 2010 2009 SAP Pros pros receiving bonuses rose 32 2011 2010 percent in 2011, compared with 29 percent in 2010 and 24 percent in 2009. The industries most likely to pay out bonuses: Telecom, Hardware, Banking, 12 of 20 Top Tech Markets had Above Average Salary Growth metropolitan markets, we see good demand in $89,419 priorities for 2012—they need innovative Florida, Oregon, Colorado and Arizona. professionals who design, code, build and $82,055 Portland operate. Indeed, developers dominate the new Anecdotally, hiring managers have been telling us year’s most pressing hiring needs about the talent crunch for both for tech pros with the right skill sets and the right Houston $89,307 experience level,” said Tom Silver, SVP, North for a second straight year, although ops professionals make “ Demand for tech mobile (#3) and .NET developers America at Dice. $94,317 their list debut. professionals with has become ubiquitous and the Silicon Valley led the way, with an average annual Silicon Valley $104,195 According to data compiled from java know-how developers hasn’t caught up with salary of $104,195, topping six figures for the first Chicago $83,970 nearly 1,200 tech-focused hiring managers and recruiters, Java has grown year/ the market. For .NET, the money gap and the concerns about .NET Other tech markets saw salaries rise, too, with 12 $90,362 developers are the top priority. year for more than limiting careers has held back Denver $86,590 Demand for tech professionals with java know-how has grown two years. ” — Alice Hill, tech professionals from fully embracing the Microsoft frame- with a 13 percent jump in pay to average $89,419. Dallas/Ft.Worth $84,589 year/year for more than two Managing Director, work. $90,042 years as measured by job Skills that commanded six-figure salaries and had New York postings on Dice. If your New to this year’s list: systems above average year/year growth were led by ABAP Los Angeles $87,183 company is looking to hire this talent, don’t (#7) and network (#8) engineers/administrators. at $109,157, and anchored by a push toward $79,830 dawdle—a seasoned Java developer clearly has Their appearance may demonstrate companies enterprise java, with Weblogic, JBoss and Web- Raleigh options. have pushed the backbone of their organizations Sphere showing outsized gains. 0 7% 14% 6 too far. Doing more with less has limits as these Software developers moved up one-spot on the professionals maintain, operate and optimize list to claim the number two position this year. entire communication channels and platforms. figures Employers want developers who have strong ABAP SOA ETL Weblogic JDBC UML JBoss WebSphere opinions on what makes for high quality code, The tech recruiting market is active and hiring and a passion to create excellent user experiences and business solutions. On Dice, $109,157 $108,210 $106,521 $103,702 $102,630 $102,579 $102,184 $100,348 there are software developer positions posted in to build value within their business and tech +3% +6% +6% +5% +5% +6% +5% +7% yr/yr yr/yr yr/yr yr/yr yr/yr yr/yr yr/yr yr/yr 44 out of 50 states. Outside of the major professionals will have a headlining role. Skills that commanded six-figure salaries and had above average year/year growth Tech Trends Q1 2012
  3. 3. People. Done Right.