Grand Canyon Tours From Las Vegas


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Vegas is a great place out of which to stage a trip to the West Rim or the South Rim of the Grand Canyon. But which rim to visit? This informative article demonstrates how to pick the rim that's right for you and how to get it at the best price.

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Grand Canyon Tours From Las Vegas

  1. 1. Grand Canyon Tours from Las Vegas:Deciding to Visit the West Rim or the South Rim By Keith Kravitz © 2011 | http://www.grandcanyon123.comDeciding on whether to visit the Skywalk or Grand Canyon National Park while stayingin Vegas? Thats a tough one. Both attractions are worth the trip. However, there are afew logistical and budgetary differences between the two that can help solve the dilemmafor you.For your consideration:Trip DurationThe one-way drive time by bus from Vegas to Grand Canyon West is 2.5 hours and 5.5hours to the South Rim. Both trips take a full day. West Rim bus tours will have you backon The Strip by 6.p.m. while South Rim bus tours will get you back to your resort-hotelby 9 p.m.How Far Is It?The driving distance from Las Vegas to the West Rim is 128 miles and 279 miles to theSouth Rim. Both are full-blown road trips. Fortunately, todays motor coach has all the
  2. 2. amenities, including plush seats and a clean bathroom. Most tours include lots of reststops where you can get off the bus and stretch your legs. Some include a photo stop atHoover Dam.Things to doHeres where the rims differ. Go to the West Rim is you are looking for thrills andattractions. Visit the South Rim if you are looking for spectacular scenery. Theinfrastructure (dining, lodging, amenities) is more developed at South Rim. Here arespecifics:South Rim- View PointsThe National Park is loaded with famous lookouts like Mather Point, Yaki Point,Hermits Rest, Yavapai Observation Station, and more.- DiningPlenty of casual dining here. My favorite is the restaurant in the Bright Angel Lodge,which serves up huge portions of affordably priced home-cooked food. Maswick Lodgeoffers cafeteria style. There is a small snack bar behind the Lodge Restaurant. High-enddining (and cocktails) can be had at El Tovar Hotel. Near Mather Campground is asupermarket with deli, fried foods, and pizza.Gift ShopsThere are mementos for everyone. Hopi House specializes in Native American crafts (canbe on the expensive side). The gift shop at Bright Angel Lodge, Verkamps, and LookoutStudio are ideal for souvenirs. Fine art can be purchased on the "bottom" floor of KolbStudio.
  3. 3. West Rim- The Glass WalkwayLas Vegas most popular outdoor attraction is the Glass Bridge. More than 1 millionpeople have "walked the sky" since the bridge opened in 2007. Its a terrific structure:Made of special glass, it extends 70 feet over the Canyon, wherein youre suspended4,000 feet above the Colorado River.- Hualapai RanchIncludes a realistic western town with live gunfights. Horse riding and river rafting startshere. Helicopter flights take visitors to bottom of the Canyon. Lodging is available forovernight stays.- LookoutsEagle Point is the principal lookout for the West Rim. Stunning views are to be had. Bewarned - Theres no guardrail. Theres also an Indian Village where that includes tee pees,native homes, and an outdoor amphitheater where the Hualapai share their culturethrough dance and singing performances.- Souvenir Shops/RestaurantsThe West Rim is a work in progress. So far, theres a souvenir shop. Inside, the facility isnicely supplied with souvenirs and snacks. Bus tours include a delicious BBQ lunchprepared by the Hualapai.The WeatherThe South Rim, elevation 7,000 feet, is 1,500 feet higher than the West Rim, so anticipatecooler temperatures. That said, both rims are home to extreme weather conditions. Hereare annual temps by rim:Glass Bridge/West RimElevation is 4,700 feet.Jan. - March avg. high: 70 degrees. Average low: 43 degrees.April - June: Average high temperature: 96 degrees. Avg. low: 65 degrees.July - Sept.: Average high temperature: 105 degrees. Avg. low: 76 degrees.Oct. - Dec.: Average high temperature: 76 degrees. Average low: 46 degrees.South RimElevation is 6,000 feet.
  4. 4. Jan. - March Average high temperature: 45 degrees. Average low: 21 degrees.April - June: Avg. high temp.: 69 degrees. Average low: 39 degrees.July - Sept.: Avg. high temp.: 82 degrees. Average low: 52 degrees.Oct. - Dec.: Average high temperature: 52 degrees. Avg. low: 27 degrees.What to Wear & What to BringWarm layers in the winter months and wind-resistant, cool clothing during the warmmonths. Count on winter snow at the South Rim and wear pants, shoes and a jacket (itsnot uncommon to see people in shorts!). During the summer make sure to bringsunscreen and plenty of water in order to stay hydrated.How Much Does It Cost?Grand Canyon West rim excursions start at $94. South Rim tours at $80. Tour prices areall-inclusive and come with all entrance fees, lunch, and guide. Book online for theabsolute best price. Tickets to the Grand Canyon Skywalk cost $29.95 for adults and$22.95 for kids.Lets Go!Which rim is for you? The South Rim or the West Rim? Hmmm.... Both are stunninglybeautiful and offer plenty of things to do. It really comes down to how much time youhave and your budget. If you evaluate a rim trip based on these two criteria, I assure youthat you will find the Grand Canyon tour that best meets your needs.Travel writer Keith Kravitz reviews bus, helicopter,and airplane tours to the Grand Canyon. Use this linkfor his best Grand Canyon tours from Las Vegas.